Tuesday, October 4, 2016

It's Drew's World...

...and we're just living in it.

Because Trent has after-school activities that Drew gets drug along to, I end up with a lot more 1:1 time with her, and those activities are the perfect opportunity for her to ham it up and show her goofy side. Trent is also a lot more independent these days, so when I look at the pictures on my phone, it is the Drew Show.

Drew made a friend at Trent's gymnastics class.
Here they are playing Barbies and My Little Ponies
Yes, Drew is in her ballerina outfit. Yes, we are going to try dance soon!

Picture day cuties!

Hamming it up while Trent was at 'church school'.
We were supposed to see Pops before class, but he was feeling pretty puny,
so Babs brought lots of snacks for both kiddos to make up for it.

The 'Will this class ever end?' pose

Mad that I put her in 2 pigtails instead of 1. But come on, hello cuteness!
Yes, ballerina outfit. {grin}

Deep thoughts...in a baby rocker...with a singing goat around your neck

When naptime is soooo hard and cruel.

Her own private hot tub!

And one funny to share... She is obsessed with potty talk. Constantly saying or talking about or singing about or telling stories about 'tee-tee' and 'poop'. Brent and I have been working on getting her to stop doing that, but when she was in the bathroom the other day, I asked her 'Did you finish going poop?' and she was so shocked, 'Mom, you said a potty word.' 'Yes, Drew, we're in the bathroom, and you are going potty. This is the appropriate time for potty words.' Without missing a beat, she looked at me and said 'tee-tee, poop'. #GotMe