Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Currently: Bring On Fall!

Current Book

Current Song

Bonus points if you know what song Drew is quoting.
*And no, she has never heard the real song, just my edited version of this part.*

Current TV Show

My favorite DJ is on Dancing With the Stars!
I watched just a little bit of the premiere episode with Trent.

Current Drink

Brent bought me a chocolate milkshake today!

Current Shame-Inducing Pleasure

Probably that I'm watching Dancing With the Stars. Ha.
I don't say this like I'm high-class {remember my fave show is about the DCC},
but I'm not much a reality TV fan...apart from those darn cheerleaders!

Current Outfit


Current Celebrity Crush

You might have noticed a Current book and my Emmy best dressed man...
Trevor Noah! He's so adorable and his story is so inspiring!

Current Mood

So excited for fall! But this is so accurate, ha.
Current Anticipation

I think the next big event for us is our anniversary!
In 3 weeks, we'll hit 14 years of marriage!!!

Current Wishlist

I have been on the hunt for a new pair of booties!
I just ordered these, so we'll see what I think when they come in.

Current Film

Allison and I have been so pitiful on this front.
Who knew 4 kids, 2 husbands, and 2 full-time jobs would make coordination hard?

Current Picture

Hanging with my little sidekick at Drew's gymnastics class

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Emmy Awards 2018 Fashion

Confession: I didn't watch the Emmy Awards this year. I didn't even know it was on until I started getting alerts from my E! app. Oops! Allison and I have had a terrible time of getting together for a movie, so we're going to have to step-up our game before the Oscars! {You ready, friend?}

But! With that said, I couldn't let the fashion pass me by too! I thought overall this year had a lot of really good dresses. I was very impressed and the ones I'll call 'worst' weren't BAD, just not great. 

My Favorites

Allison Janney
I LOVE the color of this dress! I love how it fits, love everything.

Heidi Klum
Lately I feel like all she does is show off ALLLLL her skin.
This was a breath of fresh air from her - she looked flawless.

Keri Russell
I thought this was really unique and overall really worked.
It wasn't my absolute favorite because it seemed kind of heavy,
and I didn't love the shoes, but I liked how cool it was.

Chrissy Teigen
This isn't my favorite look of Chrissy's but when has she ever looked bad?
She KNOWS how to dress her body and show herself off BEST.

Dakota Fanning
I liked how simple this was. Pretty color on her skin, simple hair, pretty jewelry.
Like a breath of fresh air.

 Kirsten Bell
Everything about this screamed movie star.

Thandie Newton
I loved the color, the smooth/perfect fit, the drape was a little bit of drama.

Trevor Noah
Love the velvet edging - a nice touch to a classic black tux.


Jessica Biel
How amazing is this? I love his this dress fits, the ruffle, her hair, makeup.
The whole package is wonderfully amazing.

 Scarlet Johansson
I love how this looks classy and a little edgy at the same time.
She looks amazing, her leg is HOT, love her hair and shoes and just EVERYTHING.

 The Meh Looks

Constance Wu
This is trying to hard. I like the fabric in theory,
 but there's too much fabric, it seems big and too many cutouts.

 Tracee Ellis Ross
I love the color of this so much, but it's just too poofy.

Mandy Moore
I don't like the fit of this, it's a weird length, and I hate that her hair matches.
Maybe if she had a bold lip and different hair, but the whole look underwhelms.

Kirsten Dunst
Her boobs are distracting me in a bad way.
She's had a kid and her boobs are different now, cover them up!

Regina King
Another one where I LOVE the color but it needs something to add some pizzazz.

Sandra Oh
Almost but nope. I love the top of the dress but below the waist, meh.
And I don't like her hair or makeup.

Michelle Dockery
Y'all know how I feel about Downton Abbey, but I don't think this is her best look.

The Worst

Sarah Silverman
It's like the funeral version of a wedding dress?

Maya Rudolph
It's like if you invited Wednesday Addams to the show.
I seriously can't stop laughing over her expression.

Sarah Paulson
The feathers, the boobs, the severe hair - yuck.

Alexis Bledel
This would be cute if a 13 year old were wearing it. :(

Alison Brie
I hate everything about this.

Darren Criss
It looks like his tux has stains on it

Evan Rachel Wood
Is she making a vampire movie?

What did you think about the fashion?

Monday, September 24, 2018

Photo-a-Day: Week 38

Day 260: Please Be Quiet While Mommy Is On A Conference Call

Day 261: Stealing Daddy's Ice Cream

Day 262: Independent Play

Day 263: Trampoline Time

Day 264: Morning Craziness {photo cred: Drew}

Day 265: Cousin Line-Up

Day 266: On a Sunday Stroll

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Fall Bucket List

If a young Allena could see how excited adult Allena gets about fall, she'd be SHOCKED beyond belief, because young Allena always mourned the end of summer like someone who would never see the sun again. {grin} 

But adult Allena IS very excited for the fall, and I've put together a bucket list of things I want to do with the kiddos since fall is just around the corner! Although Mother Nature is playing a nasty trick on us this week with temperatures back in the 90s. Gag.

1. Visit a Pumpkin Patch - it's shameful how infrequently we've gone to a pumpkin patch over the years. Brent is not a big fan of things like this, so I'm going to go with or without him. Although I really hope we can go all together!

2. Halloween Festival - There's a festival on our town square that we've never gone to before. I think the kids would really enjoy it.

3. New Fall/Halloween Shirt - I love themed clothes and need some fall ones!

4. Carve/Paint Pumpkins - Another shameful admission - we've never carved pumpkins! So we need to buy pumpkins when we visit the pumpkin patch and have fun with them!

5. Family Photo Shoot - We haven't taken family photos since Paige's newborn pictures, and we really just took 1 picture. It's time for updated pictures! Another thing for Brent to hate!

6. Leaf Craft - I'd like to do some more crafts related to the seasons/holidays this year. I saw some really easy crafts using leaves, seemed fun.

7. Tree of Thanks - I really wanted to have the kids think about the blessings they have this year, so we're going to create a tree of thanks.

8. Make Pumpkin Bread - Drew LOVES to cook, and Paige likes to make messes help cook too, and I thought this would be a great activity. And who doesn't love pumpkin bread?!

This list might be a little bit aggressive given most of the list is stuff we've never done, but since we have about 2 months to achieve it all, I'm cautiously optimistic. {grin}

Monday, September 17, 2018

Photo-a-Day: Week 37

Day 253: Porch Swinging With Pops

Day 254: Deloitte Friends Are The Best Friends

Day 255: Sick Day Silliness

Day 256: During A Tantrum, Ha

Day 257: Decorating For Fall!!!!!!!!!!

Day 258: Grapevine Wine Fest

Day 259: Light Saber Battles

Friday, September 14, 2018

Let's Talk Vitamins!


As we roll into month 2 of school and fall is quickly approaching {HOLLA!}, I've been stepping up my game with the kids' vitamins. We majorly slacked off in the summer, oops! I wanted to share what I give my kids most days - probably 3-4 -  and see if anyone has other good ideas. I REALLY don't want to repeat the Flu-Strep Apocalypse of 2018!

As a reminder, this is what my vitamin regimen looked like after Drew and Paige!
So I'm no stranger to A LOT of vitamins. {grin}

Ningxia Red

Ningxia Red is a Young Living antioxidant drink that everyone takes but Trent {he refuses ha} instead of a multi-vitamin. It is made from wolfberry and has a ton of benefits. I don't really understand what antioxidants are, but I know they fight free radicals and that free radicals are bad. {grin} I've read information about helping liver function, eye health, stabilizes blood sugar, and immune boosting.

Omega 3

We all take Omega-3! I take it for a multitude of reasons but one of the main reasons is it helps prevent my stye problem caused by chronic dry eyes. Since I started taking a large dose of DHA daily {think 1,000 mg or more}, my styes are almost non-existent, and if I slack on it...poof, a stye!

For the kids, it's really awesome for brain development, it's been linked to helping with ADHD, good for blood fat, Alzheimer and dementia prevention {which my maternal grandmother had}, and so many other benefits!

Vitamin D

We're lucky in Texas to get a lot of sunshine in the summer which provides natural Vitamin D. I don't put sunscreen on the kids unless they're going to be exposed to the sun for a lot of time during the peak hours because Vitamin D is THAT important. The only time we used sunscreen all summer was our trip to Lost Pines with Brent's mom!

But the rest of the year, I try to give the kids 2,000 IU or more of Vitamin D to help boost their immune systems and help prevent all the nasty winter bugs. Maybe they need more after last year? Ha!

Vitamin C

The kids typically eat this like candy, and I encourage it! It's so good for fighting off the common cold and coughs, and I dole it out big time, especially when somebody is yucky. I look for tablets that are at 500 mg each, so the kids get HIGH doses of this one.

ImmunoPRP Spray

Here's my super hippie vitamin - this is made from bovine colostrum and is another immune booster. It actually tastes really good so the girls love when I just squirt it right in their mouths. For Trent, I hide it, ha.


I don't think I'm sharing anything new with probiotics, but I love that it makes me feel proactive about helping the kids' gut health - especially after antibiotics. I do switch this up ever so often, since there are a lot of really good brands that have different strands/potencies. Right now, we're using one from Young Living that is a capsule - Trent can swallow it, but for the girls, I open the capsule and sprinkle it into their daily drink of Ningxia/Omega-3.

Do y'all think I'm totally crazy for giving the kids this many vitamins? Is there anything you use/give your kids I should add to my regimen?? No flu in 2019!!!

Monday, September 10, 2018

Photo-a-Day: Week 36

Day 246: 'Cooking' on Babs' Patio

Day 247: Bathed and Ready For Bed

Day 248: Our New Barnwood Wall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Day 249: Little Copycat

Day 250: Life Is Hard After School

Day 251: Bounce House Fun

Day 252: Fun With Dad