Tuesday, April 7, 2015

My Favorite Toddler Trick

Toddlers are too smart for their own good at times. You think you get smarter after the first one...but nope, the next one still manages to outsmart you, too.
I blamed Trent climbing out of his bed solely on us letting him out of his sleep sack when he said he didn't want to sleep in it again. I swore I wouldn't let Drew out of hers until I was ready for her to sleep in a big girl bed. Then the tantrums began over the sack at the exact.same.age as her brother. Because we didn't want bedtime to be a battle, we begrudgingly took her out of it. And we waited for the inevitable.
It started with my parents' mini crib. A few weeks ago she figured out how to get out of it. And refused to nap at their house. Then the pack 'n play at my in-laws... I kept telling myself {stupidly} her crib was taller than the mini crib and pack 'n play and hoped to buy us more time.

Nope. Saturday night after an hour of singing to herself, several wake-ups due to the upstairs elephants, an aborted attempt to get her to fall asleep in our bed...it happened. And happened. And happened. She climbed out!

Please go to sleep, Drew!

I think she was so tired, she gave up after just a few attempts and finally went to sleep at 1:00 AM. After a busy Sunday, she didn't attempt it then, but her tricks began again on Monday night.

What mornings look like after a night of tricks!

I shouldn't complain too much because last night she also woke up at 3:30 barfing, and then Trent wet the bed at 5:00.

Parenthood is just one never-ending party, #amiright?


katie@tulsadetails said...

Ugh!! I took emmy out of her sleep sack about a month ago, but I'm so not ready for a big girl bed yet!