Monday, October 24, 2016

A Full Weekend with a Side of Face Painting

We have a very busy and fun weekend and crossed off several things from my October goals list - whoop!

Friday, my mother-in-law came over and painted the nursery {see: Work on nursery}! I think I've mentioned before that she is fabulous! I also put the crib together Friday evening - except we are missing some of the screws, ugh, and it seems that it's going to be a huge scavenger hunt trying to find the right ones. I am going to be a tease and not show you any pictures though. #SorryNotSorry 

Saturday, the kids' school had an International Fall Festival {see: Do something 'fall' as a family}. It was a little light on the fall part and a little heavy on the international part, but we still had fun. Each class had a different table teaching about different cultures {which was neat but I wouldn't say either kid was thrilled with it} but there were also pumpkin sales, a face painter and performances. And I promise Brent was there - after all the pictures I forced him to take last year of us as a family, he's been on strike!

But first, how cute is my new Southern Peach cardigan? #33WeeksBump

Trent the Werewolf!

Drew really wanted to get her face painted, but the lady doing it was a little bold in her personality, and Drew got freaked out. I got a butterfly painted on my face to entice her...but no dice. Unfortunately, later in the day we had a meltdown over her wanting a butterfly.

She did make the craft her class had set out for their culture - New Zealand.
A kiwi bird finger puppet!

Trent spent the majority of the time running around with a friend from his class and was too cool to socialize with his parents much!

The dragon dance was really neat!

Saturday evening I went through about half my tubs of kids clothes {see: Baby Clothes} and found a handful of newborn clothes - I know there are more and hope the next set of tubs unearths them.

Sunday, Drew had a birthday party for a friend from her class. This was my first time to meet the friend's mom, and I found out she is a midwife - can you say JEALOUS!?!? The party was at a toy store in town, and the kids had so much fun!

There was a face painter! Drew got to redeem her sadness from yesterday!
A rainbow on her arm AND a butterfly on her face!! Plus they made fairy jars.

Brent and Trent went to Home Depot to try and find screws for the crib to no avail. 

Trent = freaked out on the Halloween aisle!

We decided to go to dinner at a local burger joint that we had a gift certificate to, but apparently they close early on Sundays. Can we say irrational anger from a pregnant lady? Ha! But we plan to go later this week, so I have something to look forward to. {grin}

I told y'all I got a lot done - can't wait to finish the nursery and show it off!


Anonymous said...

Fun weekend, but I need nursery pics!!! - AP

Kathryn Bagley said...

loving that cardigan! sounds like it was an eventful weekend!