Tuesday, March 31, 2015

This Girl

Drew has been such a trip lately. In the last month or so, her vocabulary has EXPLODED, and she is talking {and singing} non-stop. She is basically a HOOT, and I want to bottle her up and keep her like this forever.

She says 'no way' instead of just 'no'. I'm trying to teach her 'no way, Jose'.

She is obsessed with babies. She wants to look at them, touch them, SQUEALS over them. It is precious! She's obsessed to the point of wanting to sit in a friend's baby carrier {buckled in} for 20 minutes.

She has figured out how to climb out of the mini-crib at my parents' house. The kids were there Sunday night and at some point my mom found her in Trent's room, another point she was standing on a bench shouting 'Babs, where are you?'. The end result was my mom laid on the bed in the room where the crib is saying 'Drew, lay down' every time she popped up. Only took until 1:30 in the morning for her to go to bed. Good thing she's cute!

She selected to wear these 2 items. #mess

She sings! It is the cutest thing in the world. She sings 'You are my sunshine', 'Moonshadow', 'Spirit of Aggieland', and {ugh} 'The Eyes of Texas'. When we sing in church, she sings 'la la la la' and is so happy to be singing along.

The older she gets, the more independent she wants to be. Bedtime/nap protesting is a new springtime adventure we've been having. She will sometimes sing to herself for 2 hours. I have found her naked before too! She tells us 'pat my booty' before we leave and demands approximately 87 books, 483 stuffed animals, and needs to be covered by a minimum of 2 blankets.

She and I battle over clothes often. I usually let her wear what she wants to because I just don't care, but every once in a while, I have to put my foot down. And bribery is usually the name of the game, ha!

One day I didn't fight her, ha.

One of the cutest things she does right now is sing the 'finger family' song and put stuff {for lack of a better word} on her fingers. Lego helmets, Monopoly houses, and raspberries are common contenders. It is precious to hear her singing 'daddy finger, where are you?' with fruit on 6/10 fingers.

Beauty parlor playing with Nana

This girl has my heart. That is for sure!


Anonymous said...

Tell your readers the truth, Eyes of Texas is by far the number one request. - B

Kathryn Bagley said...

I mean that last pic...seriously!!!