Thursday, May 31, 2018

Currently: Sickness Continued

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Current Song

Say Amen (Saturday Night) by Panic! at the Disco
[discovered at OTF and loved by Trent]

Current TV Show

Just started this - anyone seen it?

Current Drink

Just had a big glass of water with Digize essential oil in it.
Hoping it's NOT a stomach bug that has hit both my girls. :(

Current Shame-Inducing Pleasure

Have I shared that I watch Downton Abbey on repeat?
I'm amazed I can even say I'm watching a new TV show.
I've probably watched it 3 or times through since January, ha.

Current Outfit

Workout pants and a tank top - 
Paige had her first Mommy and me gym class!
Hi Paige!!!

Current Celebrity Crush

I'm still devouring all the stories coming out about these 2!

Current Mood

Still recovering from a fun long weekend!

Current Anticipation

The girls are done with school, but T goes through next week.
BRING ON SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Current Wishlist

I've been looking at clothes on Amazon.
I am ssslllooowwwlllyyy losing my Zoloft-induced weight,
but I still could use a few shirts for this in-between size.

Current Film

Hitting this up with MY book club this weekend!

Current Picture

She fell asleep at the counter - so worried she is sick!

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Strep Throat - 3, Drew - 0

For the 3rd time since March 30, Drew tested positive for strep throat last week.

Poor sick little sweetie

For this slightly crunchy mama, 3 rounds of antibiotics in less than 2 months is KILLING me. {For the record, she had ONE dose in her first 5 years of life and now, BAM, 3 in a row. Boo.}

We're doing double probiotics, extra Vitamin C and D, ImmunoPRP spray, basically throwing the kitchen sink at her to boost her poor little immune system. 2018 has not been her friend! The flu and 3 rounds of strep, and it's barely June.

Our next step is a referral to an ENT. Our pediatrician's office told me that recurrent strep throat isn't reason enough to immediately schedule a tonsillectomy, so we need to discuss the options, pros, cons, etc. The nurse practitioner who examed Drew this last time did say her tonsils are enlarged, and she snores a little, so who knows what the ENT will suggest. I'm not sure which way I want this to go because surgery is never at the top of the list of things I want for my children - I just know I want my baby to stop getting sick! 

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Photo-a-Day: Week 21

Day 141: Strolling with My Little

Day 142: Fitting For a New Tongue Thrust Appliance {BOO}

Day 143: Smiles =)

Day 144: Cool Kid

Day 145: Last Day of School For These 2!

Day 146: Just Finished a Killer OTF Workout

Day 147: Post-Church Selfie

Thursday, May 24, 2018

ATX Pub Crawler

Saturday night was a first for me - I went on a pedal pub crawl! I went with our friend/neighbor, Susie, whose husband ditched the pub crawl to go to Dallas with my husband, ha. It was an 80s-themed 30th birthday party for someone {gah, I felt so old all night}, and I knew no one but Susie...but I had a GREAT time!

Blue eyeshadow, neon hair clips, teased and moussed hair - 
we are ready to party!

Our outfits! And yes, that is a Jazzercise shirt dating back to the '80s!

All the party-goers in front of our crawler

15 people can be on the crawler {basically 2 long bar tops on wheels} and there are 10 sets of pedals and you bike around and go to 3 different bars. You can drink on the crawler, and we played awesome '80s music and had lots of people honking, whistling, and waving - so fun!

Ready to go!

Having fun!!!

Afterwards, we ate at a food trailer - amazing Greek food - and then went to a dance club {who am I?} and danced for an hour or so. About 11:30 we called for our Uber and headed back home because we were hot, sweaty, tired, and knew our small chargees would have us up early the next day!

So sweaty but had so much fun!

I've decided I want to do this for my birthday and can't wait!

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

An American Princess

I knew there was no way I was going to set my alarm on a weekend to watch the Royal Wedding, but as soon as I got up, I turned on The Today Show's coverage and have devoured a million stories online, have had about 20 conversations and texts breaking down all the pieces. So it was only natural I post about it here!

Here are my overall thoughts:
-Meghan is BEAUTIFUL, but I was [eek, I'm scared to say this] didn't love her dress. Everyone raved about how it was simple and gorgeous and the opposite of what we see so often [lace like Kate wore and a heavier silk]. I agree that it was simple and made well and COULD have been beautiful. But I just felt like it didn't fit! It looked like a loose sack on her. So sad to say that.
-I did, however, loved her veil. Like obsessed with it loved it. I loved how it had flowers from the 53 countries of the commonwealth and flowers for California and Diana's favorite flower. I loved where it hit her in the front, I loved how it was so long, everything about that veil! It was the highlight for me!
-Also on the bad list - her shoes!
-And I think she has AMAZING hair, and it was kind of blah. Now I was mostly going nuts over the tiara and, of course, the veil, so it didn't detract, but I wish she had worn it down to show off how beautiful it is.
-I loved that her bouquet was also Diana's favorite flower.
-I liked William and Kate's pageboy and bridesmaid dresses better.

Now for some picture highlights!

I love how happy she and her mom look here!
Her mom must be blown away by all this, ha!

THIS was the money shot to me.

They are so cute!

You can kind of see how the dress doesn't seem to fit.

Blah, ill-fitting dress! It's like she lost too much weight after her last fitting.
I wish they would just cinch it in a couple of inches.

The only thing ruining this picture is her ugly white shoe.


Sunday, the sketches of Meghan's dress were posted online. I think the sketch makes me like the dress more because it shows how it was intended and doesn't look baggy! And, to be a broken record, the veil shines here too!

Thoughts on the reception pics:
-This was her va-va-voom dress and she rocked it!
-I liked Kate's dress better - her belt and sweater made me swoon - but Meghan is a knockout here!
-I also love that she wore that gorgeous ring of Diana's! I love all the little touches for bringing Diana into the day.

Yesterday the official wedding photos were released!

First off, I'm so excited the boys are wearing pants, which is apparently against protocol, but is something I am majorly in favor of. I do NOT like the way little British boys are dressed normally! BUT these page boy outfits were kind of weird to me, so it's kind of a wash, ha.

I didn't like that the Queen was wearing green until I saw this picture.
I love how the colors all come together perfectly with her bouquet - 
especially when you know that was Diana's favorite flower.


Now that I've exhausted the subject - What did you think of the Royal Wedding?!?!

*All photos from*

Monday, May 21, 2018

Photo-a-Day: Week 20

Day 134: Waiting Room Shenanigans
[Sidebar: It was hard at first to distinguish whether the other kid Drew was playing with was a boy or girl. At first, because this child had long hair, I assumed girl. But then the clothing made me think boy. Then we asked for the child's name, and we were told 'Zephyr', so I further thought boy. Drew kept whispering to me to ask, and I kept trying to whisper back that it didn't matter because we just want people to be kind, and that anyone can have long hair, etc. I even reminded her she has a traditionally boy name. Finally, the other child figured out what was going on and said 'I'm a boy'. His dad also had long hair and I'm sure could hear us talking, so I felt really awkward as a mom but was hoping I handled that right. Anyone have any thoughts/suggestions for what you would have done differently?]

Day 135: Front Yard Football

Day 136: More Waiting Rooms

Day 137: Watching Trent's Old Class' School Play [That He Helped Write!]

Day 138: YUM!

Day 139: Parade Watching

Day 140: The Swope Six