Friday, August 17, 2018

First Day(s) Recap

Yay for school!! The big 2 started school on Tuesday, and Paige started yesterday! I love having the kids home all summer, sleeping in, no routine...but as a working mother, it's also a challenge for the NOISE and chaos it brings while I'm trying to work. So I really look forward to our summers but also look forward to the routine and quiet of school, ha.

In January, we moved Trent over to Goodwater Montessori to finish out his lower elementary cycle {1st - 3rd grades}, and this year he began his upper elementary cycle {4th - 6th grades}. He has his first male teacher, and when we met him last week, we both agreed he seemed nice!


Breakfast with his new friends - so sweet

That little one started her day at 5:15 - I guess she was so excited for her siblings?

As we finish out week 1, we've had some bumps in the road already, but it's nothing unusual when Trent experiences change/new situations. We've already seen his therapist, and we'll just keep on trucking.

This is Drew's first year at Goodwater, and she's also in Kindergarten this year! There are 5 teachers at Goodwater from CMS {where Paige still is}, but of course, she didn't get any of those teachers, ha.

All smiles

 Drew was upset Paige wouldn't take a picture with her,
so we tried one with all the Gurley gurls.

Typically, in a Montessori school, parents don't walk their kids into school, but GW made an exception for the first few days, so I walked Drew to her class. She was such a big girl who put her stuff away, gave me a high five, and headed into class. She's had a good week - has made a couple of friends {whose names she can't remember} - and seems to really be enjoying her new environment.

I took Paige to my parents so they could watch her while I worked - I am so lucky our families are so close by!

And guess whose asleep?

I brought Paige home to nap because she won't nap anywhere but her bed.

Guess whose asleep again?

Tuesday afternoon Paige had an open house in her classroom. She's in the same class as last year with the same guides, but they moved rooms at school, so her guide opened up the class for the kids to see the new environment.

Checking out the new space - 
shortly before she christened the room by peeing on the floor!
[We've had some potty regression out of willfulness, ugh]

Both big kids were smiling when I picked them up, although that night Drew told me she didn't want to go back, ha.


Little miss priss started school yesterday and was - as expected - the star of the show. During open house, one of the little boys basically followed Paige around the room and his mom commented on Paige being his favorite, and her teacher said she's everyone's favorite. XOXO 

Love her little water spout pigtail!

When I dropped her off in the car line, she happily got out of the car, was all smiles and flirts with the teachers. At pick-up we had more smiles, so I'd say she had a successful day!

So now I just pray for smoothing of the seas, finding our groove and getting into a good routine and less sickness than last school year!!!

Time to get super sappy!!!!!!!


Kathryn Bagley said...

Glad the first week has gone well!!

Emily said...

Related (in that it’s a school question), how much homework does Trent get and how do you handle it in terms of timing? Like right after school or take a break then tackle? I’ve been told our school district kindergarten doesn’t have homework but I’m just planning a year in advance. :)