Monday, April 6, 2015

The Weekend to Destroy ALL Weekends

Oy! This weekend was so busy but beyond fun. It's probably going to take me most of the week just to get through blogging about the weekend, that's how great it was. So I'm going to start with the fun that was Easter/Blair's birthday at my parents house.

My mom and I both gave up Starbucks for Lent. No chai lattes for 47 days was INTENSE. But I survived!

We did let's guzzle this magical goodness.

What I don't understand is when this little 6 pound, 11 ounce baby who squeaked when she cried...

...turned into this sassy, pink and princess obsessed FOUR year old.

Happy birthday, Quinn Blair!

We sang 5 rounds of happy birthdays as early April is very busy for our family! April 2 is my uncle's birthday, April 3 is his son's {my cousin, Ryan}, and April 4 is his daughter's {my cousin, Kayla}. Kayla's boyfriend, Caleb, also has an April 3 birthday! {April 3 would have also been my granny's 102 birthday!}

A marshmallow dipped in sugar... My girl knows what the good stuff is.

And what were the boys doing? Wrestling in a chair.

Happy birthday, Uncle Robert!

After birthday celebrations, it was time to hunt Easter eggs!

All the kids ready to go!
 And my picture hating husband ended up in a picture. {grin}

Miss Priss accidentally got whacked in the head with a metal Easter pail.
Am I a terrible mother for taking a picture before picking her up?

The weather didn't cooperate for the cute CUTE outfit I had planned for today.
But I'd say she still looks pretty stinkin' cute after all.

These of friends and worst of enemies...but always partners in crime.

Sharing candy with Sister! Love his heart for her.

Me: Trent, come take a picture with me and Sister...

Boy do I have some stories to share about this one.

Because who wouldn't want to ride on the lid of a trashcan diaperless?

Love this girl with her pops.

And with that, Saturday was done...or so I thought. {grin}


Anonymous said...

Not liking the teaser! Do like the pink shoes though! - AP