Project 52

2012 List - To see the full post, click HERE.

Completed far

  1. Don't be such a homebody
  2. Try fish once per month
  3. Try (again) to learn how to play the guitar - one song is all I want!
  4. Try (again) to learn how to sew
  5. Take a photography class
  6. Volunteer
  7. Make a will
  8. Eat like a vegetarian
  9. Try 3 new things with Trent
  10. Take Trent to a movie
  11. Lose these last 10+ pounds
  12. Try Zumba
  13. By the end of the year, still be using gym membership
  14. Take a trip out of state
  15. Try a new restaurant
  16. Go to the farmer’s market
  17. Go to a dairy and buy/try raw milk
  18. Date night once a month
  19. Finish Trent’s baby book
  20. Workout on a regular basis (as a part of monthly goals)
  21. Build our savings account back up
  22. Break Trent’s ‘night-night’ habit
  23. Try 5 new recipes
  24. Meet 1 blog friend
  25. Learn to like unsweetened tea
  26. No more artificial sweetener!
  27. Take a CPR class
  28. Give up cheese for Lent
  29. Visit a state I’ve never been to
  30. Have fresh flowers in the house more often
  31. Go to the midnight premiere of The Hunger Games
  32. Use my Deceptively Delicious cookbook every month
  33. Reread all 7 Harry Potter books
  34. Rewatch all 8 Harry Potter movies
  35. Work on Trent’s hitting/throwing habit
  36. Do something special for our anniversary (October 16)
  37. Better outside Christmas decorations
  38. Have Trent swimming by the end of summer
  39. Reduce my work %
  40. Be better with my skin care
  41. Start juicing
  42. Figure out how I want to organize our family photos
  43. Organize said family photos
  44. Donate blood
  45. Spend more time in the evening with Brent (unplug from the computer)
  46. Try taking Trent to a restaurant again
  47. Stretch
  48. Try new foods
  49. Learn more about finances/see a financial planner
  50. Get pregnant
  51. Clean out kitchen drawers
  52. Donate $5 for each goal not met

2011 List - To see the full post, click here.

Completed far

1. Create (read: pay someone to create) a header for my blog.
2. Eat a tomato (this one is for K-Dub).
3. See all movies nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars.
4. Save money to buy a Canon Rebel.
5. Take a photography class.
6. Get back to pre-baby body (or as close to it as possible).
7. Have a girls’ weekend.
8. Run at least 1 5K.
9. Finally finish Jane Eyre (I’ve started it twice).
10. Create 'pages' on blog.
11. Purge our house of excess clutter.
12. Start Trent’s college fund.
13. Organize photos.
14. Finally learn to sew (lessons from mother-in-law).
15. Try ‘My Fit Foods’.
16. Spend some time in my flower beds.
17. Volunteer.
18. Continue learning guitar (or more like re-start).
19. Take Trent to the San Antonio Austin Zoo.
20. Make more dinners for our family.
21. Create a budget.
22. Make a will.
23. Visit the World of Harry Potter.
24. Go on more dates with Brent.
25. Do something ‘Austin’-y.
26. Use my crock pot at least once a month.
27. Less bad eating!
28. Have a guest blogger (and someone who is not an IRL friend).
29. Get moving again.
30. Eat like a vegetarian for a week (or at least a weekend).
31. Cut back on Starbucks.
32. Go to 1 live concert.
33. Do something creative w/ Trent (like Children’s museum) at least 1 time per month.
34. Wear more of my ‘fun’ jewelry.
35. Try 1 new recipe per month.
36. Comment more on other blogs.
37. Buy leggings/tights (and wear them).
38. Make blog more fun!
39. Get more followers (hope #38 will help entice people). {Started Project 52 with 53 followers.}
40. Add some decorations in the house (some of our house doesn’t feel finished to me).
41. Spend lots of time with my new niece or nephew and take some of the burden away from my sister.
42. Do something fun for our anniversary (October 16).
43. Try Bikhram yoga.
44. Read 1 classic (other than Jane Eyre), 1 non-fiction book and 1 biography.
45. Finish combining our bank accounts.
46. Finish ordering professional pictures (maternity, newborn and Trent’s 1-year).
47. Hang Christmas lights myself and get something for the yard (but NOT a blow-up decoration).
48. Get a bounce house for Trent’s birthday.
49. Don’t be so scared about having Trent spend the night other places.
50. Attend the Texas Book Festival with Allison.
51. Go to at least 1 Aggie sporting event.
52. Pay $5 to a children’s charity for each goal not completed.

Amount to pay: $95 {BOO!}