Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Nailed It!

I took advantage of being at the park this past weekend AND the kids being in 'nicer' clothes and got them to hop in the bluebonnets for a quick pic. {Don't ask what I had to bribe Trent with to get him to participate!} 

Bluebonnet season is one of my favorite times in Texas, and I'm so glad I can still get a picture of my kids - lots of memories of doing this as a kid, and the kids came through for me!

My little model wanted to pose for me, ha!

And some of our neighbors were with us and their boys wanted a pic too.
Cute friends!


Natasha said...

I love these pictures. I wish we had something similar to bluebonnets in Ontario. I think dandelions would be the closest! Ha!

And I always have to bribe Sam to cooperate in pictures. I think it has to do with being 9, almost 10 :(

Kathryn Bagley said...

I love bluebonnet pics! I miss taking them