Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Drew's Big Girl Room

It has been long on my list to create a big girl space for Drew. We weren't really sure what to do with her because for a long time she wanted to sleep on the crib mattress on her floor. But having a baby seems to spur me into action, and we have finally finished a space that I think is perfect for our little sassy daughter.

The Bedding
I told myself not to buy from Pottery Barn Kids because I know I can find cheaper {and still cute} bedding other places, but somehow that store sucks me in. I happened to be looking at it one night when Drew came out of her room {when she was supposed to be asleep}. I figured I'd ask her opinion, and she pointed to some bedding I would never have considered...but it was cute. Hmmm...super cute. I waited about a week and asked her to look again. She pointed to the same bedding and said 'This is my bed.' So that sealed the deal. The best part was when I went to order it, everything was on sale!

The Furniture
I did manage to reign in my spending when I found a headboard online at Target that is in the same line as her baby furniture {we're still keeping her nightstand in her big girl room}. I thought this would be perfect! Brent wanted to get her some fancy princess bed with a slide, but I vetoed that. Sorry for being lame. But I figured when she is a little older, we can go pick out something nicer together, but this headboard is perfect for right now.

The Decorations
Another score for Target. Drew and I went one evening together to Target and bought a bunch of wall decorations that I thought would match the bedding. Jennifer, my unofficial decorator, came over and helped me put everything together. We also kept 1 wall with pretty much most of the stuff that was on her collage wall in her nursery {minus a few things that have broken over time}. I still want to get either a big bulletin board or chalk board for 1 wall but haven't decided yet...so will do that soon-ish.

And now I'll quit talking and will show you what her precious room looks like!

Can you guess which 1 thing Drew insisted upon?
But isn't this just THE CUTEST!?!?

Love how her bedding, bed skirt, headboard all came together.

This is where we'll put a bulletin board or something.

How cute is this lamp? And so perfect!

The tins on the left were in the dining room in our old house. 

 What is left of her nursery wall collage. {grin}

And that is Drew's big girl room! Next up: Smoochie's nursery!!


Anonymous said...

Cute!!! I may copy the big bulletion board/chalk board idea... -AP

Kathryn Bagley said...

Super cute!!

Karen Peterson said...

Oh my gosh! This room is so cute!