Friday, January 30, 2015

Double Movie Review: The Grand Budapest Hotel and Boyhood

I have been able to watch a Best Picture nominees at home. Brent and I rented Boyhood from our on-demand, and HBO has been running The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Plot: The life of a young man, Mason, from age 5 to age 18.

Review: Brent and I both really like this movie. There's not really a plot because it's supposed to just be following these characters. At times, I would forget it wasn't a documentary. Until Ethan Hawke would come onscreen, and I would think 'oh yeah, movie.' I really liked both of the kids in the movie and thought it was a really unique idea. I don't think it will win Best Picture {and God help me if Birdman does}, but I wouldn't be upset if it did.

The Grand Budapest Hotel
Plot: The adventures of Gustave H, a legendary concierge at a famous hotel from the fictional Republic of Zubrowka between the first and second World Wars, and Zero Moustafa, the lobby boy who becomes his most trusted friend.

Review: This is the 3rd West Anderson film I've seen {review of Moonrise Kingdom HERE} and by far my favorite. It's kooky but so fun. I feel like the other movies of his I've seen aren't quite as quick-witted as this one and when it's kooky, it needs to be quick. I really think Ralph Fiennes deserved a nomination for Best Actor. He is phenomenal. Again, this won't win Best Picture, but it was really great!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Life Lately

My blog lately has mostly focused on Oscar nominated films and awards show fashion. I had a lot of regular stuff going on over the last few weeks, so I thought it was high time for a photo dump! So here's what's been going on in casa de Gurley...

...A baby shower with my book club ladies! We have two 2nd generation BC kiddos due in just a few short weeks {and I have a hunch there's another one!}.

The ladies bring so much joy to my life! Can't wait to meet Baby Perkins.

Because what else would we be doing?

 ...Lots of accessorizing

...House progress! I need to do another house update post soon. Sheet rocking is done, outside rocking is happening, lots of selections have been made - all with minimal arguing!

Looks exactly like a kitchen, no?

...Volunteering at the kids' school library means I get a visitor during the day! I don't talk much about the kids' school here, but I love, love, love their school. The teachers there have such passion for their job, and my kiddos are growing in leaps and bounds!

...Cutting off the Carol Brady/Mrs. Partridge mullet on this little nugget.

Bye bye, mullet!

Bribery with pirate booty to stay still!

...Playtime with my favorite niece and nephews! Trent and Miles have been playing so great together. 

They ALL wanted selfies!

This is a game where there's a mother hen and an egg. But you could have totally guessed that without my description, right?

Trying to get her to stay still for a picture resulted in this.
Such a funny girl.

Nothing unusual or especially exciting going on, but I have no complaints!

Monday, January 26, 2015

2015 SAG Awards Fashion Police...Best and Worst

After an overall blah fashion showing, we've come to the best and worst. Another blogger who does fashion titled her best 'The Best I Guess'. I haven't looked at her posts yet {I like to be unbiased, ha}, but that's about how I feel!

Worst Dressed Men

Adrian Brody
I like a tux that is a little bit unique. This is just too much. The pants are too tight, the fabric is too shiny, the jacket is weird...

Jesse Tyler Ferguson
See explanation above.

Best Dressed Men

Justin Theroux
I like the skinny tie, the fit is great, overall just great!

Lenny Kravitz
This is different without being too much. So handsome!

Joe Manganiello
Yum. Sofia is one lucky lady!

Worst Couple

Elspeth Keller and Reid Scott
This guy is on Veep. I didn't know. I know I'm all 'hug the bump' to the pregnant ladies...but this? Is the WRONG way to hug the bump!

Worst Dressed Ladies

Gabrielle Carteris
Allison and I couldn't figure out why she was there. She's the VP of the SAG.
But man she can't dress. See what I mean about inner side boob? And that shawl! And hair...

Joan Collins
The sleeves, the bow, the shoes...ugh.

Lara Pulver
I can't even say everything that is wrong with this. Let's just say: EVERYTHING.

Rosamund Pike
Aw Rosamund. You are seriously one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. Why are you wearing a giant fluffy doily?

Best Dressed Ladies

Joanne Froggatt
This is just a black dress. It's hard to pick a basic black dress as a favorite, but Joanne nailed it. Inner boob that isn't showing too much {and therefore emphasizing that we ALL sag}, I love her hair and makeup, the cuff, the mermaid flair. Just very classy and pretty.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus
How does she keep getting prettier as she ages? Sometimes I think she dresses too young, but this is very pretty, fits great, and seems just right.

Sofia Vergara
She knows how to dress her body. Damn. Lucky Joe! {grin}

So who were your favorites of the night?

2015 SAG Awards Fashion Police...The Rest

Like I said earlier, this year was a bit underwhelming, and I'm already tired of looking at these mediocre dresses, so here's who I haven't posted so far. {grin}

Amy Poehler
I think this fits her okay, it just doesn't flatter her. And unfixed hair and simple make-up just overall make it 'okay'. 

Emmy Rossum

Gretchen Mol
I just really think if your dress is going to look wrinkled when you get out of the car, you should pick something else. 

Julianne Moore
Nothing about this is flattering except maybe the color of the dress. 

Julie Bowen
There is not enough time to talk about everything wrong with this from her hair to the dress color to the bow {bow?!?!} to the... 

Kelly Osbourne
This just doesn't look award season nice. 

Lupita Nyong'o
My last season overall Best Dressed is really letting me down. 

Maria Menounos
This seems too big - in the top, waist, and length. 

Naomi Watts
Too big, wrinkles, and Christmas tinsel around the top? 

Natalie Dormer

Paula Patton
Double no.

 Rashida Jones
If this wasn't so wide up top and maybe wasn't such a weird/blah pattern? 

Sarah Hyland
This is a step-up from some other stuff she's worn and I love how it fits her in the top, but I just can't get behind brown.

Reese Witherspoon
I maybe should have put her in my 'up and down' list because my favorite from the Golden Globes doesn't impress me this time around. Hair and make-up is great but the dress is underwhelming. And not any jewelry to at least make it fun?

2015 SAG Awards Fashion Police...Ups and Downs

I noticed some big swings from the Golden Globes - some ladies got way better and unfortunately some got worse. It's interesting to me how one week you can look SO amazing {or vice versa} and the next...not so much!

Jennifer Aniston
I know she wasn't best dressed at the Golden Globes, but she looked SO much better than this. I feel like she is always consistently good. Maybe never great, but always good. This was a big miss in my book.

Emma Stone
She looked SO awesome at the Globes. Unique, fun, interesting, hot.
This look is blah. I am not a fan of dresses where the bottom is sheer, and the top here is just very boring. And no jewelry and her hair is pulled back. Snooze.

Claire Danes
 Literally for YEARS I have complained that her dresses don't fit. While this won't be my Best Dressed, she is my Most Improved from a many years list of disappointments. THIS DRESS FITS HER! And her hair looks great! My soul cried happy tears when I saw her.

Keira Knightley
Again, this isn't my favorite of the night, but after her butterfly disaster at the Golden Globes, this is amazing. {grin}

2015 SAG Awards Fashion Police...The Men

The men seemed to do a much better job this year than the ladies at impressing me overall. 

Eddie Redmayne

Ellar Coltrane
He's 20. My only complaint is it is too wrinkly. But I think he is adorable.

Eric Stonestreet

Gerald McRaney
I did a double take. When did Major Dad get so old?

Jim Parsons
Too tight. But I like the slightly different fabric.

Jordan Peele
He looks great!

Kit Harrington
Jon Snow looks good!

Mahershala Ali
My only complaint is the shoes. The shiny tips look weird. Like ballet flats with socks, ha.

Mario Lopez
OMG. I might die - for once his pants aren't insanely tight!

Michael Keaton
For how much I hated Birdman (how can it keep winning awards??), I oppositely love how he looks here!

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
Vests aren't usually my fave, but he wears it well.

Rico Rodriguez

Ty Burrell
I like his little pop of pattern in his pocket square.

Overall, great job, men!!