Thursday, March 12, 2015

Kids Say the Darnedest Things

Having 2 kids to say funny things is just the best! I wish I could remember every funny or cute thing they said or did because I will think 'I need to write that down' and of course I can't remember it later. But here's some that I have remembered over the last months.

Trent - 

Sometimes when I am singing to him {or along with the radio}: Mom, please stop. You are embarrassing me. OR You're giving me a headache. Ouch, kid.

To Miles: I like Blair the best. I like you medium. But I like my mom medium too.

He can't wait to try 'kry-ate'.  I don't have the heart to correct him because it's just too cute!

I would say they are related, no? 
{T was sick, D was just excited to get to 'watch TV' before school}.

Drew - 

She loves to sing 'If You're Happy and You Know It' right before she gets into her crib. And she has the cutest hand motions. She jumps up and down A LOT {to the point that she falls down} and she does her arms down and then straight up for 'hooray!'. One of my favorite moments with her. Really, she sings ALL the time - especially in the car.

We read 'How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight' a lot, and when she sees the triceratops she comments on his '3 pigtails'.

She is a big negotiator. She tells us 'no' to everything, but as soon as we take away whatever she said 'no' to, she has to have it back.

She loves to be covered up with a million blankets at bedtime. The minute we put her in the crib, she says 'more blankets' and repeats that until she's under a pile.

When she wants to be picked up, she holds her hands up and says 'Hold you'.

If you ask her her name, she says 'Kathleen Gurley' and Trent is 'Joseph Gurley'. Sometimes 'Bubba Joseph Gurley'. Too cute.

Just love my silly kids!


Kathryn Bagley said...

Too cute!! When I'm watching my friends kids I will randomly bust out with Let it go and the response is always "Nooooo KK stop. don't sing that!!" umm I be liking that song..thanks! haha

Karen M. Peterson said...

Your kids are so cute!

I used to devote posts to the funny and adorable things my nephew said and did. Now he's 9 and things are just different. Plus he has literally asked me not to post things a few times. Which makes me sad.