Friday, March 29, 2019

Life Lately

When I look back at everything we did in March, it's exhausting, ha! I like to periodically share what's been going on, so let's dive in.

The big kids' school installed an orchard!
I took Drew out there and we volunteered for a few hours.

Aerial view of the completed orchard behind their school.
Love the focus on nature and health that their school has!

Fun night out celebrating our friend, Rhonda, for her birthday!
Susie ~ Allena ~ Rhonda

The next day's aftermath HA!

Silly girl rear-facing

2 stomach bugs this month for the little one, so sad!

OBSESSED with Eleanor Rose dresses

Adventures in Nutella

Happy birthday to our godson, Rhett!

Going to friends' for dinner - I LOVE Drew's face here
{down the street, don't worry about the car seat rule breaking}

We have a 'supper club' with 6 couples, and we bring all the kids.
It's so nice to be with friends and not have to get a babysitter!

Sisters who match and swing!


I was taking pictures of Paige and a neighbor offered to take a pic of us.

I worked at my parents' house one day over Spring Break.
And my parents kept 5 of #theSwopesix for 2 nights!

She didn't nap - this was on the way home. So cute.
Love that little tongue thrust too!

Walmart tantrums

A double birthday party Saturday!
Up for, Logan turned 4!
Paige is sitting with our friends' sons, Reece and Weston

Took these ladies shopping at Target for the afternoon birthday party

Brooklyn's 6th birthday!
Drew and Brooklyn were in the same class from 18 months through 5.
This year they're at different schools but still love to play together.

Brooklyn's family lives in our neighborhood and Trent didn't want to go to the party.
Brent took T golfing, but Trent saw the bounce house from the course
and deserted Brent for the party!

This swing has been an amazing investment!

Enjoying a beautiful spring afternoon with wading in a river.
Paige fell in...oops.

Drew's friend from school, Zara, came over to play!

Trent was trying on hand-me-downs from my niece, he's a goofball!

Country club fun!


And we rounded out the month at the Dell Match Play yesterday - pics to come next week - see? A great month!!

Monday, March 25, 2019


Current Book

Can anyone believe I have an ACTUAL book I'm reading?
I know! I had to take this picture WITH the book!
Also, I CANNOT wait to talk about this book once I finish.
LIFE CHANGING! {Thanks Emily!}

Current Song

This is a song from Jazzercise that I can't get enough of!
Youngblood by 5 Seconds of Summer

Current TV Show

TWENTY DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Current Drink

Soooo...I've done REALLY well all week with my eating,
but Brent got Sonic after his golf tournament this weekend...
and I asked for a chocolate milk shake. {grin}

Current Shame Inducing Pleasure

'90s Dancy Party at Jazzercise this weekend!
It was so much fun but my outfit was pretty ridiculous!
My neon outfit from the Pub Crawl + double french braids + neon choker!

Current Outfit

Current Celebrity Crush

Does anyone else find them adorable?

Current Mood

Tired but happy.
Brent played in a golf tournament so our weekend was:
Operation Stay Busy!

Current Anticipation

This week is the Dell Match Play - so excited!
ALSO Paige is going to spend the night away from home without me for the first time 
I'm equal parts excited and scared 
{for my parents because she probably won't sleep}!

Current Wishlist

I've been looking at bathing suits - YUCK
And also a few new Spring-ish outfits - trying to refresh that 
'I work from home but don't want to look like a total slob' style.

Current Film

The kids want to see The Lego Movie 2 and How to Train Your Dragon 3.
Other than that, Allison and I need to plan something.
When do you want to go, movie date?

Current Picture

Thursday, March 21, 2019

4-1-1 on My Family

This is probably a silly post to write, but I still decided I wanted to do it. {grin} I read Mix & Match Mama, and she has a ba-jillion followers, so it makes sense for her to 'introduce' her family, and I have like 4 followers, so while it doesn't make's still fun! So here are the people in my little world.

Me! I'm Allena {pronounced A-lay-na, not A-lean-a}
wife, mother of 3, sister to 1, friend...
I'm a slightly introverted extrovert - I love to be out and about with friends
but also appreciate my time at home recharging.
My favorite things to do are reading, going to the movies, being with friends.
I'm pretty sarcastic and can have a nasty temper.
I'm messy but am working on it.

My sweetie, Brent
Funniest person I know - Brent loves nothing more than a good joke.
He is also very steady and calm, which my extremely emotional side needs.
A great daddy and friend - to know Brent is to love him.
His loves {besides his family} are beer and golf. Rinse and repeat.

Our firstborn might look most like his daddy but his personality is mostly me.
He does love jokes and sarcasm - which Brent and I both do - 
and he loves to read too!
He has my anxiety and temper {sorry bud!}
but is the sweetest big brother.
He loves time on the iPad, basketball, reading, comics and his friends.
He wants to be a comedian or comic book writer when he grows up.

She's the kindest, biggest-hearted person in our family.
She is all sweet and is 0% mean.
She loves her family something fierce!
She loves her ballet class, drawing, snuggling, and her friends.
She wants to be a singer when she grows up.

Her name could be Joy - she is happy 99% of the time!
She loves play-doh, being outside, reading, and nursing!

The original Swope 4 and the new #SwopeSix
I am blessed to have a close relationship with my sister and parents.
My parents live 30 minutes away and my sister, Patty, is an hour away.
We each have 3 kids who largely love playing together!
My parents have been married for over 40 years, are still the best of friends, and help a ton with our kids - they are the best!

The in-laws
I'm also beyond blessed by fabulous in-laws.
My mother-in-law has the biggest heart and is the nicest person ever.
Last year they moved just a few miles away from us and we love it!
The kids have them wrapped and everyone is happy about that.

These people mean the world to me, and I'm so lucky to do life with them!