Friday, September 7, 2018

20 Things - Favorites and Stuff

You guys know I love random surveys - this one I've had saved on my phone for over 6 months - I'm such a nerd!

1. Favorite smell - baked goods baking
2. Last time I cried - last night - I had an IM chat with a co-worker who lost a baby to SIDS many years ago, just tore at my heartstrings
3. Favorite pizza - BBQ chicken
4. Favorite flower - pink roses or peonies
5. Favorite dog breed - lab or golden retriever
6. Untie laces before shoes come off? - nope
7. Roller coasters? - even at my most adventurous, I would only do baby ones, now I don't want any part of them
8. Favorite ice cream - Amy's Mexican vanilla
9. Pet peeve - cattiness
10. Shorts or jeans - jeans
11. What are you listening to - Downton Abbey
12. Color of your vehicle - silver
13. Color of your eyes - hazel
14. Favorite food - all things Mexican
15. Favorite holiday - Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's so close!!
16. Night owl or morning person - morning
17. Favorite day of the week - Saturday
18. Do you have a nickname - Al, Lanzie
19. Favorite music - Oldies
20. Tattoos - no but I've always wanted one

Anyone else want to play? Emily - I know you will!


Kathryn Bagley said...

emailed you mine :)

Emily said...

Ha you know I will!!! I also LOVE pink peonies. We have a pink peony bush in our yard and it exploded in blooms this year. Are they native to Texas? I am a plant geography idiot.