Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Life Lately {Because I've Never Titled a Post This Before}

My posts lately have been movie reviews, house updates, fashion posts, and updates on our family. Might be a little boring but hey that's my life, and if you've been reading for a while...you must not mind! {grin} 

Trent and Drew really are the best of friends. I absolutely love watching them together. They never fight. D wants to be where T is and doing what he's doing, and he loves to have her follow him around. Lately he wants to try sleeping together. We've tried 1 bedtime and 1 naptime...and as to be imagined...it was a disaster. But it's fun to think we might get there.

Trent asked to rock Drew and sing to her at her nap.

Pops snuggling with the 2 littles

Try and tell me this isn't precious. Just try.

It is totally logical to put every bow you have on as a necklace.
Brent and I laughed so much because she couldn't bend her neck.

All boy. Why wouldn't he play in a mound of sand?
And of course Drew joined in!

After we hosed them off {thank you mid-70s weather central Texas}...
Yes, we drove home with them in their undies/diaper.

Little Bit has a cold that brought about an eye infection and stayed home from school.
I needed to do a little work so the iPad was her babysitter. And even put her down for a nap!

I took both kids to the dentist. I will get into heaven solely based on my ability to not scream at both of them during that 1 hour of hell.

Next up? More movie reviews!!!


Kathryn Bagley said...

I love reading about your fam!

Karen M. Peterson said...

The kids are growing so fast. Make them stop!