Monday, August 29, 2016

Obligatory First Day of School Round-Up

We are officially back in school! Drew started her second year in Children's house {3 years old - Kindergarten}, and Trent started his second year in Lower Elementary {1st - 3rd grades}. Both kids were in the same classes, however Drew got a new teacher this year as her previous teacher became the Director of their school! Her new teacher has been teaching Montessori for 40+ years, and she seems amazing!

Due to Trent's class having a staggered start {3rd grade starts first, 2 days later 2nd grade starts, etc.}, Drew actually started 2 days before Trent. I was more nervous about her start knowing she had a new teacher {although she previously met Ms. Margaret and thought she was nice} and us having been home all summer together. Last year, she cried for about the first week. The only time she got upset though was when she realized Bubba wasn't going to school too - it seemed to make her a little apprehensive. 

 She is actually wearing the same skirt she wore last year on the first day of school.
Just a little shorter now but still fits our skinny girl! And hello, model pose, ha!

It was so humid outside my lens fogged up, but luckily the subject is cute.
And my picture editor hates me and won't let me write on any of D's pics...
Always wants to stick her tongue out!

And here is her smile when I requested one. {grin}

In the drop-off line. All smiles and ready to go!

Herer actual drop-off went great! Her old teacher, Ms. Stephanie, was the one to get her out of the car, which helped a lot I think. I told her 'I love you! Have a good day!' and she walked off with a wave and a 'Bye Mom!'

When Bubba and I came to pick her up, she was so excited to see us. And she said she had a great day except 'no one would play with me on the playground.' If that doesn't break your heart since she has 4 really good girlfriends from last year. But apparently the rest of the week she had playmates at recess, so all is well with our big girl!


Thursday came quickly enough, and it was time for Trent to head back to school. He seemed decently happy to go - not overly excited but not upset either. And it was super easy to get him up and moving. I think he was excited to see his friends - we'll take anything that makes him happy about school! 

Again with that face, Drew? {grin}

About to walk Sister to her class - love my cutie pies!

His teacher told me at pick-up that he had 'an excellent first day and was so mature.' I'll pause for effect here... Talk about just about the best news we could have EVER heard!

So fingers crossed we continue to have smooth sailing. I'm not expecting perfection or a stress-free year {as I write this, I have Drew running a 103 fever so she'll be staying home already!} - we ARE going to add a baby into the mix this school year, and I'm already thinking about how that will impact our morning/afternoon routines! But I'm just happy we made it through the first week with no bumps!

Happy school year to all the teachers, parents, and kiddos!


Anonymous said...

Yeah! Sounds like it is going to be a great year! -AP

Kathryn Bagley said...

yay for an awesome first day for both kids!