Sunday, March 8, 2015

Weekend Update

I can't believe the weekend is over! We had such an uneventful but fun weekend. 

Friday, both kids were crying/upset the whole way home from school {Trent had a bad day, and Drew was just being a 2 year-old}, so I decided we needed some TLC from my parents. We spent 2 hours over there, stayed outside the whole time, and just were loved on...which we all 3 needed. [Sidebar: It was also Miles' birthday {how do I have a 6 year-old nephew?}, but we aren't celebrating until Spring Break.] After we left my parents, we stopped at Target to buy new sheets. Brent and I only have 1 set that we were trying to make last until the move because we want new bedding...but it had a rip that kept growing, so we had to buy some. From a recommendation on IG, I wanted to try the Threshold brand. Trent was adamant about the set we needed to buy, so of course I had to buy the ones he picked!

And guess what?! The pattern might be crazy for us, but the sheets are so comfortable!

Saturday we went to the house with my parents and sister's family. Every time I go out there, I love it more. The master bath is 90% done, but we couldn't walk on it. I could have stared at it all day. Then we went to play at Patty's. The kids were once again outside for hours, and it was great. I only got 1 picture of Mayer being...Mayer. In the neighbors' garage on their riding mower. #goofy

Sunday, Brent and I went back to the house to measure some rooms for rugs and to Home Depot to check out what they had {nothing}. We realized today we need to get rugs bought soon because they're going under a lot of furniture. So I spent hours looking online at rugs. And then at bedding. And then at playroom ideas. I ended up in a spiral of decorating ideas that overwhelmed me, reminding me how terrible I am at decorating. But! But! But! We could walk on the bathroom floor, and I got a few pictures of the bathroom.

Master shower

Closet with tile {and we decided it needs a rug, aaaahhhh!!!}

Looking out from the closet

The kids have done fantastic today with the time change, and for the first time maybe ever Trent didn't wake up early today, so maybe {please please please} we won't all want to pass out this week. And maybe we can find some bedding and rugs without me having a nervous breakdown about my lack of decorating skills! 


the blogivers said...

New house is looking great! Our new house has zero carpet anywhere, so I feel your pain on the rug searching... there are still several spots in our house that could probably use one but I got tired of looking (and spending money on them)!

Kathryn Bagley said...

Can I just come and live in your bathroom please?!

Karen M. Peterson said...

Your house is so pretty!

It sounds like you had a pretty good weekend. Good thinking, stopping by to get some love from your parents. Parent time is the best, isn't it?