Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Twas the Night Before 2nd Grade

Last year I asked Trent some questions before he started school hoping to make this into a tradition. It's fun to see how his answers differ compared to last year. And I think you'll notice a theme of what he is REALLY into these days. {grin}

First day of school last year!

TRENT {7 years old}

Favorite color: Blue

Favorite TV show: Pokemon

Favorite movie: Pokemon {he swears there is a movie} {He's listened to the audio version of The Force Awakens and wanted to say that}

Favorite toys: Pokemon cards

Favorite book: Pokemon {geez}

Favorite food: Junk food

Favorite place: Home with his Pokemon cards

Favorite part of school: Friends

Favorite part of summer: Movies, snacks whenever he wants

Favorite holiday: Christmas and Halloween

Favorite thing to do with Mom: Snuggles and hugs and kisses

Favorite thing to do with Dad: Wrestling

Favorite thing about Drew: 'I love her and she's the perfect teddy bear to squeeze'

What one word describes you best: Lowburn - this is a word he created himself that means happy and rough - that is a pretty perfect description!

He is pretty excited to be going back - mainly for the friends he's missed seeing over the summer. I'm excited to get back into a routine and being able to work in peace and quiet. I love not setting an alarm in the summer and seeing them throughout the day, but it's also hard when they are noisy when I'm on calls or when Drew is especially clingy, ha.

I'm really hopeful for a great school year - he has been amazing over the summer, and I really hope to see that move into the classroom this year. Fingers crossed!


Kathryn Bagley said...

Sweet comment about Drew! Hoping he has a great year!!

Anonymous said...

Hope he had a great day! -AP