Friday, January 27, 2012

Rocking My World

I had a few moments in the last few days that have totally rocked my world.

Rhonda and I tried Zumba again.  When we saw our instructor we were both a little skeptical.  I think her turquoise sequined headband worried us.  But she was fantastic!  She gave a lot more direction so that we didn't get lost nearly as much.  So Rhonda and I were able to stay with the routines better and overall got a much better workout and had a bunch more fun doing it!

I love tzatziki sauce and Greek food.  I always assumed tzatziki sauce was made of sour cream and therefore terrible for you.  NOT SO!  It's made with Greek yogurt!!!  A roughly 2 1/2 or 3 ounce serving has 54 calories.  That's it!

I have eaten fish twice recently.  I haven't cooked with it, but I've eaten it.  Once I didn't hate it and once I actually liked it.  Whoa.

I put green bell peppers on my Subway sandwich (I like red, orange and yellow but not green.)  They weren't awful!!

Kind of a big week, huh? {grin}


Unknown said...

It took me a few times to get into zumba but once I got it down, it became an addiction! Good problem to have I guess!

Kelly said...

YAY for fish and vegetables! Look whose growing up? haha!:)