Thursday, April 5, 2018

March Life Lately

When I looked back at all the pictures I took in March, we did A LOT! Here's an assortment of pictures of things that happened...and I still have to blog about Easter!

My mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and I went to a place called Sip 'n Stain where you make wood signs. You pick your sign design out ahead of time and go to a workshop where the staff help you create it.

The Gurley Wives

My sign - Brent loved it which made me so happy!

My godson, Rhett, turned ONE! Kristen had a small party, and we had a great time celebrating this sweet, sweet boy. Brent took Trent to a birthday party at the same time, so it was just me and the girls. We had A LOT of birthdays in March!

Cute smash cake Kristen made!

Beau kept 'helping' Rhett eat his cake, ha
{Drew did the same thing at Beau's 1st birthday party}

Beau, Jalen, and Drew treating Schuyler like their horse

The birthday boy!

Paige kept trying to wear Beau's shoes - she loves shoes!

We spent a lot of time washing hands this month with our water bug.

Drew's bestie turned 5, and the day of the party, we went to a toy store on our town square and they were having a festival. We saw a petting zoo, and I had to let Drew go in because they had RABBITS! We then got Brooklyn a present and headed to the tea party.

I think I was even more excited than Drew that she got to pet rabbits!

I did the face painting - we were aiming for a fox - how did I do?

They have been in the same class since 18 months!
Brooklyn ~ Drew

Does anyone want to eat this cookie?!

Miles also turned NINE in March. Trent spent the night with my sister, and we met in a park for me to get him back. The six kiddos had such a blast playing together - we had beautiful weather and just let them wear themselves out!

Paige stole someone's stroller - she loves pushing things.

Swinging and snuggling on Babs' porch swing

Her first pigtail!

On St. Patrick's Day we were very busy - Target, Chick-fil-A, Trent had a birthday party, and snowcones!

LOTS of outside play!

You guys know how I feel about bluebonnets - expect pics of the kiddos soon!

We went to a birthday party for our friend's little boy, Logan, at a play place and the kids - especially Paige - had so much fun!!

Sliding together

Paige was getting down!

These girls have birthdays 6 days apart - so cute and sweet.

I couldn't get her off this, ha.

He was so silly - was glad he didn't balk too much at a 3-year-old party!


Kathryn Bagley said...

What a fun month celebrating all those birthdays! Cute pic of P in the pigtail!