Friday, March 31, 2017

March Life Lately

You can tell I was feeling better in March based on the number of pictures I am sharing versus February! And now I'll be caught up, whew. {grin}

Love watching her fall asleep sucking her fingers -
so curious if she will be a permanent finger sucker...

Catching spiders

Texas winter!

Loving on Paige - this never gets old for me

So for Miles' birthday, we went to a place called Mt. Playmore.
The kids had the most fun looking under the equipment looking for treasures. Ha!

I love watching her learn and figure out the world!

Doesn't she look so prim and proper?

 Walking with my big girl

How I spent part of every day

Where we started our 'Operation Crib Naps' over Spring Break

Where we ended them...

Dying watching the bond between these 2 grow stronger every day

Always my little helper

 Changing table talking

How many fingers can she shove in there?

Laughing over her taking 1 bite out of each piece of pizza and propping them up

Dentist trips over Spring Break

Drew got scared, so Bubba went first and was so kind to his sister.

Naps at Babs and Pops' house

Together they have a complete meal...these 2...sigh.

Drew the Photographer

OMG. Matching outfits!!!! 

Tummy time gone wrong

Cracking up at Trent's expression - totally bored.

Was so proud of her for wanting to ride the horses!
Now she wants 2 horses. Um...

 Carousel cuties

 Meeting Rhett

41 weeks and 6 days of pregnancy...totally worth it!

First big girl stroller ride! She loves to sit up.

Brent had a procedure this week, and he had to take a Xanax before it. {grin}

Tummy time is always better if she can eat her fingers!

Doing his spelling work without complaining - I had to document this!

What's been going on in your life lately?

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

20 Questions

1. Do you like blue cheese?
Yes but not a ton of it.

2. What flavor Kool-Aid?
Sugar free grape. Reminds me of childhood!

3. Do you get nervous before a doctor's appointment?
I get nervous before the dentist because it can hurt {Have I ever mentioned I randomly get numerous cavities right after I stop breastfeeding? With Trent, I had a tooth literally crumble in my mouth and had 3 other cavities, and with Drew I had 4 cavities.}, and I randomly get nervous anytime my blood pressure has to be taken which can elevate it, so I have to work to breathe slowly and deeply to keep it normal.

4. What do you think about hot dogs?
I love them off the grill! Brent will make them in the microwave, and that doesn't do it for me.

5. Can you do a push-up?

6. What is your favorite piece of jewelry?
I think the obvious answer is my wedding/engagement rings.
If I don't go with that, it's my push present bracelet from Tiffany's from after Trent.

7. Do you have a hobby?
Reading. #bookworm

8. Do you wear glasses?
Yes, since right after 3rd grade. I am super blind.
The kids' school did vision screening - looks like they BOTH might need glasses.

9. What do you prefer to drink in the morning?
A Starbucks chai latte

10. Who was your childhood idol?
Punky Brewster or Jem

11. Name 3 drinks you drink regularly?
Water, chai latte, cranberry tea

12. Favorite place to be?
My house!

13. How did you bring in the New Year?
Um, I didn't. I had a 10 day old baby, so I went to sleep as early as I could.
But I did see the early hours of New Year's Day several times!

14. Where would you like to go?
The UK. I want to see Highclere Castle where they filmed Downton Abbey, I want to see all the royal stuff in London, I want to do an Outlander tour of Scotland.
15. Do you own slippers?
No. I wear fuzzy socks when my feet get cold.

16. Can you whistle?

17. Last thing that made you laugh?
Brent wrestling with both big kids. Or more accurately, him letting them jump on him.

18. What's your favorite animal?
Probably a really small indoor dog that doesn't shed.

19. Worst pain?
Labor - hands down

20. Do you like to dance?
Yes, but I'm definitely not good at it!

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

February Life Lately

I neglected a lot of picture posting when my postpartum first started, so I'm going to remedy that! Here's a bunch of happenings from February, I'm sure you guys were all missing out on pictures of my family. {grin}


First solo nap at Babs' house in the crib there

Drinks well with others. {Or alone as the case was that night}

It's more fun to watch movies on your Kindle with your Hello Kitty headphones.

A pigtail AND a braid!

Drew's Valentine's outfit

And Trent's, ha

My 3 little loves on Valentine's Day.
I always buy them a small present and ordered everything on Amazon, and
it was all late getting here! Was so bummed to not have their presents day of.

He works so hard to get smiles from her!

Loving Paige's cow chair

I'm not sure this is the best way to put together a puzzle!

The first {and so far only} picture of me, my sis, and the Swope Six

Helping with tummy time

May she always be as confident as she is here.

Deep conversations

Big girl at tummy time...sometimes!

The oldest and youngest Gurley grands

My beautiful middle

At Babs and Pops'

Sucking her fingers so hard! And Ergoing with Aunt Patty

I don't look tired at all, do I?

First time in the Bumbo

Getting so big!!!

And that's February in pictures...March to come soon!