Tuesday, March 31, 2020

10 Things About Spring

Another day, another stolen survey from Natasha.

1. How did you celebrate Spring Break/Easter as a kid?

I don't really remember 'celebrating' Spring Break. We just didn't have school. For Easter, we spent the weekend in the town where my parents grew up. They knew each other their whole lives and grew up in a town of 1,000 people. We would spend the Saturday before Easter at my mom's parents' house/farm with her siblings {she is 1 of 7} and all my cousins. We would hunt eggs, beat each other up with confetti eggs, play baseball in a back field, and EAT. Sunday, we would get dressed up - always in a new fancy dress and go to church at my dad's mom's church. I grew up Catholic, so this was one of the few times a year we went to the Methodist church. Then we would have a nice lunch with my granny and sometimes my uncle and cousin.

I am nothing if not a maintainer of traditions!
We already have such cute Easter outfits...and nowhere to go this year. #sad

2. Do you spring clean?

Nope. We have a cleaning lady who comes every 3 weeks, and whatever she does is what gets cleaned - year-round. The end.

3. What's spring weather like where you live?

Mostly fabulous - warm enough for lots of time outside, there can be a lot of rain, an occasional last winter blast. We live in a great area that rarely sees tornadoes but we might have 1 in last spring. By the end of spring, it's already summer.

4. How green is your thumb?

It's black. Basically, I don't want to do yardwork, so whatever Brent plants is what we have.

5. A/C or windows open?

A/C all the way. My parents will keep the windows open WAY longer than is pleasant, but we are an A/C family.

6. How do you decorate for spring/Easter/Passover?

I have a few decorations for spring and Easter. I go ALL OUT for Christmas and do just a handful of things for Valentine's Day, Easter, 4th of July, fall/Halloween/Thanksgiving.

7. How do you get bathing suit/shorts/warm weather ready?

Well, I'm currently trying to lose weight, but normally I just am who I am ha. The one thing I really can't stand by the start of spring is how pale I am. At the very end of summer I have the tiniest bit of tan-ness. I am naturally very fair-skinned, so by the time I bust the shorts/bathing suit out, I am basically Powder.

8. Is your closet arranged with just the current season’s clothes?

My closet has all my clothes in it year-round. Even in the dead of winter, I can wear short-sleeved shirts and sometimes flip-flops, so it doesn't make sense to rotate. Plus I don't have a whole lot of clothes, so I have the room.

9. What's your go-to spring uniform?

Jeans or shorts and a shirt - either a tee or a blousey-type top. And almost always flip-flops.

10. What outdoor activities do you enjoy in spring?

We are really riding bikes a lot right now! I would say just being able to really play outside - go to the park, go on walks, etc. Our spring is so short before it's SO HOT, so I really try to enjoy it as much as we can. By the end of spring, we are in the pool almost every day! AND OF COURSE PICTURES IN THE BLUEBONNETS EVERY SPRING.

Monday, March 30, 2020

Highlights of Social Distancing

Trying to focus on the good things that are going on right now, instead of stressing out about things out of my control...

Supporting local business with the newly allowed alcohol delivery!
*Yes, Brent does like me. No, he doesn't like endless pictures.*

New world and US puzzle maps to help with geography!
*US not pictured here ha. I DO know the difference.*

Beautiful weather!
We get an A for P.E. these days.
*Unfortunate look here for my gal, Drew.*

When one of your jazzercise instructors lives 2 streets over.
*Appropriate social distancing happening*

Finally got Drew riding her bike!
*Yes, we know it's too small.*

Lots of family time!

Encouraging words for our neighborhood.

This one...she's amazingly hilarious.

Bedtime snuggles for these 2 means...

Mama got to have a social distance happy hour with the neighbors.

And Kelly got to come too! Yay!

All my peeps. We are enjoying the heck out of nature and family time.
*Paigey in the stroller*

A zoom call with the VERY missed grandparents.

So we're trying to make the most of the situation. I would be lying if I said the whole 'working full time with 3 kids home and oh yeah teach them too' status wasn't really difficult...mama guilt in full force...but I'm trying really hard to remember the bright spots. Hang in there, everyone!

Friday, March 27, 2020

Five on Friday


Paige got into Goodwater!!!

The big kids go to a public charter school.
The way enrollment works is if more kids apply than there are slots for,
there is a lottery to decide who gets accepted.
Siblings do get first priority, 
but last year for Kindergarten more siblings applied than there were spots for.
Since Paige is in PK-3, I was hoping that wouldn't be the case, and she got in!
I will be so sad to leave our current school, and her current teacher,
but I am so happy to have all 3 kids at the same school again!!
Plus, tuition is cheaper, which is always a bonus,
and we know SO many guides and assistants for the primary classes.

Fist day of school - 2019


The Dixie Chicks have a new song!

I have been a HUGE Dixie Chicks fan since they first started.
I've seen them in concert 3 times and own all of their albums.

To say I am excited for new music is an understatement.
I have missed these girls something fierce and can't wait for the album,
which I've pre-ordered.


iPhone 8 Plus

I dropped my phone twice in about 30 seconds and really messed up the screen.
Luckily, it's a company phone, 
and you can get a replacement once a year from returned phones
[when people quit and have to return their phones].
Unluckily, I paid extra money to have more storage,
and you get access to what's in IT's stock.
Well, I majorly lucked out and went from an iPhone 8 to an 8 Plus for free!!

It's really not that different except for the camera has Portrait mode!
That's the one thing I was really sad about not having with my 8,
and it was such a nice surprise to get it with this phone.


Kelly moved into RBC

One of my best friends, Kelly, moved into our neighborhood a few weeks ago.
Terrible timing with self-quarantining but I am so excited.
We ran track together in high school, lived together for a year in college,
and we were in each other's weddings.

She has stayed home the last couple of years after they had their 2nd child
but knew she would go back to teaching when their older child started kinder.
Well, he got into another local public charter school, and she got a job teaching there.
And it was way closer to us than it was to their old house.
They originally planned to move about halfway between their old house and new school.
And then I jokingly sent the listing next door to our friends, Susie and Riley.

Our early days as Aggies

And now as old hag moms {grin}


Air Fryer

Brent and I have always had a toaster oven instead of just a toaster, and it died.
We decided to get a new version that is a toaster oven PLUS an air fryer,
and guys, this is a life-changer.

A lot of stuff that I used to cook in our big oven for 45 minutes
cooks in this for less than 10. And has an amazing texture - 
slightly crispy but also really tender.
We've made tamales, potatoes, chicken, and are amazed every time.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Our New Sleep Number Bed

When I look back at old Currently posts, I probably listed a new mattress going back at least 18 months as my 'Current Wishlist' item. Brent and I bought bedroom furniture {that we still love} when we moved into our first house in 2006. We've been complaining over our current mattress for a few years now, but there was always something higher on our priority list. Well, a few months ago, we finally got to the point where this became a top item - we were both waking up every day with aches and pains, and we weren't getting good sleep.

I'd always been curious about Sleep Number beds. I knew 2 things: 1) people raved about them and 2) they were super expensive. Well, in August, my mom and I found ourselves in a mall with NO children, and this mall had a Sleep Number store. I told my mom I was curious about them, and she mentioned that she and my dad wanted a new bed too. So we decided to go in and try them out. We got the full experience with a sales person - we laid on the beds and learned an estimate of our sleep numbers, we got to try several different types of bed, it was great! The next day, my mom took my dad back and they bought a bed that day!

Brent and I went in December to try it out at our local store which had more mattresses to try in store, and of course, my favorite was the most expensive ha. We decided we were sold on buying a bed from there but wanted to wait until after Christmas and get one of the middle range ones.

Fast forward to a giant President's Day sale and the one next to the most expensive was 50% off!!! We went back to the store and tried everything out again and really liked the one on sale {the iLE} - I actually liked it better than the one I liked best in December {the i10}. And the sale specials were amazing - we got a set of sheets {we had to because our bed is split at the top} and new pillows too.

What's neat about these beds:
1) Obviously that the pressure adjusts to each person - we played around with it after getting it home and our numbers changed a little compared to when we were in the store. Brent is a 45 and I'm a 30 - which means Brent likes it a little firmer than me.
2) The FlexFit options - there are 3 different things you can do to the bed - FlexFit 1 lifts and lowers the head, FlexFit 2 also lifts the feett, and FlexFit 3 warms the bottom of the bed so your feet don't get cold. They were all pretty neat features, but we decided to go with the FlexFit 1 so we could lift and lower for reading, watching TV, etc. and since ours is a King, we got it split so we can lift separately. This is why we needed a special mattress pad and sheets.
3) There is under bed lighting so when you get out of bed it turns on to help you move around {go to the bathroom, etc.}.
4) The bed monitors your sleep and gives you a sleep score each night.
5) You can do everything from an app on your phone!

We got the bed delivered 3 weeks ago and we love it! I wake up feeling so much better than I did with our old mattress - no more hip or shoulder pain! I also really love the pillow I got. Yes, their pillows are expensive {but we got them buy 1, get 1 50% off}, but it's FOR REAL the best pillow I've ever had.

The kids thought it was so neat to be able to lift the mattress.
[This is the mattress without the mattress pad or sheets.]

My first night of sleep! My sleep scores are consistently lower than Brent's.
But there's a reason - see those red lines?
That's Paige waking me up and me settling her on her pallet every night ha.
But I think this shows how good it is with tracking!

I am so happy we bought this bed but also so happy we got a really great deal on it. I also know an entire post about a mattress solidifies that I am really close to 40. {grin}

Monday, March 23, 2020

Currently: The Coronavirus Edition

Current Book

I'm in various stages of 4 different books #libraryproblems
This is the one I'm the furthest into right now.
It's really funny but also covers a lot of anti-racism topics.

Current Song

You have to come back Friday to see...
I am sharing a song I'm SUPER excited about then!

Current TV Show

I'm going to see if Brent will start this with me!

Current Podcast

I'm listening to an audiobook right now.
I need to get back to The Office Ladies podcast soon!

Current Drink

I've been trying some different It Works products,
and they have a new Keto Chai Tea. It's not AMAZING,
but it's a nice little treat at the end of the day.

Current Food

Lots of home cooking over here!
Brent made chop steaks the other day, 
and I made my favorite breakfast casserole yesterday.

Current Shame-Inducing Pleasure

I've been doing a lot of online shopping!
I guess, though, it's good to keep supporting the economy??

Current Outfit

Workout clothes all day, every day!
I do NOT feel like putting real clothes on,
and that is my normal, but in these weird times,
it feels good to be a bum, ha.

Current Celebrity Crush

Brad Goreski works for E! Online, 
and he has been chronicling his attempts to make his husband's Starbucks drink.
I already love his husband, Gary Janetti, 
and their banter at 'Bradbucks' is giving me life.

Current Mood

This is kind of dumb this month - I think everyone has the same mood:

Current Anticipation

Seeing friends again!!!

Current Wishlist

I don't know if I have much on here - 
We finally got a new mattress,
I bought some new clothes {LOFT is having a HUGE sale},
and I have something else I bought I'm excited to share about...soon!

2 new shirts I got for $15 each!

Current Film

SOB. Who knows?
Allison and I had been trying to get together to see The Gentlemen.
Here's hoping we can see something in May???

Current Picture

High fashion over here

Friday, March 20, 2020

Things That Aren't Canceled

Natasha had a great idea and made a list of things that aren't canceled, and I thought I would do the same thing. In this time of craziness, uncertainty, fear, confusion, sadness, anxiety...basically all emotions...I'm trying to look at the bright side!

1. My Job isn't canceled! I have 99.9% confidence that I will keep my job and paycheck. What a blessing so many people don't have right now! And working from home is my typical routine, and there are LOTS of days throughout the year where the kids are home, so this isn't totally off-the-wall for me.

2. Reading isn't canceled. Now the physical library might be closed, but that's where the beauty of an e-reader and online library checkouts come into play. Yay! I currently have 4 books checked out ha.

Trent's haul from before our library closed.

3. Exercising isn't canceled. Jazzercise is letting everyone use their on-demand service for free, I've pinned a lot of workouts, and dusted off my old Faster Way to Fat Loss workouts too!

4. Bluebonnets aren't canceled. They are BEYOND GORGEOUS this year, and I can't stop taking pictures of them.

5. Humor isn't canceled. I am loving all the memes coming out of this. I follow @lispeale on Instagram, and she normally does a #mememonday with a bunch of funny memes. She's been doing them every day this week, and I'm here for it!

This one really tickled me yesterday.

6. Speaking of Instagram, these fabulous accounts aren't canceled:

@eholmes - she's a REAL journalist and covers the royal family, she does 'So many thoughts' on their outfits and I LOVE them. She has all of them saved, so you can spend hours checking out royal outfits and her commentary. I can't wait for her book to come!

@bradgoreski - he's an E! news guy, and he has been chronicling the self-quarantine time with his husband @garyjanetti {also an amazing follow} and I watch them attempt to recreate Gary's beloved Starbucks drink every day and enjoy seeing which musical they watch and discuss each night. So silly but I love it. 

7. Family time most definitely isn't canceled - it's on the menu 24/7!

8. Enjoying nature is not canceled.

Playing in the rain ha!

9. Netflix isn't canceled. Anyone watching something good? I think this would be a great time to start a new show!

10. LOVE isn't canceled!

What isn't canceled for you? I'm debating doing some 'regular' blogging next week. Since this is the new normal for a little while, I want to maybe try and get a little bit back to normal?? I have a few posts I put off because it just didn't feel right to blog about our new bed ha. But maybe next week??

I'm curious how the weekend is going to go when we can't go anywhere or see anyone. Trent is already sad about knowing he can't see his grandparents, and we usually have a lot of activities going on. Catch you on the flip side, friends!

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Coronavirus Survey

Who doesn't love a survey? I know I love one and am keeping up my posts of silliness. {grin}

* Favorite pie: Brent's aunt's chocolate pie
* Steak or Seafood: Steak, I hate seafood
* Italian or Chinese: Chinese but I do love Italian
* Pepsi or Coke: Coke
* Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate except for ice cream, then I like plain old vanilla
* How many tattoos: None
* Ever hit a deer: Unfortunately yes because they roam wild in our neighborhood
* Rode in a ambulance: Yes, when I had a fabulous car accident
* Netflix or Hulu? Netflix
* Ice skated: Yes
* Rode a motorcycle: Yes
* Stayed in hospital: Only with each of my deliveries
* Last cell phone call : Susie {neighbor}
* Last text from: 3-way chat with Susie and Karin {other neighbor}
* Favorite season: Spring
* Broken Bones: None
* Favorite color: Pink
* Sunrise or Sunset: Sunset, I prefer to be sleeping at sunrise!
* Ocean or Mountain: Ocean, I don't like being cold
* Dogs or cats? Dogs
* Who will play along: Emily and Natasha {grin}

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Social Distancing Distraction

Just a little humor and a look at life in these crazy times!

Brent and a co-worker go periodically to an awesome liquor store.
He didn't check the pantry before he went and got more Tower Vodka...
but I think NOW we'll survive the next few weeks {months?}.

In hindsight, maybe we should have canceled book club...
but so happy I got to see the ladies.
It's always a great time, even if the book is terrible {sorry, Jen}!

We have to laugh a little, right?

Thanks Nana...or not, ha!

Buying extra food made me need to clean the pantry.
I forgot to take a Before pic, but this is about halfway.

After! Looks beautiful!
And Brent said 'It finally looks like how a pantry should look.'
{meaning he thinks I never buy enough food ha}


Sibling love...we are loving the time off for Spring Break...so far.

Drew's work at horseback riding Sunday was poop scooping.
She started to cry haha but rallied when I helped her.

 Hanging a picture I bought 18 months ago, yay!

And one last joke for us all...
although I was a little carb-crazy over the weekend, I'm dedicated to my plan.
Googling all the workout from home plans I can find!