Thursday, March 21, 2019

4-1-1 on My Family

This is probably a silly post to write, but I still decided I wanted to do it. {grin} I read Mix & Match Mama, and she has a ba-jillion followers, so it makes sense for her to 'introduce' her family, and I have like 4 followers, so while it doesn't make's still fun! So here are the people in my little world.

Me! I'm Allena {pronounced A-lay-na, not A-lean-a}
wife, mother of 3, sister to 1, friend...
I'm a slightly introverted extrovert - I love to be out and about with friends
but also appreciate my time at home recharging.
My favorite things to do are reading, going to the movies, being with friends.
I'm pretty sarcastic and can have a nasty temper.
I'm messy but am working on it.

My sweetie, Brent
Funniest person I know - Brent loves nothing more than a good joke.
He is also very steady and calm, which my extremely emotional side needs.
A great daddy and friend - to know Brent is to love him.
His loves {besides his family} are beer and golf. Rinse and repeat.

Our firstborn might look most like his daddy but his personality is mostly me.
He does love jokes and sarcasm - which Brent and I both do - 
and he loves to read too!
He has my anxiety and temper {sorry bud!}
but is the sweetest big brother.
He loves time on the iPad, basketball, reading, comics and his friends.
He wants to be a comedian or comic book writer when he grows up.

She's the kindest, biggest-hearted person in our family.
She is all sweet and is 0% mean.
She loves her family something fierce!
She loves her ballet class, drawing, snuggling, and her friends.
She wants to be a singer when she grows up.

Her name could be Joy - she is happy 99% of the time!
She loves play-doh, being outside, reading, and nursing!

The original Swope 4 and the new #SwopeSix
I am blessed to have a close relationship with my sister and parents.
My parents live 30 minutes away and my sister, Patty, is an hour away.
We each have 3 kids who largely love playing together!
My parents have been married for over 40 years, are still the best of friends, and help a ton with our kids - they are the best!

The in-laws
I'm also beyond blessed by fabulous in-laws.
My mother-in-law has the biggest heart and is the nicest person ever.
Last year they moved just a few miles away from us and we love it!
The kids have them wrapped and everyone is happy about that.

These people mean the world to me, and I'm so lucky to do life with them!


Kathryn Bagley said...

It's crazy to think I found your blog-which I'm not sure how I came upon it, and although we went to school together we never knew one another and now I consider you one of my closest (from a distance..ha!) friends!

Emily said...

First thing I learned: I have been mentally saying your name wrong! I have been pronouncing it A-lean-a and now will try to mentally correct to A-lay-na going forward. Of course, I recently met another Alena (one L, and pronounced A-lean-a) so that is complicating things too. Every time I email her or reference you in my blog, I have a brief panic attack that I'm spelling your names wrong.

Natasha said...

This post was super helpful because I learned how to correctly pronounce your name! Ha! And how fun to have both sets of parents so close to you.