Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Drew's Big Girl Room

It has been long on my list to create a big girl space for Drew. We weren't really sure what to do with her because for a long time she wanted to sleep on the crib mattress on her floor. But having a baby seems to spur me into action, and we have finally finished a space that I think is perfect for our little sassy daughter.

The Bedding
I told myself not to buy from Pottery Barn Kids because I know I can find cheaper {and still cute} bedding other places, but somehow that store sucks me in. I happened to be looking at it one night when Drew came out of her room {when she was supposed to be asleep}. I figured I'd ask her opinion, and she pointed to some bedding I would never have considered...but it was cute. Hmmm...super cute. I waited about a week and asked her to look again. She pointed to the same bedding and said 'This is my bed.' So that sealed the deal. The best part was when I went to order it, everything was on sale!

The Furniture
I did manage to reign in my spending when I found a headboard online at Target that is in the same line as her baby furniture {we're still keeping her nightstand in her big girl room}. I thought this would be perfect! Brent wanted to get her some fancy princess bed with a slide, but I vetoed that. Sorry for being lame. But I figured when she is a little older, we can go pick out something nicer together, but this headboard is perfect for right now.

The Decorations
Another score for Target. Drew and I went one evening together to Target and bought a bunch of wall decorations that I thought would match the bedding. Jennifer, my unofficial decorator, came over and helped me put everything together. We also kept 1 wall with pretty much most of the stuff that was on her collage wall in her nursery {minus a few things that have broken over time}. I still want to get either a big bulletin board or chalk board for 1 wall but haven't decided yet...so will do that soon-ish.

And now I'll quit talking and will show you what her precious room looks like!

Can you guess which 1 thing Drew insisted upon?
But isn't this just THE CUTEST!?!?

Love how her bedding, bed skirt, headboard all came together.

This is where we'll put a bulletin board or something.

How cute is this lamp? And so perfect!

The tins on the left were in the dining room in our old house. 

 What is left of her nursery wall collage. {grin}

And that is Drew's big girl room! Next up: Smoochie's nursery!!

Monday, August 29, 2016

Obligatory First Day of School Round-Up

We are officially back in school! Drew started her second year in Children's house {3 years old - Kindergarten}, and Trent started his second year in Lower Elementary {1st - 3rd grades}. Both kids were in the same classes, however Drew got a new teacher this year as her previous teacher became the Director of their school! Her new teacher has been teaching Montessori for 40+ years, and she seems amazing!

Due to Trent's class having a staggered start {3rd grade starts first, 2 days later 2nd grade starts, etc.}, Drew actually started 2 days before Trent. I was more nervous about her start knowing she had a new teacher {although she previously met Ms. Margaret and thought she was nice} and us having been home all summer together. Last year, she cried for about the first week. The only time she got upset though was when she realized Bubba wasn't going to school too - it seemed to make her a little apprehensive. 

 She is actually wearing the same skirt she wore last year on the first day of school.
Just a little shorter now but still fits our skinny girl! And hello, model pose, ha!

It was so humid outside my lens fogged up, but luckily the subject is cute.
And my picture editor hates me and won't let me write on any of D's pics...
Always wants to stick her tongue out!

And here is her smile when I requested one. {grin}

In the drop-off line. All smiles and ready to go!

Herer actual drop-off went great! Her old teacher, Ms. Stephanie, was the one to get her out of the car, which helped a lot I think. I told her 'I love you! Have a good day!' and she walked off with a wave and a 'Bye Mom!'

When Bubba and I came to pick her up, she was so excited to see us. And she said she had a great day except 'no one would play with me on the playground.' If that doesn't break your heart since she has 4 really good girlfriends from last year. But apparently the rest of the week she had playmates at recess, so all is well with our big girl!


Thursday came quickly enough, and it was time for Trent to head back to school. He seemed decently happy to go - not overly excited but not upset either. And it was super easy to get him up and moving. I think he was excited to see his friends - we'll take anything that makes him happy about school! 

Again with that face, Drew? {grin}

About to walk Sister to her class - love my cutie pies!

His teacher told me at pick-up that he had 'an excellent first day and was so mature.' I'll pause for effect here... Talk about just about the best news we could have EVER heard!

So fingers crossed we continue to have smooth sailing. I'm not expecting perfection or a stress-free year {as I write this, I have Drew running a 103 fever so she'll be staying home already!} - we ARE going to add a baby into the mix this school year, and I'm already thinking about how that will impact our morning/afternoon routines! But I'm just happy we made it through the first week with no bumps!

Happy school year to all the teachers, parents, and kiddos!

Friday, August 26, 2016


Current Book

I have heard people rave about Elin Hilderbrand's books.
I read one and felt meh about it, but I wanted to give another a try.

Current Song

I got nothing this month! So sad.
Although Trent mentioned Pentatonix the other day {because we listened to them a ton at Christmastime last year}, and it got me in the mood for Christmas! Eek.

Current TV Show

DCC Season 11 just premiered!!

Current Drink

Since I have been working on cleaning up my diet for Smoochie, it's mostly been water around these parts!

Current Shame-Inducing Pleasure

I am a little embarrassed about how excited I am for an ice cream sundae birthday party on Saturday. Just because I am working on eating better it doesn't mean I'm not going to enjoy a few things!

Current Outfit

Maternity flowy tank and yoga pants. Working from home is the BEST.
Also - 25 weeks!

Current Celebrity Crush

I really need to know what is going on with these 2. I love them so much!

Current Mood

Happy and relieved! We had a great start to the school year.

Current Anticipation

Fall is almost here - I can't wait to put my pumpkins out and have the weather be amazing!

Current Film

Allison - when can we go?

Current Picture

First day of school for T, 3rd day for D - I swear they were happy.
Regardless, aren't they the cutest?!

What is up with you currently?

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Twas the Night Before 2nd Grade

Last year I asked Trent some questions before he started school hoping to make this into a tradition. It's fun to see how his answers differ compared to last year. And I think you'll notice a theme of what he is REALLY into these days. {grin}

First day of school last year!

TRENT {7 years old}

Favorite color: Blue

Favorite TV show: Pokemon

Favorite movie: Pokemon {he swears there is a movie} {He's listened to the audio version of The Force Awakens and wanted to say that}

Favorite toys: Pokemon cards

Favorite book: Pokemon {geez}

Favorite food: Junk food

Favorite place: Home with his Pokemon cards

Favorite part of school: Friends

Favorite part of summer: Movies, snacks whenever he wants

Favorite holiday: Christmas and Halloween

Favorite thing to do with Mom: Snuggles and hugs and kisses

Favorite thing to do with Dad: Wrestling

Favorite thing about Drew: 'I love her and she's the perfect teddy bear to squeeze'

What one word describes you best: Lowburn - this is a word he created himself that means happy and rough - that is a pretty perfect description!

He is pretty excited to be going back - mainly for the friends he's missed seeing over the summer. I'm excited to get back into a routine and being able to work in peace and quiet. I love not setting an alarm in the summer and seeing them throughout the day, but it's also hard when they are noisy when I'm on calls or when Drew is especially clingy, ha.

I'm really hopeful for a great school year - he has been amazing over the summer, and I really hope to see that move into the classroom this year. Fingers crossed!

Beach Photos!

One of the things my mother-in-law wanted to do when we were on our vacation in San Diego {recaps HERE and HERE} was taking pictures of the whole family on the beach. Brent's nephew lives in Maryland, so we aren't all together very often. She hired a photographer who was easy to work with and got some GREAT shots. Here are some of my favorites. Be warned - your heart might explode.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Double Movie Review: War Dogs & Bad Moms

Brent and I have a running joke that this summer is 'The Summer of Brent'. I'm getting a baby, he's getting a summer...seems fair to me. {grin} However, this past week became 'The Week of Allena'. I saw not 1 but 2 movies! Allison and I hit up War Dogs on Thursday, and then some book club ladies and I saw Bad Moms on Sunday.

Plot: Based on the true story of two young men, David Packouz and Efraim Diveroli, who won a $300 million contract from the Pentagon to arm America's allies in Afghanistan.
Review: Allison and I initially wanted to see Ghostbusters, but the times were all off for when we could go, so we randomly picked this since our theaters were all doing a sneak peak. We both really enjoyed it! It was definitely a dramedy with a mix of jokes, action, suspense, and drama. Jonah Hill was phenomenal in his role, and the story was really great! 
Rating: B+

Half of our book club ladies ready for Bad Moms {and amazing pizzzzza!}

Plot: When 3 overworked and under-appreciated moms are pushed beyond their limits, they ditch their conventional responsibilities for a jolt of long overdue freedom, fun, and comedic self-indulgence.
Review: HILARIOUS. So, so, so freaking hilarious. I don't remember the last time I laughed this hard at a movie, and all 4 of us were laughing that hard. 3 of us are moms and the other works with children, so this just nailed it time and time again. It had a little heart and even gave a real plot line so bonus points for that!
Rating: A+++++

I'm excited to turn it up a notch for movies over the coming months since Allison and I are going to have to hustle to start in on award season movies before I pop out another kid! So what should we go see next?

Friday, August 19, 2016

Baby Smoochie - 24 Weeks

Yesterday marked 24 weeks or 60% through this pregnancy. My next appointment starts the 3rd trimester with the glucose test. Crazy that we're already at this point...yet we still have almost 4 months to go! I saw Dr. Campaigne today who I just love, and she made me feel so good - as usual - about everything!

How far along: 24 weeks

Size of baby: 11 1/2 inches long and 1 1/2 pounds

Weight gain: 23 pounds - I wasn't surprised by this but not real happy about it {9 pounds since my last appointment}. Considering we went to San Diego and celebrated my birthday I wasn't real surprised. Dr. C wasn't concerned and actually said that it is really common to have one 4-week increment see an 8-10 pound gain, and that it's problematic when it happens multiple 4-week increments in a row {which I haven't done}. She did talk about the fact that the baby gains the most weight typically between 28-34 weeks {I didn't know this}, so if I could tighten up my eating now and continue until about 34-36 weeks I will lower my chances of having a 10.5 pound baby {we joke but Trent was 8 1/2 pounds and Drew was 9 pounds...soooo...}. I had already been toying with the idea of doing Whole 30 or at least modified Whole 30, and she doesn't want me doing anything crazy but agreed getting rid of the simple carbs and sugars would be a really good idea. Carbs don't make me feel good and when I eat less I definitely feel better, so I am really motivated to clean this up NOW!

Awkward crazy eyed selfie alert! Just focus on the bump please. {grin}

Gender: Nope. I told Dr. C my theory about this baby's heart rate matching Drew's, and she said she puts very little stock in a baby's heart rate...so that just made for an interesting twist!

Maternity clothes: My sister found another box of maternity clothes when cleaning out some closets, so I scored some more cute stuff!

Movement: FINALLY! The baby moves every day and frequently. Just brings me such relief to feel those flutters, kicks, and punches. I'm at the stage where that is definitely what I'm feeling, but it doesn't hurt.

Sleep: Much better than it's been. I don't have nearly the trouble falling asleep that I was and I'm sleeping more soundly. I am a lot hotter now though, so I wake up often uncovered or with just the sheet on which is not like me. Brent says I am snoring a lot. Payback's hell, honey!

Symptoms: Still some sciatica, loss of breath, a little bit of acne, still nothing super crazy.

Cravings: JUNK! But see 'Weight Gain' above and my plan to do way better! Time will tell...

What I miss: I really wanted to take a few baths recently. And a cold glass of wine or a mixed drink would be so nice. We had a book club pool party last weekend, and I really would have loved a glass of wine. I brought kombucha and then spilled 3/4 of it while in the pool. Sigh.

Best moment of the week: Just all the movement and finding out a friend is giving us her infant carrier/stroller! I always love the chance to listen to Smoochie's perfect heartbeat. I forgot to ask Dr. C what the bpm was.

Worst moment of the week: Nothing too bad I can think of. I think the worst thing is just how out of breath I am and how much weight I've gained!

Other random stuff: We finished Drew's big girl room, and I can't wait to show you pictures! I needed to get that done to feel ready to tackle the nursery. So that will be next on my list. This is probably right about when we finished Trent's big boy room when pregnant with Drew, so I'm nothing if not consistent!

Belly-button watch: More out than in.

Love all my bumps! I still think this one is biggest but starting to close in on Drew's.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Baby Prep

I don't know if it's because I have worked for an accounting firm for 13 years or if I was just made this way, but I love spreadsheets. Given one of my August goals was to start planning for this baby, my spreadsheet love has been in hyperdrive!

I have spreadsheets detailing:

1) Baby gear that we need
After having a lot of our baby gear for 7 years, some of it was just in bad shape. {The infant carrier both kids used was 'loved' for about 3 years and is now expired, ha.} There are also some things I've borrowed from various friends for different kids {I loved the rock 'n play with Drew, but it wasn't around when Trent was a baby, so we borrowed it.}, so I have a small hole of stuff that we need. I've got a spreadsheet with what we need, who we can borrow/buy it from {I have the BEST friends}, and if we need to buy it new, what it will cost us.

2) Car seats  - 
As I mentioned above, the infant carrier we used for Trent and Drew expired. So I knew we had to get another carrier. BUT then I realized we have somewhat wide car seats in my car {I am a HUGE Graco fan, but their seats are just flat-out WIDE}, and we can't get 3 in my backseat. So we have to get everyone new car seats in my Edge. Luckily, Brent has a truck with a roomier backseat, so we'll just move Drew's convertible into Brent's middle space for Smoochie, and if Smoochie is a boy, he'll just grow up hating us for putting him in a car seat with pink detailing. #3rdkidproblems I am obsessed with this blogger who writes all about car seat safety and the best car seats. So I've used his blog {he has tons of pages about 3-in-a-row car seats} to get my list together and have decided what everyone will get {still debating between 2 for Drew}. It also means Trent finally moves into a high-back booster. He's super excited, but I wish I had him in a 5-point for 1 more year, ha.

Case in point: car seat analysis!!

Name, price, dimensions...Total nerd!

3) Freezer meals
I have blogged many times about not being super organized with my meal planning. Although I am getting much better since I started using my handy-dandy meal template spreadsheet. Well one thing I've never done is had a stocked freezer when we brought home a new baby, and I want that this time around. I have a list of recipes to get in the freezer and a plan for making 3-4/weekend the month before Smoochie is due. It's also going to be in our favor that we will have lots of family time for the holidays to get us some meals. {grin}

And without spreadsheets, I've also got plans for:

4) Postpartum prep - 
Ever since being diagnosed with MTHFR, I have been cautiously optimistic that this was the root cause of my previous experiences with post-partum anxiety. But I also want to be prepared that it isn't, and given I have had it twice, I need to be prepared that it could happen again. I have a friend who unfortunately had post-partum depression after both her daughter's births and found an amazing therapist who ONLY works with women and reproductive trauma {ranging from fertility issues to menopause to infant death}. I plan to contact her soon and see her ahead of having Smoochie to get a plan together for addressing post-partum should it rear its ugly head again!

5) The Nursery - 
So the funny party about the nursery is you would think we should have everything we need for a nursery. But we can't find the side rails to Trent's crib {since we converted it into a bed}, and Drew's looks like a woodchuck ate it. Luckily, my sister's crib is almost identical to Trent's, and Mayer is ready to sleep in a real bed, so we're getting her side rails! Then we'll use Trent's dresser as a changing table again {he's going to get bunk beds we think!}, and we'll use the same glider {it is beat up but still glides!} and book shelf. I am 95% sure I've decided on a color scheme/theme, so it's all coming together...in theory at least.

So there you have it. All my lists and ideas. Now I just have to, you know, DO IT ALL...and then have a baby!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Lovin' on Trent

I never blogged about celebrating Trent's birthday because we planned to eventually have a party for his friends...and that never happened. #parentfail

So what we did do was have his grandparents and cousins over ON his birthday, and he was very happy with that.

Opening presents

The love of Legos is strong in this one...still. {grin}

Star Wars Lego set - I wonder if this is what we'll be getting him at 17?

Hugging Nana after opening her presents

The food - Chick-fil-a nuggets, friends, fruit, chips, and cupcakes - 
Simple but delicious!

He and Miles started building right away.

We had to force him to stop building and let us sing to him.
He's not a big sweets kid {jealous}, so cupcakes don't really excite him.
But you can tell, he enjoyed the singing!

This little one, on the other hand, asked ALL DAY for a cupcake.
Finally, wish granted.

I took sister for a ride because we knew she'd never fall asleep.
Look at how tightly she twisted her hair!

Miles spent the night, and the boys stayed up late watching Jurassic Park.
And building more Legos.

Even though he's 7, I love that he wanted to come fall asleep in my lap.
This mama's heart is full! My biggest baby snuggled next to my littlest.

And just like that, we have a 7 year old! {Well, 7 years and 6 weeks at this point, ha.}