Tuesday, September 29, 2020

About Dad

Many months ago, Natasha posted a fun little Q&A post about Dave for Canada's Father's Day. I thought it was really cute, but I kept forgetting to actually ask everyone the questions! I finally got around to doing it. It was fun to do, and even with how annoyed Brent gets at my blogging, he laughed a lot, yay!

Dad is watching TV. What is he watching?
T: Football
D: Football or a grown-up show
P: Football
Brent says: Football
Brent's response to the kids' answers: Duh.

Name something Dad hates?
T: Disrespecting mom and dad
D: When we're bad listeners
P: Being bad
Brent says: When they don't listen
Brent's response to the kids' answers: Those are all correct. [First he laughed and said 'Did they say mom?' SIGH.]

Favorite music to listen to?
T: Country or rap
D: Country
P: Golf cart song [Tops Drop by Fat Pat]
Brent says: Country
Brent's response to the kids' answers: They're all correct!

What is something Dad does for fun?
T: go hunting
D: go to friends' houses and drink beer
P: mow
Brent says: Drinks beer
Brent's response to the kids' answers: Paige is confused.

What does Dad do at work?
T: He...uh...I don't know
D: I don't know
P: Work
Brent says: Utility design and permitting
Brent's response to the kids' answers: I thought one of them would maybe say I'm in management.

What would Dad eat every day if he could?
T: Fast food
D: Hamburgers and french fries
P: Skittles
Brent says: Whataburger [which is a fast food chain that serves burgers and fries]
Brent's response to the kids' answers: See how in-tune me and my kids are? 

What is Dad's favorite color?
T: Blue I guess
D: Blue
P: Pink
Brent says: Blue
Brent's response to the kids' answers: Paige needs to start paying attention.

What is something you do that Dad wishes you didn't?
T: play video games
D: sneak candy
P: spanking him and jumping on the couch
Brent says: Be a bad listener.
Brent's response to the kids' answers: Jumping on the couch is a good one. I give a gold star to Paigey.

What is Dad's favorite animal?
T: a Longhorn
D: Longhorn
P: Hook 'em horns
Brent says: Dog
Brent's response to the kids' answers: All right. I like their answers better than mine.

What could Dad spend all day doing?
T: Watch TV
D: Playing with us
P: Work
Brent says: Watch TV
Brent's response to the kids' answers: I have done all of those, those are good answers.

How old is Dad?
T: 40
D: 40
P: 16
Brent says: 40, my first 2 should get this.
Brent's response to the kids' answers: I don't want to be 16 again.

See? Wasn't this so fun?

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Currently: 2 Down, 1 to Go

 Current Book

Current Song

I am obsessed with Tyler Childers these days.
I can't decide if Feathered Indians, Lady May, or this song All Your'n is my favorite.
Brent sent me this song and said if we were getting married today, 
he'd want this to be our song. Swoon.

Current TV Show

I can't tell you the last time I turned on the TV, gasp! What should I be watching?

Current Podcast/Audiobook

I just started listening to this. Book 9 comes out in December!

Current Drink

Current Food

I made homemade mac 'n cheese today! 
The kids didn't like it (boo!) but Brent did, so I'll count that as a win!

Current Shame-Inducing Pleasure
Current Outfit

Anyone surprised?

Current Celebrity Crush

My brain is consumed with trying to figure out who I would cast as Rhys and Feyre in the A Court of Thorn and Roses series. OBSESSED.

Current Mood

The girls started school today!!!!
I am feeling all the feels but mostly happy!
We all need this so badly.

Current Anticipation


Current Wishlist

I would say shoes...but...these all came in last week{grin}

Current Film

Allison. Seriously. We need to pick some ASAP.

Current Picture

This is LIPSTICK, y'all. Send help and wine!

Monday, September 21, 2020

Day in the Life: September 15, 2020

I'm doing my 3rd Day in the Life of 2020 and getting my goal met of sticking to a quarterly post. It's crazy that my last post was in April, and the kids are STILL home! Here's a day of our life in summer 2020 with the kids in virtual school, and Brent and I both working from home!

 ***************Tuesday, September 15, 2020***************

Brent is 40 1/3
Allena is 40
Trent is 11 
Drew is 7 3/4
Paige is 3 3/4

12:45 am - I am plowing through A Court of Wings and Ruin and seriously can't stop reading it or thinking about it. I forced myself to stop reading and updated Goodreads before hitting the sack.

4:45 am - Paige comes in our room - shocking because this is very late for her. We are working on not letting her in our bed, so we have to snuggle, I move her to the couch, we snuggle some more, she needs water, and we talk quite a bit to pep her up for staying on the couch, and she does!

5:20 am - Paige comes and pokes me but when I tell her to get back on the couch, she says 'I love you' and goes back to the couch - yay!

6:30 am - Brent's alarm goes off because he planned to go into the office today {let's not talk about when he actually got up}, and it disturbs Paige who comes to talk to me AGAIN. She tries to go wake-up Drew, but I stop her and get her back on the couch. She fell back asleep and I finally fell asleep {I don't feel like I did after the 4:45 wake-up call from Paige}.

7:45 am - My alarm goes off and wakes me up during a really unsettling dream that I can't remember now - I just remember feeling really icky. I have a call at 8:00 so I get up to get dressed. 

Why can't this child sleep in the middle of the night this soundly??

Drew comes into the bathroom while I'm getting ready {she got put to bed at 7:00 last night for bad listening skills ALL DAY}. I wasn't going to wake Paige up for her zoom, but she sees me as I'm leaving the room and gets up.

8:00 am - Get Paige onto her zoom and get onto mine {although I'm a few minutes late...grrr}.

8:20 am - My call finishes 10 minutes early so I use the time to pick-up in the kitchen. We have workers coming today, and I'm embarrassed for how bad the house looks!

8:30 am - Try to get in a quick 30 minute jazzercise class {class #147!}. Brent leaves to go work in his office today - they are starting back working 1 day/week. I have 4 different people IMing me during the class and I have to end a few minutes early to talk to one of my partners and then one of the people on my team. 

8:55 am - Babs and Pops arrive! I cannot say thank you enough to them for their help during this virtual school time.

9:00 am - I talk to a PPMD and one of my teammates and then hop on a call late. I multitask and dress Paige's baby {Lulu Pigtails}, list out the work Drew needs to do today, and sort of listen to the call.

9:30 am - I start a series of calls that will last until 2:00, so everything I document below is happening while I'm on calls. This is reason 4,392 why I need my kids in school.

9:45 am - Babs needs coffee - she's cheap and that's the only form of payment she requests when she comes over. She's the best!

9:50 am - Drew finishes up a lesson she was supposed to do yesterday and Paige 'works' in her workbook {she colors}.

9:55 am - The kitchen and living room look much better thanks to Babs challenging the kids to a cleaning race.

10:00 am - Trent has his community zoom call. And look at those awesome shelves!!

10:30 am - Drew has her community zoom call.

10:45 am - I start this post while listening to my work call.

11:00 am - Pops returns from having a chest x-ray taken {he has battling lung infections for a LONG time, and hopefully we are getting close to the bottom of this mess!} and Paige lets him take her from my arms! That never happens!

11:10 am - Trent and Paige eat turkey burgers and fruit. I love that you can see my dad in the background reading on his iPad.

11:15 am - Drew has her small group lesson for 2nd graders. Babs sits with her {off camera!} and Drew gives the report she wrote on stars.

11:20 am - I finally make my coffee for the day and sneak a couple pieces of Paige's turkey burger. Trent's been eating Applegate turkey burgers for YEARS and the first time I tried one was in my first trimester with Paige and I almost puked. They had NO flavor, but we have figured out how to flavor them and I like them a lot. Today is a low carb day, so it's a good small snack.

11:30 am - Brent brought home a toy dump truck from a friend yesterday who was going to get rid of it because it was broken. Brent fixed it and it needed to charge for a long time. The kids were super excited that it was charged up and took it for a spin!

12:00 pm - Drew sits next to me to do some work while I listen to my call.

12:30 pm - I decide to multitask and clean up my closet {lots of clothes to hang back up} and fold a load of kids' clothes in the laundry room.

1:00 pm - Paige is helping me put clothes up {which when I went into her room I figured out she was putting them in a pile on the floor and not in the drawers I told her to put them in, sigh}. She finds her tutu and changes. At least she's out of pjs?

1:45 pm - Paige snuggles while I'm STILL on the phone. 

1:50 pm - Trent sold books to my mom from the ones he wants to get rid of after putting his shelves together and shops for toys ha.

2:00 pm - I'm off the phone for a half hour. Drew uses my laptop for an assignment about decimals that wouldn't load on her iPad. I finally make some lunch - salad with fajita beef from when Brent grilled over the weekend.

2:30 pm - Get back on the phone for the LAST call of the day. We also have a repairman arrive to fix some cabinets in the kitchen.

3:10 pm - Repairman leaves because he doesn't have the part he needs to fix a broken drawer, so he'll be back in a few days.

3:15 pm - Mom starts reading Mrs. Piggle Wiggle to the girls, and I leave and go to Paige's room because the people on my call could hear the story, ha.

3:50 pm - I finally get off the phone! Out of the almost 8 hours I've been working today, I've been on the phone almost 7. My brain hurts. Paige falls asleep while reading with Babs - I guess her middle of the night escapades caught up with her!

4:00 pm - I wash my bangs because they are so dirty I can't take it anymore. Drew's friend, Zara, FaceTimes her.

4:30 pm - Babs and Pops leave, and I get a pair of shoes I ordered from DSW. I have been on a shoe-buying kick lately for fall/winter shoes.

4:45 pm - I wake Paige up and make Drew do a couple of assignments in her workbook.

5:15 pm - The girls get screentime. Trent doesn't because he refused to do schoolwork yesterday. He pitched a big fit when he realized I was sticking to what I told him the day before, but he settled down and apologized. Progress! I keep working since I'm a little behind after SO MANY CALLS.

5:20 pm - Trent finishes an assignment for school where he had to draw a picture from the read-aloud book their teacher is reading, The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind.

5:40 pm - Brent is home! Unfortunately he goes straight into the office to keep working. Trent uses some of the money he got from Babs to buy a book and 2 toys off Amazon.

6:05 pm - The kids and I go on a walk with the new Caterpillar. I needed a little more exercise after having to end my jazzercise class early.

We then start doing silly things in the yard - Drew is working on her backbend and wants to strengthen her core so she is doing sit-ups and Paige tried too. Then all the kids were doing jumping jacks, then we were doing airplanes. I was happy because it meant the kids were being active ha.

6:45 pm - We came inside because I was having a zoom HH with my blog friends {I realized my last DiTL post was another blog friends HH!}, and Brent was originally going to grill but ran out of town because he was still working. I threw dinner together and went outside for my zoom call.

7:00 pm - Zoom with Emily and Natasha! The kids OF COURSE followed me outside, but they started playing in the yard so again I was happy because they were outside and being active.

Cheers ladies!

7:45 pm - Brent got everybody inside and did the bedtime routine with the girls, yay!

9:30 pm - We end our HH because Emily and Natasha are both in EST so it was a little later for them. Until next time ladies! I came inside and loaded the dishwasher.

9:45 pm - I read a chapter of Stamped to Trent. Then he read a chapter to himself.

10:10 pm - I sent Trent to bed and got ready myself. I had 25 calories still to burn to close all my rings so I did some quick bursts of cardio in the bathroom before my shower. ANYTHING TO CLOSE THOSE RINGS! I listened to The Office Ladies podcast while I shower and get ready for bed.

11:00 pm - Finally get in bed, this is the first time I've talked to Brent all day! Nice to catch up with him a little haha. I also read more of The Court of Wings and Ruin.

11:55 am - I'm a little fuzzy on the time, but I think this is when Paige came to visit us, kind of early for her, ha! We snuggle for about 20 minutes and I nod off a little, so when I wake up I move her to the couch with little fussing, yay! I get back in bed and go to sleep!

Yay! This was a busy day but a good look at what life is like in the season of virtual school. I'm curious to see how things will look in the last quarter of this totally crazy and weird year! Until next time!