Wednesday, August 3, 2016

August Goals

I can't believe it's August. I was just thinking the other night that we have about 6 more weeks of miserable weather, and then fall will be here. FALL. You know the season where I will have another baby. {Granted the end of fall but still!} Um, yeah. So let's see how those July goals went:

1. Drew's Big Girl Room - About 90% done! Jennifer took on 2 small projects {she is the best!} so once I have those back, I'll be able to reveal her completed big girl room! Now to get her consistently sleeping in there...
2. Organize the Kids' Closets - I got Drew's done, but it was the one in really bad shape. I now have a giant garbage bag full of clothes she's either outgrown or refuses to wear. Packing that away until we have Smoochie.
3. Clean Up Eating - Fail. BIG.FAT.FAIL. I am eating like a trucker. Trying to be better ahead of my birthday...
4. Everything I Didn't Finish in June - Jennifer and I made a plan for the office, but it involves me framing a bunch of stuff which isn't in the budget right now, and same thing for the playroom - I need 1 more piece of furniture from IKEA, but that's going to have to wait for a bit.

1. Get Ready for School - It's time to start thinking about what we need for school. The kids both go back at the end of this month. Trent needs new shoes, Drew probably needs new tennis shoes, both kids need haircuts, we need to get back into a little bit better of a nighttime routine. So I just want to make a list and start easing back into it all, so it's not super hard on ALL of us.

2. Baby Prep - Except for decorating a nursery, the list of what I need to do for this baby isn't terribly long, but I want to start slowly getting stuff purchased/borrowed so that it isn't mid-November with nothing done. I have also started a freezer meal schedule to try and get some meals in the freezer. I just want to feel as prepared as possible for this baby!

3. Family Walks - Brent and I both had the same thought about this. I was thinking it would help me get moving more consistently, and Brent wants to get Trent back onto his bike. So I think this will be fun! Especially when the highs drop a little!

4. Spending - So I know #1 and #2 both talk about me buying stuff, but I need to get my spending under control and be smart about my spending. I am going to see what I can borrow from friends {if anything} for the baby or buy used from some local stores and then spread out my other purchases to not be hit hard at one time. I have also been kind of frivolous with spending the last few months {or forever if we're being honest, ha}, so I am going to do my best to tighten up!

So those are my goals for August. It is kind of crazy that we really aren't that far away from being a family of 5 and how much there is to do to get there!


Kathryn Bagley said...

I can work on your August goal #5 with you..I have become obsessed with this new Lularoe clothing :/

Karen Peterson said...

I can't believe it's back to school time. So weird.