Monday, February 2, 2015

Day in the Life: January 30, 2015

I've occasionally done some 'day in the life' posts, but apparently there's a fun link-up to do this quarterly. And y'all know how much I love following along with bloggy rituals. So here we go! The documenting of last Friday! 

Allena is 34 1/2
Brent is 34 2/3 {gotta show he's older!}
Trent is 5 1/2
Drew is 2

6:40 am - Alarm goes off. I really need to start getting up earlier but haven't managed it yet. In a perfect world I would get up at 6:00 and do a little cleaning, dinner-prep, work, whatever...but yeah...that hasn't happened yet. In other news, Drew slept through the night! She's about 50/50 right now, so it was a great surprise to get woken by my alarm and not her. Not that I got a great night's sleep - allergies are killing Brent and he's snoring at night...meaning I poke him a lot and we occasionally get in arguments at 3:00 am with all sorts of 'I'm going to kill you if you don't stop snoring' threats from me. #wifeoftheyear

6:55 am - Get out of bed. Damnit, now we're going to be late. Proceed to actually fix my hair and put on a little bit of make-up because I'm working at a friend's house today! We have a slurpee obsession so I can guess where we'll go today. {Spoiler alert: 7-11}

7:15 am - Go wake-up the kids. It's rare for them both to still be in their beds at this time. T's eyes were open, but he wasn't quite ready to get out of bed. D was awake too and jumped with with several stuffed animals, ready for her milk! We nurse for about 20 minutes.

She has the best morning faces and hair.

7:20 am - Trent sneaks in our room trying to scare Brent. This is a new game for them, hilarious. I bribe Trent with being able to look at my phone {he's obsessed with looking at toys on Amazon making his birthday wish list} by telling him to get dressed first. He complies!

Negotiating to not have to put on socks yet. Mom wins by saying 'You can't look at my phone until you have on socks.'

Today's birthday list request

7:30 am - Drew wants to put her clothes on too since her Bubba is dressed and has 'her phone'. {Seriously, she has quickly learned the apps on my phone and constantly asks for it. I am just boggled with how quickly she went from no interest in my phone/videos to loving them.}

7:45 am - No success with her going potty, but she's promised not to tee-tee in her panties {a current battle...girlfriend knows how to hold it and go on the potty and I swear does it out of laziness/stubbornness and will say 'tee-tee in closet' and pee on Trent's floor. [Insert angry mom face here.]} I debated putting the picture of her on the potty on here, but I just couldn't do it. Too many little girl parts visible.

8:00 am - After bribery, kids eat their hodge-podge breakfast {I have my mini-me's in the morning who don't want to eat right away but alas we have to get it in...} of squirty fruits and cornflakes {Trent} and pecans, raisins, carrots, and sausage {Drew} and watch 10 minutes of YouTube nursery rhymes while I load the car.

8:05 am - Get Drew dressed. Still no pottying but she tried twice.

8:10 am - Leave 10 minutes late for school, get kids juice and sunglasses for the ride. Weirdos.

The flash was on forever so Trent was blinded.
And keeping it real with my trashcan on wheels back seat.

8:28 am - Arrive at school. Drop-off lane is awesome and gets me back on the road in 5 minutes with hugs, kisses, and no tears!

Drew walking with Ms. Becki. Trent had already sprinted to his classroom.

8:35 am - STARBUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9:00 am - Work party at my friend Karin's house. She left my company a few months ago and is now working with some other former co-workers at a local accounting firm. It's been hard not having her at my company, but we've still managed to have some work dates. Conference calls ensue for the next 2 hours.

Learning about some upgrades to our reporting system.
We are all in awe of the new functionality and geek out.

11:30 am - Debated lunch options with Karin. Realize that she got a new chandelier above her kitchen table that Brent and I considered for the new house. Took a picture to send to Brent for a little laugh.

11:45 am - Head to the new house {which is 5 minutes from Karin's house} to meet Brent to look at the closet layout.

12:00 pm - Look at our gorgeous house coming together. Give Karin a tour {she loves it, duh}.

How gorgeous is that rock and sheet rock?
Don't you love Brent's work uniform?

12:30 pm - Head to 7-11 for a slurpee! Take a selfie!

12:45 pm - We agree on Chipotle for lunch.

1:15 pm - Back at work! Emails, conference calls, spreadsheets, rinse, repeat. I realized I didn't update my service journal all week {oops}, so that was a special moment. Guess I'll be doing that this weekend. :/

2:35 pm - End of our work date - time to get the kiddos! I was stressing because my last conference call was running long, and I left {per usual} 5 minutes late. Listened to my favorite radio show {The Bobby Bones Show} on podcast. The show used to be local to Austin on a Top 40 station and slowly grew in syndication. About 2 years ago it switched to country, and I mostly can't stand Nashville country, so I love to listen on podcast. I can skip Luke Bryan but still hear the show? Sign me up!

2:40 pm - Was driving on mental auto pilot and get on the wrong highway. Repeat 'eff, eff, eff, eff, eff' for about 3 minutes as now I'm going to be really late to get the kids.

2:55 pm - Arrive at school! My kids aren't the last on the benches, so I'm not the latest parent. Whew!

3:00 pm - T wants to 'go somewhere'. I decide we can stop at a nearby park we haven't been to in ages. I really think it's been about 2 1/2 years since we've been. It's a really awesome park but HUGE, so once Drew Baby came along and Trent's sensory was at its worst...this park was not in the cards.

3:05 pm - Sign at the park announces it's closed for a week. I call my sister. 'SAHMs know these things like parks being closed. Where is another nearby park?' She directs me to a park about 5 minutes away. She gives me clothes AND directs me to new parks? Best sister award!

3:15 pm - PARK!!!!! And there's DUCKS!!!! I decide to tempt fate and leave Drew in her panties. She goes in the park potty {that was pretty disgusting}.

4:30 pm - I decide we have tempted the potty fairies enough and head home. Talk to Brent, and he went back to the house and bumped into the builder, so they're going to talk about the fireplace, something with the refrigerator space, and the closets.

4:45 pm - Get home. Drew has peed in her pants. She picks a...unique outfit. Decide to let the kids watch a few videos and eat snacks so I can get my time entered and my service journal updated.

5:30 pm - Daddy's home! We talk about the house while the kids play together. Seriously I am amazed at how well they play together. Drew is obsessed with Trent, and he is usually so willing to play with her. He might hand her a Nerf gun and expect her to run around and shoot aliens with him, but she's game for anything as long as it's with her Bubba.

5:45 pm - Drew pees AGAIN while standing on the dishwasher. I decide it's time for her bath. She pitches a fit and earns a spanking. She usually loves playing in the bathtub and has bathtub crayons that can keep her in the tub for easily 30 minutes, but she's NOT feeling it tonight. No pictures for that, ha.

6:00 pm - Everyone is happy again! Trent looks at books on my kindle and Drew gets her babies ready for bed.

6:05 pm - We take a little stroll around the apartment.

6:30 pm - Drew's bedtime. She's been rubbing her eyes, so we decide to put her down a little early. We read books, sing, nurse...lights out!

Wearing a pair of Mayer's 'jamas'.

7:00 pm - It's weird for me to do something on a Friday night. I usually like to be at home. But Allison and I are powering through our movies, so we meet go to see Whiplash.

Grainy, dark theater selfie

10:30 pm - After a gab session outside the theater, I head home.

10:45 pm - Brent's still up so we chat well past midnight. It's nice to just sit and have a conversation with him because it seems rare these days with jobs, kids, house building... Well worth the tiredness on Saturday!

And there you have it! Our Friday!


Anonymous said...

What a great day! Super excited about your house. Made me laugh - I know those park bathrooms & they are gross for such a nice park. The movie wasn't bad either :) -AP

Kathryn Bagley said...

This is random but I just noticed how long your hair has gotten!

Karen M. Peterson said...

That sounds like a long day! But how fun that you can set up work dates with your friend!

Dee Stephens said...

I need to do a post like this too. Always interesting see how everyone does it.
So, are you loving working from home or what? Are you part time now?

Navigating the Mothership said...

Your new house looks gorgeous!

Nothing makes me feel sweaty and panicky quite like being late for a kid pick-up. I got stuck once in an epic long line at Target and was a few minutes late to get my son at preschool and Oliver was all upset and the teacher chided me (it was my first time!! it was only a few minutes!!) and I pretty much cried at home. Also, I was pregnant at the time so emotions galore.

Looked like a nice sunny day with a good mix of things: work, friends, kids, outside, good food :)

Laura Diniwilk said...

Man, would I love to work from home. Potty training is the worst...I use the app pixelate to blur out parts for when I'm sending people potty victory shots, hahaha. Works for cute bathtub pics too :)

Jo said...

A work date sounds great. I work from home and love it, but it would be nice to connect with someone face to face from time to time. Also love how the house looks.