Thursday, January 19, 2012

Backhoe Loader

You might have read this title and wondered 'Hmmm...what does this title mean?'  Exactly what it says!  Brent was in Academy and found a motorized backhoe on sale, and we just had to buy it for our obsessed construction worker.  He was SO excited (and still is) about owning a backhoe loader!  If you ask him where he got it, he jumps up and down and shouts 'My DADDY!!!!'  If that doesn't melt your heart!

Checking it out

Putting on his Bob the Builder hat to do some work

Nothing can separate him from his backhoe...not even a lack of clothes!

He even asked first thing bright and early the next day if he could drive his backhoe when EVERY single day he asks to watch a video.  That made this mama very happy.  I wish I'd never let him watch a video ever - ha.


Kelly said...

Oh that is too cute!!!

KristenW said...

SO adorable! That is pretty much a dream come true for him. He deserves it..but I'm a little biased:)

Karen M. Peterson said...

Boys and their toys!

Very cute!

Anonymous said...

He will grow up a worker. - B