Monday, January 16, 2012

Dallas Weekend

Saturday was Connor's 3rd birthday party.  Mom and I decided to be adventurous, take Trent, and head to Dallas - just the 3 of us.  {Blair is revolting against the car seat, so Patty didn't feel up to it.}  Well, let me tell you - we had an amazing weekend!  Trent was SO good and SO fun to be with!  He did great on both car rides, was so well-behaved at the party, slept great at my aunt and uncle's - just fantastic!

Connor's party was football themed, and everything looked so cute.  Hagan did a great job prepping for the party.  There were 10 kids at the party, and everyone got along and played hard and had fun.

Connor's cake and some decorations

Now, with a football themed party, I wanted Trent to dress the part.  The problem is I only support 1 football team - of which my husband disapproves. Oh mother-in-law already broke our 'no team support' rule...about 100 times!

Trent looking the cutest ever.  Gig 'em!  {Brent, please don't kill me.  I love you!}

The 3 year-old - so cute!  {Don't you just love his little Tom's?}

This morning, my cousin, Candace, came over with her kids.  She had a baby boy in September to add to her feminine household of 2 girls, and he is a chunk!  Not even 4 months old and already TWENTY-FOUR pounds.  Trent didn't weight that until 18 months.  Crazy!  But he's oh so cute and cuddly!

Trent thought Thomas was a-okay!

And he got in some swinging time with cousin Madilyn.

Overall, a great weekend!  Hope yours was too!!


Kelly said...

I LOVE Trent's A&M shirt! Perfect!!! Sorry Brent..NOT REALLY!

Karen M. Peterson said...

Glad you had a good time and that everyone behaved themselves!

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing you're gonna regret that. WHOOPs!