Friday, April 30, 2021

I Call First Song!

One part of our morning routine that has remained consistent for years - and causes very little drama - is our song rotation in the car. Our drive to school is 10 minutes - long enough for each kid to pick 1 song on the way. The kids {whoever thinks of it first starts it} will call out which song they want. Trent and Paige both want first song and Drew always wants second song. Usually when the kids are eating breakfast, someone will randomly shout out 'I call x song!' and it dominoes from there. It cracks me up when one of the girls starts it while Trent is still in bed and later he tries to call first song, and it's like 'Dude, that ship has sailed.'

Once we get in the car, my phone gets passed around to each kid as they pick their songs. For a long time, Trent was picking clean rap songs off YouTube {usually garbage songs and it made me feel like I was 100 years old complaining about the junk he picked} and the girls were picking Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Ava Max...some rotation of girl power pop songs. 

Then we had a big shift in our song choices, and it has really cracked me up, and it's worth {to me at least} documenting. 

Now Trent is super into Manga {Japanese anime} - he literally checked out 45 books last week at the library and read them all in a week. They are comics so he can read a whole book very quickly. So his song choices are now Japanese TV show theme songs that literally we don't understand a single word to.

And Drew is obsessed with Harry Potter, so she goes from picking classical music from the various Harry Potter movie soundtracks or these YouTube Harry Potter rap songs. Paige usually picks the same thing as Drew right now ha.

So imagine how that feels in my mind to go from rap/Katy Perry/Taylor Swift to Japanese theme songs and classical music, ha! These kids are something else. {grin}

Just because they are so cute and I can't end a post without a pic!

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Currently: Summer Dreaming

Current Book

Enjoying all 3 of these but for very different reasons, ha.

Current Song

Y'all. Paige has discovered JoJo Siwa.
A little part of my soul has died.

Current TV Show

One of the Jazzercise instructors recommended this.
I gave it one episode, GARBAGE.

Current Podcast/Audiobook

Still chugging along with A Breath of Snow and Ashes.
I'm on disk 43 of 48 so should finish very soon, yay!

This is the latest podcast I'm trying out - a gazillion episodes - so exciting!
A show that does an episode about The Jonestown Massacre is one I am here for!

Current Drink

My mother-in-law introduced me to this and it is AMAZING.
We are excited to make slushie drinks with it this summer, yum!

Current Food

Brent and I are really focusing on clean-eating.
SO BORING. Lots of grilled chicken and veggies happening around here!

Current Shame-Inducing Pleasure

I don't really think I'm ashamed of this, but others probably would be.
I started Downton Abbey again. {grin}

Current Outfit

5:30 am selfies are the best!
[Crooked leggings are an inside joke with the other Pump instructors!]

Current Celebrity Crush

I just discovered Riz Ahmed, but I am ALL IN.
I also love that his wife is Fatima Farheen Mirza who wrote A Place For Us
which was one of my favorite books last year.
Phoebe Robinson featured him on her Thirsty Thursday last week on IG
and it is worth a watch.

Current Mood

Grumpy. Losing weight is HARD.

Current Anticipation

Drew's First Holy Communion is Sunday.
I am so excited and CANNOT wait for y'all to see her dress.
It is the CUTEST.

Current Wishlist

A live-in masseuse and chiropractor. 40 is for the birds.

Current Movie

Allison, this is getting pathetic. Couch date for this soon?

Current Picture

If you follow me on IG, you saw this already.
But how cute are these 2?!?!

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Oscar 2021 Fashion

I didn't watch the Oscars on Sunday night because I only watched 1 new movie in 2020 {Wonder Woman 84} and didn't even know what was nominated. Allison, we have got to get our acts together and get back on track in 2021! BUT I did check out Oscar fashion and have some thoughts!

First, I feel like the ladies overall looked lovely! And the men! There were so many exciting looks for the guys - lots of fun colors and different takes on the traditional tuxedo, it was a lot of fun looking at the guys!

Let's start with some ladies!

Andra Day
This is just okay for me. It fits her great, but for the Oscars I think you EITHER do the side cut-out or the super high slit. It was just a little much for me.

Angela Bassett
She looks amazing, and I loved that the poofy sleeves actually tied in a bow on the back. The simple jewelry made the sleeves/bow really standout.

I love the concept of what this should be, but it's too much fabric.
I love the sparkly fabric, it's so beautiful, I just wish there was less!

Halle Berry
I'm sorry but I don't love this. I can't really tell you why either, it's just ok.
I really don't like her hair either. Eek.

Laura Dern
I don't have high expectations for her, and this was fine.

Margot Robbie
I just have 1 word to say: Damn!

Olivia Coleman
She usually looks pretty bad, so I'm going to call this one a win!
I love her shoes so much.

Reese Witherspoon
This looks really similar to other dresses we've seen in years past.
I think she looks great but nothing new.

Viola Davis
I've gone back and forth on this look. It isn't my favorite look, but it looks great on her. I love her hair and jewelry and va-va-va-voom! I also look that it is structured on top {but so flirty with the cut-outs} and then so flowy on bottom.

For the first time, let's get excited for some fun fashion for the men!

Brad Pitt
He can make everything look great. He's wearing a very basic look, 
but he looks anything but basic. {grin}

Colman Domingo
Holy smokes this is amazing. Now is this what I would have wanted Brent to wear to our wedding? Of course not. But this is just posh and glamorous and so fun.
Tons of Swarovski crystals, a perfect fit and great shoes. Loved it!

Daniel Kaluuya
I like this too. You can tell the suit is so nice, and I like the diamond necklace to dress it up. A smile wouldn't have hurt though!

Lil Rel Howery
I almost love this. The jacket is gorgeous, I love how the shirt/tie/lapels/pants match. My only complaint is I wish the pants weren't so wide at the bottom and I don't love that the shoes also match. But overall so nice.

I mean seriously, you have to give props to someone who decides they want to wear gold crocs to the Oscars. Ha!

Best Dressed

Amanda Seyfried
She looks like a movie STAR. And she has 2 kids - one of whom she had in September. Y'all know how I feel about inner boob and hers is perfect AND SHE HAS TWO CHILDREN. What kind of magic is that???

Regina King
I love this dress - the sleeves that look like butterfly wings, the color, the fit, the beading, the simple jewelry, the scalloped edges. She looks gorgeous!

I went back and forth on this one and finally decided I loved it.
This much skin wouldn't look great on everyone {take note, JLo}, but on her petite frame and the color - it's beautiful. I also love the statement necklace.

Leslie Odom, Jr.
This man can do no wrong in my book. He looks fabulous and this is a show-stopper.

Riz Ahmed
I have no words, please just wipe up my drool.

Worst Dressed

Chloe Zhao
While I am THRILLED by her Oscar win, I cannot get onboard with this outfit.

Glenn Close
This is just too heavy. Then add the pants and gloves. Too much.

Vanessa Kirby
I didn't recognize Princess Margaret at first - this is SO severe.
She is too skinny, the color of the dress fades into her skin, and then throw in that super dark lip - I just don't think any of this works.

Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher
Isla looks great, but I can't with Sacha. Nope, nope, nope.

Lankeith Stanfield
This is a super fun outfit and fits great - it just doesn't seem like an Oscars outfit.

What do you think? Did you watch any of the show? Who were your favorites?

Monday, April 26, 2021

I Spy Week 16

After seeing Natasha participate in this for a few weeks I decided to give it a try! I think the prompts are really fun, or maybe it's just that Natasha has a unique perspective on each one?? Either way, I'm giving it a go! Join in here with Lysha's prompts.

{Kitchen Sink}

Unfortunately the 'before' is how our sink looks more often than I want!

But the 'after' sure is nice, isn't it?


This is one of my favorite flowers in our yard.
I can't ever remember its name - something with garlic in it.
It's deer resistant which is why we planted it.
Deer run rampant in our neighborhood and eat EVERYTHING.
We thought they died in the freeze {and they stunk SO bad}, 
but I was so happy to see them bloom a few weeks ago!


Bubble fun with Paige!
This is before she spilled half the bottle on the patio. Sigh.


Which color do you think we picked for our new doors?
And you can see how our pocket door is crooked because it came off the track!

{Your Choice}

We left sackie at church and had 1 very sad little girl until we got her back.

Thursday, April 22, 2021

Did We Actually Book A Vacation?

The last time I announced a vacation on my blog, 4 days later the world shut down. So I'm a little nervous to talk about what we have planned for later this year. But I realized when I posted a picture of my new puffer jacket, I realized I never shared that we actually have booked a trip!

The idea for this trip started with our snow weekend in January. We got 4-6" of snow and had a blast! 

Our neighbor/friend, Karin, had the idea that it would be fun to have a real snow vacation and go with the kids. Given we didn't know the status of the world, we decided to find somewhere we could drive and began looking at properties in New Mexico and Colorado.

Our usual couples were all interested and we found a house in Ruidoso that could accommodate 10 adults and 11 kids ranging in age of 18 months to 14 years and booked it!

Allena/Brent* ~ Karin/Kelby ~ Dez/Derek ~ Rhonda/Ryan
[Susie and Riley weren't dating yet]
*baby Trent snuck on this trip

12 years later and still traveling together - our local 2020 staycation
Ryan/Rhonda, Riley/Allena, Brent/Susie, Derek/Dez
[Kelby and Karin were in new baby land]

THEN our February Snow-vid experience happened and we all started questioning whether we really wanted another week of snow, ha! But we figured the house we rented is prepared for lots of snow and at a minimum wouldn't lose electricity for hours and hours when it's 3 degrees outside! {grin}

Views from the house!

One thing I've been trying to do is buy what I can while things are on sale at the end of winter. We have almost nothing that is appropriate for real winters, so I'm looking at winter coats, hats, gloves, long johns, ski pants, socks, boots...the whole 9 yards! Unfortunately I'm not looking at too much for the kids since it's hard to guess their sizes in 8 months, but I might try at the end of summer.

So far for myself I have bought the puffer jacket I shared Tuesday and a pair of snow boots. One of my friends has some ski things I can borrow, so I don't think I'm too far off for myself being prepared.

My new boots! I got them 50% off!

So there you have it - all the details for an officially booked trip in 2021! For you 'real winter' people, what are the must haves we need to stay warm and what can I buy now??? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Five on Tuesday

My mental blog drought continues. Sigh. I did think of a few things I wanted to share, so here's a Five on Tuesday for you! Not as catchy of a name but better than no post at all, I hope!


Tennis Lessons

At 40 years old, I've picked up a new hobby!
Our neighborhood has a tennis center, and they were offering beginner lessons.
It was a 6-week series and 6 ladies signed up.
When it finished, we decided to keep going because it was so much fun,
 and our wonderful instructor agreed to keep teaching us!

Are we good? Not really!
Do we care? Nope!

Abraham [who is maybe 25 ha] and his old ladies


Winter Puffer

I have been on the hunt for clothes for a trip we are taking in December.
Just realizing I don't think I've blogged about that?
[Takes note for a blog post idea, hallelujah since the wells are dry]
But check out this jacket I got for $21. Normally $120. 
Pretty awesome, right?
Gap Factory is having HUGE sales right now. 
I placed an order last week that would have been $575 full price...
my total was $184. Proud of myself for that one! {grin}


Barn Doors

These beauties will be ready for our house very soon!!!



Trent and Drew are home in quarantine because of kids in their classes having COVID.
I am so glad we decided to send the kids back to school in September.
Because the last week having them home without help has been tough!
So thankful it isn't Paige's class in quarantine!!!


Downton Abbey 2


I had heard rumors that the first movie did well enough to warrant another one,
but I had heard NOTHING about a 2nd one actually happening.
So to already have a release date?!?! EEK!