Sunday, January 8, 2012

Project 52 - 2012 Edition

Friends, I have not been keeping you in suspense on purpose.  {I know you are all DYING to hear my goals for the year.}  I was SICK.  Happens about once a year, and this time was awful.  101 fever, thought it was the flu.  A trip to urgent care yesterday morning cleared that up - ear infection, sinus infection and general yuckiness.  3 prescriptions later and I feel like a new woman.  Brent had a great laugh when I was explaining to the doctor that I took a homeopathic flu vaccine...thank goodness I don't have the flu.  I would never recover from the embarrassment!  Now...onto Project 52!

  1. Don't be such a homebody
  2. Try fish once per month
  3. Try (again) to learn how to play the guitar - one song is all I want!
  4. Try (again) to learn how to sew
  5. Take a photography class
  6. Volunteer
  7. Make a will
  8. Eat like a vegetarian
  9. Try 3 new things with Trent
  10. Take Trent to a movie
  11. Lose these last 10+ pounds
  12. Try Zumba
  13. By the end of the year, still be using gym membership
  14. Take a trip out of state
  15. Try a new restaurant
  16. Go to the farmer’s market
  17. Go to a dairy and buy/try raw milk
  18. Date night once a month
  19. Finish Trent’s baby book
  20. Workout on a regular basis (as a part of monthly goals)
  21. Build our savings account back up
  22. Break Trent’s ‘night-night’ habit
  23. Try 5 new recipes
  24. Meet 1 blog friend
  25. Learn to like unsweetened tea
  26. No more artificial sweetener!
  27. Take a CPR class
  28. Give up cheese for Lent
  29. Visit a state I’ve never been to
  30. Have fresh flowers in the house more often
  31. Go to the midnight premiere of The Hunger Games
  32. Use my Deceptively Delicious cookbook every month
  33. Reread all 7 Harry Potter books
  34. Rewatch all 8 Harry Potter movies
  35. Work on Trent’s hitting/throwing habit
  36. Do something special for our anniversary (October 16)
  37. Better outside Christmas decorations
  38. Have Trent swimming by the end of summer
  39. Reduce my work %
  40. Be better with my skin care
  41. Start juicing
  42. Figure out how I want to organize our family photos
  43. Organize said family photos
  44. Donate blood
  45. Spend more time in the evening with Brent (unplug from the computer)
  46. Try taking Trent to a restaurant again
  47. Stretch
  48. Try new foods
  49. Learn more about finances/see a financial planner
  50. Get pregnant
  51. Clean out kitchen drawers
  52. Donate $5 for each goal not met
And I can already cross off #12!  Go me!

On a side note (because I'm having heart palpitations and sweating), related to #35, I put my son straight to bed for hitting me tonight, 26 minutes ago.  He is still in his room crying for me.  "Mommy, I need you."  I told him I wasn't coming back if he hit me, and he did.  I know I'm doing the right thing, but oh. my. gosh.  The urge to go in there and snuggle with him and give him a dang night-night is SO strong.  But hey, maybe I can achieve #22 at the same time.  Here's hoping!

So there you have it!  Cheers to a stronger 2012!


the blogivers said...

Whew, I was exhausted just after reading the first 5 - you are ambitious! And I like how you just threw #50 in there so nonchalantly :)

Anonymous said...

I like them all!! I am still working on my list. I thought you knew how to sew?? Quilt??

Anonymous said...

I saw some I want to steal for next year (flowers, stretching). Get pregnant?!?! :):):) - AP

Anonymous said...

I read #2 as 'try to fish once per month'. I'll help you with that one. - B

Jaclyn said...

Very Ambitious!! I also love #50 and how there was no explanation :):)

Karen Peterson said...

This is such a fun list! I know some of it will be tough, but that's half the fun, right?

And good luck with that night-night thing. I haven't been there, but I'm sure it's not easy.

Jennee said...

Whew, that is quite a list! I can't wait to hear all about your adventures this year. How'd you like zumba?