Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Currently: Fall is Coming?

Current Book

I just started a new YA distopian trilogy, Red Rising. Anyone surprised?

I am also reading the play script for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.
It is an easier read than Red Rising, so I read it when my brain needs a rest.

Current Song

Vice by Miranda Lambert - love this song!

Current TV Show

I didn't finish Once Upon a Time last season {stupid DVR},
so I'm catching up now that it's on Netflix so I can start season 6!

Current Drink

I have a love affair with Natural Calm. Not because it tastes good.
But because it helps with my restless leg. SO AMAZING!

Current Shame-Inducing Pleasure

Guys. All I want is a burger and fries. We were supposed to go this local joint Sunday.
But they close early on Sundays and I pregnant girl hormoned out on Brent about it.
It is on our agenda for this weekend!

Current Outfit

I told you guys I wear this outfit at least once a week!
Notice it's almost November, and I'm still in sleeveless. Texas fall, you're killing me!

Current Celebrity Crush

I just love Chip and Jo and HAD to buy this issue!

Current Mood

I would say pregnancy hormones are running a little high to put it nicely!
Brent's truck getting broken into didn't improve my hormonal-ness either.

Current Anticipation

I am really excited for Kacey Musgrave's Christmas CD!

And for Starbucks holiday cups!! 

Current Film

Allison and I really need to get our Oscar movie watching going. We're already planning on some Tuesday dates for the baby showings once Smoochie gets here, but I'm hoping to knock a few out before then based on our favorite prediction site! What should we try to hit up?!?

Current Picture

I think this is the most recent picture I didn't share yesterday.
Drew had to work-up to her butterfly face, so she started with a rainbow on her arm.

What are you up to currently?


Erika said...

I read Red Rising a few years ago and loved it! I haven't read the sequel(s?) yet, though. I'm super pumped about Pentatonix new Christmas album, so...yay for holidays not being too far away!!!

Kathryn Bagley said...

You need to watch Jane the Virgin..so good!