Thursday, April 8, 2021

What Are We XX-ing?

Linking up with Anne again for her version of Currently! This month it's what we are currently arranging, craving, discussing, enjoying, and preparing.


I'm working on arranging our childcare for the summer - I know so exciting.
Our babysitter for the last 2 summers is in college now and has a full plate.
I met with 2 girls who live in our neighborhood last weekend,
and I think they are both going to help out. Yay!



I am really tired of this yo-yo of information around COVID.
Case counts are down, nope, they are up.
Talk around variants, different sides fighting over masks.
I crave not being fearful, I crave sending my kids to school without masks,
I crave learning how to live a new normal. 


A lot of things with school. This year has been frustrating for several reasons - 
none of which I blame the school for.
But the bottom line is I feel like this year failed Trent,
and we're trying to figure out how to fix it.
It's been really heavy on my mind and heart, but I know we'll get there!


The wonderful spring weather!
We are in the 'end of winter but it isn't hot yet' phase of Texas weather.
We have about a month of really glorious weather before our 6-month summer.

Did you think I'd only post one bluebonnet picture this year?


I am preparing for IN-PERSON BOOK CLUB TO BE IN-PERSON!!!!
At my house! On Friday! I can't wait!!!

Our last time together...March 2020


Kathryn Bagley said...

I'm sad to hear about Trent-you'll have to email me! I guess our BC hasn't been that worried cause we've still been meeting! and yes I do miss your bluebonnet pics!!

Emily said...

Ugh, kids and school is such a heavy mind load. When Aaron struggled a little last year (really, it was not that bad), I laid awake at night stressing about it so much. I'm so sorry. You guys and Trent will get through this. You may get through it like a turtle in molasses, but you will.

Anne said...

My heart really goes out to those kids who have had a hard time with school this year - hope your family gets it all sorted out and resolved. There is just so much that's hard about it right now! And ah, summer childcare. The thing I dread having to figure out every year. Better get on that! Good idea to find some neighborhood help :) For us probably will have to end up being vaccinated grandparents...

Natasha said...

I'm so sorry Trent is struggling with school this year. That is really hard. And maybe our BFBC can be in person eventually?!?!?! Wouldn't that be fun! Rachel has just started to be a mother's helper with the 10 month old across the street and she is LOVING it! You need something like that... I wish you all the best in arranging childcare because that is hard.