Wednesday, March 1, 2017

February 2017 Reads

I might sit on the couch half the day holding a sleeping baby, but my brain is tired, so I'm usually watching HGTV during that time instead of reading. I'm also going to bed pretty much as soon as I get Paige down. All that means my February book list isn't that impressive.

Lost Girls by Robert Kolker - This was our January book club pick, but I skipped that meeting due to Drew being sick. It's about unsolved murders of call girls whose bodies were found in the same area of Long Island. The book focused more on the 5 women and what lead them to become call girls as there doesn't seem to be much information about their murders. It was interesting but {as to be expected} sad.

Island of Glass by Nora Roberts - The 3rd book in the latest NR trilogy. It was a good wrap-up to this series.

One True Loves by Taylor Jenkins Reid - Another winner by TJR. 5 years after her husband died, Emma is engaged and happy. Then she finds out her husband is alive! Such an interesting premise, and I really had no idea how this one would turn out, and I was nervous! Both guys were so amazing. But as usual, Taylor manages to make the ending totally believable and perfect. LOVED it!

Black Hills by Nora Roberts - A serial killer/stalker in the Black Hills of South Dakota - a good, typical story from Nora. Not nearly as dark as the subject sounds given there is a love story at the heart of it!


Kathryn Bagley said...

Can we say emma, hook, and neil? (well at one point when she realized neil was alive)

Emily said...

4 books is more impressive than I was doing postpartum! I'm excited you liked "One True Loves" by TJR because that is on my library list and I was hoping it wouldn't be an accidental dud. Now I'm excited to read it!