Sunday, March 30, 2014

Glorious Deliciousness

I didn't work this weekend!

I repeat - I didn't work this weekend!

I should have...but after two 50-60 hour weeks, I decided nope!

The weather was beautiful, and I had a blast with my kids. I'm so glad for a sunny, warm, gorgeous weekend. We spent a ton of it outside because before too long, that won't be an option anymore.

Today the kids spent a lot of time outside, naked, and soaking up some Vitamin D. I busted out Trent's decrepit water table which resulted in about 3 minutes of fun.

Looks sweet but really Trent is taking away everything Drew is touching.

Drew said 'bump that' and left Trent alone.

Until she found the table unoccupied and tried to climb in.

And fun was had by all!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014
Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Physical vs. Metaphorical

Is Allena physically or metaphorically buried?

Both! {grin}

I will probably be pretty quiet this week (and maybe next) in the blog world as I have several major deadlines at work and ALL my audits are behind. They don't call it 'busy season' for nothing. 

I'll try to put up an adorable picture of the kids here and there to let y'all know I haven't jumped out a first floor audit window.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A Special Friend

Should I be concerned? Trent just wanted to chat with his friend, but Drew wanted to kiss him? #notdatinguntilsheis25

Monday, March 10, 2014

Best Dressed 2014

I've never done a 'Best Dressed' for the whole Award season, but this year, I thought we deserved one. 

One actress stood out at every award show as just positively flawless. Hair, makeup, fit and style of the dress. She did something very different every time and yet looked jaw-droppingly gorgeous every time. 

Lupita Nyong'o

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Lying {A Story}

Brent every once in a while brings up this random story from high school where I supposedly lied/cheated on a quiz. He said something to Trent about lying this weekend and said {jokingly} 'Why don't you ask Mommy about lying?' And I knew EXACTLY what story he was referencing. Then, this morning, the teacher from that class passed away. And it got me thinking even more about that story.

And after SIXTEEN years of him swearing I was a cheater and SIXTEEN years of me saying I wasn't {and okay maybe if I was a little bit it was his fault}, I decided to bring this to a vote.

Allena and Brent circa 1998...doesn't she look so innocent?
And would NEVER cheat?

Brent and I began dating our junior year of high school. Our high school was pretty big and our class graduated 500 students {501 to be exact as I, Class President, have the list from planning our 10 year reunion a few years back}. Brent and I only ever had 1 class together in all of high school, and it was during our senior year after we'd been dating for almost a year. It was a Government/Economics class taught by Mr. Boucher {RIP}.

Mr. Boucher was a pretty unconventional teacher. We had lively debates and a pretty unstructured class schedule. There was 1 random table in the middle of the classroom, and it was at this table that Brent and I sat. And mostly passed my notebook back and forth {where I was supposed to be taking class notes} writing silly high school things to each other. {And I still have this notebook and can attest that yes, high schoolers are that dumb.}

Anyway, we were studying economics at one point and going over supply-and-demand. We had a quiz over it. {Which chart represents when the demand for peanut better is high but the supply is low} I'm rocking away at my quiz when I hear Brent mutter under his breath {Remember, we're at the same table} 'This can't be right.'

Well, if it were you, what would you have done when you heard that statement? You'd look at his quiz to see what he was talking about. And I notice his answers go A, B, C, D, E, F...etc. And I look back at my quiz...and notice mine don't go in that order. So I start looking at my questions again and realize I've got some mixed up, and Brent is indeed correct.

I change my answers and we both get a 100.

Brent has always said that my actions were cheating. I counter that he called my attention to his paper which made me question my own paper and change my answer. I also counter that I wasn't done yet and the further I got into the quiz, I would have realized I had some wrong.

For SIXTEEN YEARS he has harassed me about this quiz.

Now you be the judge. Would you say I cheated?

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Book Club Book Review: World War Z

We had another book club meeting last week and Heather picked a book I probably wouldn't have ever picked myself, World War Z. But given she married the man who picked Invisible Monsters, I think I should always expect something out of my 'norm' from these 2!

Plot The novel is a collection of individual accounts, where the narrator is an agent of the United Nations Postwar Commission following the global conflict against the zombie plague. Other passages record a decade-long desperate struggle, as experienced by people of various nationalities. The personal accounts also describe the social, political, religious and environmental changes that resulted from the devastating war.

Review: I would say I liked this book but didn't LOVE it. It was definitely a unique book and an interesting way of telling the story. There were lots of really interesting twists and the way it jumped around definitely kept me intrigued. Where I had trouble was that there isn't a main character(s). It was hard for me to connect with anyone because there is only 1 chapter of a character's story. It's just little snapshots. So the snapshots were really neat and gave us lots of stuff to talk about in book club, but it didn't GRAB me like it might have if there were a few characters to follow...

I'm up next and am stumped on what to pick!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Randoms...Bullet-Point Style

  • I don't blog often about my contributing at Austin Moms Blog, but I'm still doing that gig. And I'm hosting a giveaway through AMB {which runs until 3/11} for a free Young Living Essential Oil. All you have to do is go comment on mine and Jenna's oil blog. You know you wanna!
  • I went to the rodeo last night and saw Thompson Square. I didn't know much of their stuff, but they were awesome. More awesome though? Pizza on a stick.
  • This. Just this.

  • Oh and then this too.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Oscars 2014 Fashion Police

Yay! The Oscars! I meant to do a post about who I wanted to win each of the main awards, but I didn't. I also meant to see all 9 pictures nominated for Best Picture with Allison, but we didn't. I got 7 of 9, and given I didn't watch a movie in all of 2013 until roughly November, I would say that's pretty good!

So real's who I wanted to win:
Best Supporting ActressLupita Nyong'o
Best Supporting Actor: Jared Leto
Best Actress: Judi Dench
Best Actor: Matthew McConaughey/Chiwetel Ejiofor
Best Picture: Dallas Buyers Club/12 Years a Slave

Now...onto the fashion!

Mario Lopez
I had to include this picture because, for once, his pants aren't too tight!

Kristen Bell
I think she looks amazing for having a young baby, but this dress doesn't do it for me. 

Olivia Wilde
Meh. You can't even see her bump {Ladies, HUG THE BUMP} and then there's weird darting or something at her boobs? 

Amy Adams
Flawless. My only thing is I think I would have done a necklace instead of earrings. 

Laura Dern
 As my friend Laura used to say, she's got arm tacos. SO unflattering.

Julie Delpy
There were A LOT of dresses like this tonight.
This one was not one I liked. I don't like the weird netting around her arms. 

Idina Menzel
I love Idina. LOVE.
But... 1) SMILE. You are at the Oscars. and 2) Lipstick.

John Legend
It is not appropriate that a man can be as talented as John Legend AND look this good in a tux. 

Naomi Watts
This was just blah to me. It didn't really seem to fit quite right? And the length is weird - I don't like seeing just her toes? Creepy. 

June Squibb
I had to include the one bright spot from Nebraska 

Jared Leto
I'm not really a fan of the white tuxedo jacket normally.
But it kind of fits him I think.

Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart
1. This looks better than Naomi Watts. 2. She is still to skinny. 

Steve Coogan
You guys know I hate weird fitting pants. 
Dudes, you have it so easy. Shower, shave, make sure tux fits appropriately. 

Glenn Close
I feel like this fits well, but I don't like the fabric. It's too heavy. 

Jessica Biel
Coming from a fair-skinned girl with dark hair, I just have to say this - 
you don't wear this pale of a color against pale skin. It fits her amazingly, but it just sort of all blends in.

Bette Midler
We didn't have any red this year! I love Bette! 

Kerry Washington
I'd like a little more bump hugging but she has redeemed herself from the SAG awards! 

Cate Blanchett
Nope. Don't get it and don't like it. What is attached to her dress? did look better on TV than it does in pictures. I'll give her that.

Sarah Paulson
Sarah, see my comments to Idina and Jessica above. 

Elsa Pataky and Chris Hemsworth
If I was having twins by Chris Hemsworth I would be showing that bump off all the time. But I stand corrected in my 'hug the bump' rule. The one caveat - don't make it look like a beer belly please. 

Margot Robbie
Wow. Shocking transformation. And too harsh. Dark hair and eyebrows for a movie, fine. But let's not also do a dark dress and dark lips. 

Jennifer Lawrence
She and Amy Adams remind me of each other. Solid color, perfect fit, little bit of peplin. But she looks amazing, and I love that each of her dresses this year were very different. 

Charlize Theron
I thought she looked amazing. 

Anne Hathaway
I was hoping for redemption after last year but alas, no. 

Emma Roberts
The pictures of this don't do the dress justice. It looked much prettier on TV. I really liked it!

Kate Hudson
I don't really get the shoulder thing but barring that {and a little more hemming}, she looks great! 

Julia Roberts
This was a little bit different I thought and I really liked it! It was a similar shape as some others {Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence} but the fabric makes it softer and I really like the lace.

Leonardo DiCaprio
Whew. He looks good. 

Meryl Streep
I think I would faint if she ever wore something I did like that actually looked like a red carpet dress. 

Jennifer Garner
This was another one I liked better on TV. Seeing her move in it, I really liked it. I didn't really like the straps but other than that she looks great. 

Bradley Cooper

Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan-Tatum
 Him - A+, Her - B+

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
This is the best they have looked {IMO} in years.
I really love her dress, and they look flawless.

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith
I am kind of indifferent to this. Although I don't like his weird non-tie. 

Penelope Cruz
Too much fabric. 

Jeremy Renner
His tux looks too small. 

Christian Bale and Sibi Blazic
He always looks good, and she always wears black. #predicatblebutnice 

John Stamos
He is FIFTY. 

Lady Gaga
Even when she isn't trying to look weird, she looks weird. 

 Alfre Woodard
 Holy cleavage and peeking toes.

Anna Kendrick
I don't like this. 

Benedict Cumberbatch
A new favorite! 

Chiwetel Ejiofor and Sari Mercer
Another new favorite 

Chrissy Teigen
 I didn't like this on TV but like it now?

Kristin Chenoweth
She is too little for such a busy dress. 

Liza Minelli
Wow. This is so wrong on so many levels. 

Lupita Nyong'o
I love the dress. LOVE IT. But I hate the headband. HATE IT. 

Matthew and Camila McConaughey
I don't really like capes. But they look amazing together. 

Michael Fassbender
Man, I HATED his character in 12 Years a Slave. But he cleaned up nice for tonight. 

Pharrell Williams and Helen Lasichanh

Portia DeRossi
Different but fun especially given she was just there as a date. 

Viola Davis
I love the color but don't like the fit.

Michael Strahan and Kelly Ripa
I just had to put them together. His tux is WEIRD and she is too skinny. Like looks-like-a-little-boy too skinny. They both need help!

Worst Dressed
Sally Hawkins
This doesn't fit. The fabric is too heavy for her frame {and looks like an old lady's bedspread}. It's too pale against her skin. Wrong, wrong,wrong. 

Best Dressed
Sandra Bullock
I love everything about how she looks. Her hair, makeup, earrings, the dress fits her perfectly. Everything.

So what did you think? Did you watch the show or red carpet?