Monday, April 30, 2018

Photo-a-Day: Week 17

Day 113: Rides from Nana

Day 114: Mom, Take a Picture of My Back - It Itches

Day 115: Toes! LOVE<3 font="">

Day 116: Tae Kwon Do Fun

Day 117: Road Trip! 

Day 118: Cousins Who Color

Day 119: Winning an Argument with Brent Over Ice

Friday, April 27, 2018

My Dorkiest Thing

When we were at the Dell Match Play last month, we played a fun game where we each had to name the dorkiest thing about ourselves. When I first started thinking about it, I thought 'What isn't dorky about me?' Ha! But let's consider:

  • I'm a giant bookworm 
  • My love for book club is a little over the top
  • How much I we listen to the Disney Pandora station
  • I have an odd obsession with the British aristocracy
  • I love musicals and their soundtracks
But I decided the dorkiest thing about me is the way I make lists. Are you thinking 'Huh? What does she mean? Like she makes a grocery list?' Not quite...

I make lists or documents of all sorts of things - some examples include: 
  • My Top 10 favorite books/movies/songs {and I also evaluate from time-to-time}
  • The books chosen by each person in book club, 
  • Documenting my reading challenges {you'll see 2018's once I finish!}, 
  • My Oscar movies are tracked...
  • I made a powerpoint presentation for book club
  • Baby names for Paige {I can't seem to delete this one off my phone}
You can see what I mean!

Here's something I make for book club too. See? DORK!

What do you think? Am I a bigger dork than you thought before reading this? Think about yourself...what is YOUR dorkiest thing?

AHHHHH - I'm a DORK!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 26, 2018


Current Book

Book Challenge Category: A book published in 2018

Current Song

The Greatest Showman soundtrack on repeat - this is mine and T's fave - 
I have the kids listening to it and they love it too! Can't wait to show them the movie

Current TV Show

I got nothing - this book challenge is taking up all my time and yet I'm losing.

Current Drink

I had a chai earlier - anyone surprised?!

Current Shame-Inducing Pleasure

In addition to my book above, I'm slow re-reading a romance trilogy.
I'm not shy that I love romance novels...but it is kind of embarrassing!

Current Outfit

A tee with jeggings - I'm too lazy to get up and take a picture...
or put on a bra {grin}

Current Celebrity Crush

I was never a huge Zac Efron fan...until The Greatest Showman - yum!

Current Mood

Is tired a mood? I've stayed up too late several nights this week!

Current Anticipation

We are going to Brent's cousin's this weekend, and I am so excited but also stressed because Paige has proven to be a nightmare at sleeping anywhere but her bed. Gulp.

Current Wishlist

I plan on getting new running shoes VERY soon.
Being a grown-up and getting old is lame - my feet hurt after I workout!

I think our next big purchase will be a mattress - so exciting, right? Ha!

And not that I want to buy this, but we saw the orthodontist yesterday,
and T's going to need a new appliance for his tongue thrust - this one isn't working.

Current Film

As I posted yesterday, Allison and I just saw this one and loved it!

Current Picture

I snapped this picture this morning on the way to school - 
love her little crossed feet and you can tell she's sucking her thumb.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Movie Review: The Greatest Showman

Allison and I gave The Greatest Showman a thumbs down when we saw the preview, but a friend {Hi Kathryn!} said it was awesome, and my sister told me I would love the music, so we finally decided to go. The best part is we caught it at our local dollar cinema, so if we were disappointed, at least it only cost us $2!

Plot: Celebrates the birth of show business, and tells of a visionary who rose from nothing to create a spectacle that became a worldwide sensation.

Review: Love, LOVE, love, love. I can't say enough good things, no GREAT things, about this movie. First off, every song was awesome {yes, I downloaded the soundtrack in the car on the way home}, the plot was great, we were beyond entertained the whole time. I also love that I can show this to the kids - and plan to this weekend - it's rated PG, and I'd even consider it a soft PG. Just absolute fun!!!

Monday, April 23, 2018

Photo-a-Day: Week 16

Day 106: Strep Throat Round 2 {SOB!}

Day 107: Sick Day

Day 108: Working on His Comedy Routine

Day 109: Picture Fail #sigh

Day 110: Mini-Book Club Dinner

Day 111: God-siblings

Day 112: Getting DIRTY!

Friday, April 20, 2018

This or That

Y'all know I love a fun survey. Emily and I seem to trade these back and forth. {grin}

Cake or Cookies?

If I can't have both, 
which would be my truthful answer,
{along with all other forms of dessert} 
I think I'd say cake.
Cheesecake, yellow cake with chocolate icing, strawberry cake, yum!

Call or Text?

I'm probably 60/40 texting over calling.
I talk to my sister, parents, Brent, in-laws, 
and some friends on a regular basis.
But texting is SO easy and lazy, I love it!

Coke or Pepsi?

Coke - 
probably my most embarrassing food love - 
although there are a lot ha.

Dogs or Cats?

I think if we were to ever get a pet, it'd be a small-ish dog.
Trent wants one SO BAD.
They both have downsides that have prevented me from really wanting one:
They both shed. 
Dogs chew on things and smell and poop in your yard.
Cats have litter boxes to deal with and scratch up stuff.

Eggs or Pancakes?

Pancakes - or even French toast, yum!
Eggs are so disgusting - I hate everything about them - 
what stinks is my girls like them scrambled and they all like them hard-boiled.
I've tried eggs so many times hoping I'll like them - NOPE.

Facebook or Twitter?

Neither - I used to use both and lost interest.
I have my Facebook page still because of some school stuff for the kids 
and a few pages I like - mostly I hate it!

Instagram or Pinterest?

Instagram ALL THE WAY
I use Pinterest for recipes and love that vs. actually having real recipes
but Instagram is the one form of social media I truly enjoy

Marvel or DC?

What's the difference? I seriously have no clue.

Paperback or e-Book?

e-Book 95% of the time - 
I actually get annoyed when I have to read a 'real' book 
because I love having my book always with me on my phone

Summer or Winter?

By September I'm wilting from the heat, 
but I really only want cold weather at Christmastime.
I can't wait for the pool to open - 
ugh although that means getting in a bathing suit.

Sweet or Spicy?

Both and preferably mixed together

Tattoos or Piercings?

I've always wanted a tattoo but Brent doesn't like them, 
so I've never gotten one.
At one point I had 7 earrings and also had a short stint with a belly button piercing.
Now I just wear 1 earring in each ear - I'm so white bread.

Tea or Coffee?

Tea - can anyone guess what tea specifically?
Duh, a Starbucks chai latte
I've always liked the smell of coffee - except when pregnant - 
but don't like the taste

Yoga Pants or Jeans?

Jeans - I attempt most days to put on real clothes 
so I don't feel like an utter slob.

Zoo or Aquarium?

I'm not sure if I've ever been to an aquarium? So I guess zoo!

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Bluebonnets 2018

Which one is your favorite? I'm having a hard time choosing...

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Black and White

Guys, I'm having a real crisis here. I'm starting to go gray, and I don't know what to do about it. Well, that's not really true. I know what to do about it but am having a hard time accepting reality.

Let me explain.

My hair is dark. Super dark. So dark that Drew won't let me say I have brown hair. I tried to say something about us both having brown hair. 'No, Mom, your hair is black.' 

It used to be a normal brown. A boring, average brown.

See? You'd even maybe say an auburn brown?
And bluebonnets because - duh - Texan. {grin}

But as I get older, it keeps on getting darker. I've even been asked if I dye it to get it so dark. Nope!

BUT...the gray hair is creeping in. And I am dead set against dyeing it. And here's why:
1) It's expensive - hair dye is NOT what I want to use disposable income for
2) You have to get it done a lot - I get my haircut about twice a year, I don't want to be at the salon every 6 weeks
3) I'll hate it - the few times I highlighted my hair in my 20s, I never liked it
4) Eventually, I will have 'see through' hair - you know what I'm talking about - the little old ladies who have black hair but it's so obviously all white hair that you can see through it
5) At the point where I decide to go natural, that will look really bad - half white, half black? Who wants that?

Right now, I'm losing a battle of pulling the white ones out. More and more are creeping in, and I don't really know why I want to pull them out. I'm not afraid to show my age, but it's like they taunt me in the mirror. White hairs against almost black hair? It's SO white.

So I sit here thinking:
1) Give in and start dyeing it? NO!!!!
2) Keep pulling them out? Such a waste of time and energy!
3) Accept it and move on. Obviously the right answer but SO HARD!

What's a girl to do?!?!