Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Movie Review: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Back in 2010, I read this great book, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  I LOVED it.  I then read the rest of the Millennium trilogy.  Some of the best books ever.  I found out there were Swedish versions of all 3 movies, so I watched them all in a row on Netflix.  They were okay.  Lisbeth was fantastic.  Mikael?  Eh.  When I found out they were making a U.S. version and who was in the cast I got super excited.  Well, Sunday, Rhonda and I had a date to see it.

And let me tell you - it does NOT disappoint.  The plot is very true to the book (Rhonda and I both noticed a few minor changes but none were too annoying), the music is fantastic (go Trent Reznor), and the actors are amazing.  Anybody who knows the story will get this - you know THE part?  I was dreading it, and it was just as awful as I imagined, which shows how amazing Rooney Mara is as Lisbeth.  Daniel Craig is H.O.T. as Mikael.  Rachel Weisz is one lucky woman to be married to him. {grin}  Overall this was a SOLID start to 2012 for movies.


Anonymous said...

Yea! I want to see it. I miss my movie buddy! -Allison

Karen M. Peterson said...

I'm reading the book right now. Page 16 and already loving it.

Unknown said...

Great review. It's a good movie. I haven't read the book or seen the Swedish version of this film, so I can't make comparisons -- though a good film should be able to stand on its own.