Sunday, March 22, 2015

House Update: The Home Stretch...ish

We have about another month {give or take} left before the house will be done. I am starting to get so antsy as everything really starts to come together. There's still a lot left to do but most of the big stuff has been done, and it'll be smaller things mostly from here on out {minus wood floors and carpet - those should go in this week I think!!}.

We've gone from a disaster outside to being almost ready for landscaping! It's looking so good outside.

Right after the rock was finished...trash everywhere!

Preparing for the driveway and walkways


Cleaned, dirt added, and ready for landscaping!

One of the decisions I deferred to Brent on was the outside lighting. He vetoed what I picked, and I just gave up but didn't like it. Well...he was right! I love how the lights outside look!!

Brent's outdoor kitchen is also just about done. It just needs the fridge and stove put in which won't happen until right before we move in. I will be demanding he grills at least once a week!

Front door - we were surprised to see it delivered unpainted {we have no clue how this stuff works} but they quickly got to work painting it!

There has of course been a lot going on inside too since my last update. Granite countertops, kitchen backsplash, sinks, some lighting, bathroom backsplashes {that were wrong and had to be ripped out and re-ordered, ha}... I think the most stressful part of the process has been worrying how everything is going to look all together. So far we are both very, very happy!

Granite and our farmhouse sink! One of my fave features we picked.


Last week at the same time the outside trash was getting cleared away, the inside got a major cleaning job too.

All cleaned off and with a faucet!!!

Kitchen backsplash!

Office doors - we didn't pick for them to be stained but we love this, ha.

Bathroom granite

Lighting added...just waiting on a new backsplash and mirror!

My favorite bathroom feature - a fan! No more sweating while blow drying my hair.

We love our laundry room. It is right off the garage, so it's got great storage for backpacks, shoes, all that crap I want to keep out of the kitchen, plus tons of cabinets, a sink and counterspace for folding clothes! We had a slight 'oh sh*t!' moment when Brent realized the cabinets weren't high enough to open the lid of our washer all the way, but the builder said it would be easy to lift those a few inches. Whew!

Just perfect for washing pee clothes as potty training continues ever so slowly for Miss Drew

This weekend electricity got turned on! That means the house has been inspected and the city has approved it {I guess so far ha}. This is huge because it means wood floors can be installed. I freaked out when Brent sent me pictures of lights on!!!

Gorgeous fluorescent laundry room light {grin} 

My entry way light all lit up!!!
Lighting was a bit of a battle as I had almost immediate remorse over what I picked first, so I searched and searched and searched and redid the entryway and what is in the kitchen and love what we have now. Except the kitchen lights are on backorder, boo!

And that's the latest!!!!!


Karen M. Peterson said...

It's looking so pretty! I can't wait to see when it's all finished!

the blogivers said...

It looks great!! You will be living there so soon!!!

katie@tulsadetails said...

It looks great! I bet you can't wait to move in!!

Kathryn Bagley said...

I am loving this!!! Your kitchen is so open-perfect for entertaining!!!

Hanna Roach said...

Everything is gorgeous! LOVE the fan in the bathroom. Why haven't I ever thought of that?! Now, I might have a project... You'll LOVE the sink in the utility room. Great for cleaning up after sick kids and muddy shoes too. ;-)