Thursday, August 30, 2018


Drew cracks us up constantly with the things she says - the way her brain works is just so precious. I don't get everything saved that I mean to, but here's a collection of some of my favorites from the last few months.

She still says a few words wrong: Smashed potatoes, pasketi, gymastics, and 'honk the horns!' - we don't ever correct her because it's too cute!

She was being really silly with my mom one day and told her 'I overflowed  my stillness.'

She can be SO emotional and told me one time 'Sometimes I cry for fun.' Mmm-kay?

'I know who Paige's boyfriend is - it's Grant!' {Our neighbor's 2.5 year old}

Talking about her antibiotics with one of her many rounds of strep throat this spring - 'It tasted like poison ivy.' I didn't know she even knew what poison ivy was let alone assigned it a taste!

She was hitting golf balls with Brent one night and told him, 'I hit almost as far as you!' Gotta love that self-confidence!

One of our babysitters, Ms. Morgan, got a grown-up job, and when I told Drew that she replied 'Her parents died?!?!' I'm so glad that's not how adulthood works!

She has the most unusual way of trying to describe a song to get you to play it. Describing the Ke$ha and Pitbull song Timber to me, she kept asking me to play 'the song with the panda that Blair and I dance to'. It took me forever to decipher that one - there's a Just Dance YouTube video where one of the holograms has a Panda head!

Explaining the handicap rail in a bathroom stall - 'In case you get sucked down the toilet, you can pull yourself out.' Wouldn't that be a fun bathroom experience?

One day she was asking me if I was older than Brent now that I had a birthday. When I told her that Brent was still older, she responded with  'Oh so he's still older because his birthday is the day he was born.' Not quite, sweet girl!

She just keeps me laughing so often! Love this funny girl!

Monday, August 27, 2018

Photo-a-Day: Week 34

Day 232: Goodnight, Paige!

Day 233: Photography by Paige {And My Only Pic This Day, Ha!}

Day 234: Walks With Friends Involving Lipgloss

Day 235: The Swope Six {Clothes Optional}

Day 236: Swinging

Day 237: Mom, Enough Kisses Already {NEVER!}

Day 238: Happy Birthday, Nana!

Friday, August 24, 2018

Five on Friday: I've Only Got Four


Lost Pines - 
I never talked about our vacation to Lost Pines last month!

My mother-in-law took me and the kids to a local Hyatt resort and we had a blast!
Swimming, movies on the lawn, ice cream, smores, petting zoos, staying up late - 
it was the perfect little getaway and the perfect size resort for our family!!


The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society - 
I loved this book and LOVED this movie - and it's on Netflix!


And speaking of Guernsey...
that's where my Celebrity Crush from Wednesday's Currently comes into play, ha!

Michiel Huisman was on Game of Thrones and plays one of the leads in Guernsey.


The last thing related to Guernsey...for this post at least!
Allison sent me this list of 8 books to read if you loved Guernsey!
And I've already started one!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2018


Current Book

Current Song

Simple by Florida Georgia Line 
{the first song I've ever liked of theirs!}

Current TV Show

Season 13 baby!!!!!!!!

Current Drink

Nothing special, I had a chai today...
and if I'm being honest, a few too many lately.

Current Shame-Inducing Pleasure

I have some banana bread, 
and I won't say how many pieces I've had today!

Current Outfit

Jean shorts and a cute shirt from Target - 
Mom uniform for the win - 
but too lazy to take a picture - 
plus I already took my bra off and no one needs to see that!

Current Celebrity Crush

Come back Friday to find out who this is and why he's my celebrity crush!

Current Mood

Anxious...meeting with Trent's teacher this afternoon. :(

Current Anticipation

We have a family work event for Brent's job on Friday - 
I'm oddly excited about it!

Current Wishlist

Guys- being an adult is so lame - 
I want a cordless vacuum, HA!

Current Film

Allison and I have been duds lately!
We thought it would be easier to see a movie this summer,
but it's been impossible.
Hopefully one of these soon!

Current Picture

Paige climbed into the toy bed at Nana's house and went to 'sleep' - so sweet!

Monday, August 20, 2018

Photo-a-Day: Week 33

Day 225: Strolling

Day 226: My Babies

Day 227: Naked Driving

Day 228: Sisters

Day 229: Ready for the Neon Pub Crawl!

Day 230: Crawlin'!!!

Day 231: Think You Have Enough Sun Butter, Paige?

Friday, August 17, 2018

First Day(s) Recap

Yay for school!! The big 2 started school on Tuesday, and Paige started yesterday! I love having the kids home all summer, sleeping in, no routine...but as a working mother, it's also a challenge for the NOISE and chaos it brings while I'm trying to work. So I really look forward to our summers but also look forward to the routine and quiet of school, ha.

In January, we moved Trent over to Goodwater Montessori to finish out his lower elementary cycle {1st - 3rd grades}, and this year he began his upper elementary cycle {4th - 6th grades}. He has his first male teacher, and when we met him last week, we both agreed he seemed nice!


Breakfast with his new friends - so sweet

That little one started her day at 5:15 - I guess she was so excited for her siblings?

As we finish out week 1, we've had some bumps in the road already, but it's nothing unusual when Trent experiences change/new situations. We've already seen his therapist, and we'll just keep on trucking.

This is Drew's first year at Goodwater, and she's also in Kindergarten this year! There are 5 teachers at Goodwater from CMS {where Paige still is}, but of course, she didn't get any of those teachers, ha.

All smiles

 Drew was upset Paige wouldn't take a picture with her,
so we tried one with all the Gurley gurls.

Typically, in a Montessori school, parents don't walk their kids into school, but GW made an exception for the first few days, so I walked Drew to her class. She was such a big girl who put her stuff away, gave me a high five, and headed into class. She's had a good week - has made a couple of friends {whose names she can't remember} - and seems to really be enjoying her new environment.

I took Paige to my parents so they could watch her while I worked - I am so lucky our families are so close by!

And guess whose asleep?

I brought Paige home to nap because she won't nap anywhere but her bed.

Guess whose asleep again?

Tuesday afternoon Paige had an open house in her classroom. She's in the same class as last year with the same guides, but they moved rooms at school, so her guide opened up the class for the kids to see the new environment.

Checking out the new space - 
shortly before she christened the room by peeing on the floor!
[We've had some potty regression out of willfulness, ugh]

Both big kids were smiling when I picked them up, although that night Drew told me she didn't want to go back, ha.


Little miss priss started school yesterday and was - as expected - the star of the show. During open house, one of the little boys basically followed Paige around the room and his mom commented on Paige being his favorite, and her teacher said she's everyone's favorite. XOXO 

Love her little water spout pigtail!

When I dropped her off in the car line, she happily got out of the car, was all smiles and flirts with the teachers. At pick-up we had more smiles, so I'd say she had a successful day!

So now I just pray for smoothing of the seas, finding our groove and getting into a good routine and less sickness than last school year!!!

Time to get super sappy!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

A Parenting Discussion...Gone Wrong

I've listened to the same radio morning show, The Bobby Bones Show, since right about when I started with Deloitte, so for almost 15 years now. The kids listen to it with me and have their favorite segments. 

Trent's favorite segment is the 'Bonehead Story of the Day' which shares someone doing something idiotic. One day a couple of weeks ago, the story was about a waiter who posted a fake receipt on social media to garner sympathy (money?) because the customers wouldn't tip him and called him a terrorist, and when he was found out for faking this, the waiter was fired.

Trent didn't quite understand why this was a bonehead story since he doesn't really understand what a terrorist is and why race plays into that. So we talked about 9/11 and how some people think anyone who is either Muslim or of Middle Eastern descent is a terrorist and why this is wrong.

After a slightly lengthy explanation from me about being kind to everyone, why making assumptions are wrong, why racism is bad, etc. I asked Trent if he understood. His response to me?

'Yes. Basically, if someone is of Middle Eastern descent, I should assume they are a terrorist.'

My response back?

'NO, no, no, no, no!!!! This is EXACTLY the opposite of what I was saying!'

I really hope he doesn't say at school this week 'My mom taught me all people of Middle Eastern descent are terrorists.' That wouldn't get me called into the principal's office at school AT ALL! {grin}

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

The Night Before Kindergarten and 4th Grade!!

If you don't want to talk about school, my blog isn't going to be the place to visit this week, ha. Trent and Drew both start school TODAY!!! They are both in new classes, and this is Drew's first time at Goodwater {where we moved Trent in January}. 

I did my annual Start of School Questionnaire, and I loved that this was my first time to do it with Drew. I'll blub more about her being old enough for Kindergarten when I post about their first days, so you've got something to look forward to for later this week. {grin}

Drew's First Day of School Questionnaire:

Favorite Color: Pink

Favorite TV Show: Masha and the Bear {This rotates as all kids with access to Netflix have way too many shows they can watch. She loves Barbie, Monster High, Power Rangers}

Favorite Movie: Scooby Doo

Favorite Toy: Arts and crafts

Favorite Book: Highlights magazine {My mom has a subscription for her, and she loves when her magazine comes.}

Favorite Food: Sunbutter and jelly sandwiches {It's what I packed for her first day!}

Favorite Place: Swimming pool

Favorite Part of School: I get to draw

Favorite Part of Summer: I get to watch movies and go to the pool

Favorite Holiday: Christmas because it is near my birthday

Favorite thing to Wear: Dresses

Favorite thing to do with Mom: Snuggle

Favorite thing to do with Dad:
Piggyback rides

Favorite thing about Trent: Nothing favorite {Ouch but see below}

Favorite thing about Paige: Everything

What are you going to be when you grow up
: A gymnastics coach

Who are you going to marry
: Mayer {We need to talk about genetics}

Trent's First Day of School Questionnaire:

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite TV Show: Cupcake and Dino {No clue what this is}

Favorite Movie: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2

Favorite Toy: Definitely not Legos

Favorite Book: Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Big Nate

Favorite Food: Goldfish

Favorite Place: New York {Because he's been there exactly zero times!}

Favorite Part of School: There is no favorite {He likes recess at least!}

Favorite Part of Summer: Too many good choices

Favorite Holiday: Halloween

Favorite thing to Wear: Shorts with no shirt and no shoes

Favorite thing to do with Mom: ‘I can’t think of anything, I don’t really like you that much.’, Trent {OUCH! I told him we had to remedy this immediately!}

Favorite thing to do with Dad: Play golf

Favorite thing about Drew: ‘There is nothing to like about Drew’, Trent

Favorite thing about Paige: Everything

What are you going to be when you grow up
: YouTuber or an archaeologist

Who are you going to marry
: Evelyn - he tried to say 'Some random woman off the street' but he said Evelyn first, so I'm sticking with that!

And with that, lunches are packed, first day outfits are laid out, we're just about ready to go!!! Wish us luck, and we'll catch y'all on the flip side!

Monday, August 13, 2018

Photo-a-Day: Week 32

Day 218: Armadillo Drama

Day 219: Sisterly Love

Day 220: Bearded Ladies

Day 221: Golfing With Dad

Day 222: Cave Exploring

Day 223: That Time I Bought Fish While Brent Was Out of Town

Day 224: Besties For The Resties 

Thursday, August 9, 2018

38 Feels Great

I turned 38 on Sunday and had a great day! It was pretty low-key because I've got a pub crawler set for August 18 which I am so excited about.

I went to church on Sunday with just Paige - we were running super late and she was the only kid I was able to get ready. [Sidebar: Paige threw up for the first time in the middle of the night, so I got to change her clothes and sheets at 4 AM hence sleeping in and running late.] 

I wondered if Brent would take the big kids to get cards...and I came home to cards taped to the garage door and laundry room door.

Feeling loved!

When I came inside, I was shocked at everything waiting for me!

Brent couldn't find a 3 candle - this cracked me up.

She still runs the show - watching Baby Signing Time

After I put Paige down for her nap, my friend/neighbor, Susie, and I went out to lunch and shopping on our town square. I found the cutest romper {my first!} at the boutique we went to {and they were having a 50% off sale!} that I bought to wear to dinner with Brent.

Wildflower mimosa - delicious!!

Indulging in decadence

See? Cute, right?

Post-nap snuggles

All dolled up and ready for dinner!

We ate at a restaurant on our town square called Gumbo's - it's seafood/creole which is so funny because I don't like seafood, but I love this almond-crusted chicken dish. When we got done it was early enough that we risked having to perform bedtime duties, so we went and had another drink.

Toasting to 38!

When we got home and relieved the babysitters {my parents}, I dined on a Reese's cup while rocking with Brent on our new porch rocking chairs and talking about our future - we talked about being grandparents rocking on that same porch someday. I like making plans with my sweetie.

Birthdays are funny for me - I enjoy celebrating and reminiscing but at the same time if I think about it too much I can have a slight panic attack worrying about who might not be here for the next birthday, so I try to only focus on the joy of the day and being thankful for how many birthdays I've had. Am I the only one who also feels a little melancholy?

Here's to a lot more birthdays!!!