Thursday, August 9, 2018

38 Feels Great

I turned 38 on Sunday and had a great day! It was pretty low-key because I've got a pub crawler set for August 18 which I am so excited about.

I went to church on Sunday with just Paige - we were running super late and she was the only kid I was able to get ready. [Sidebar: Paige threw up for the first time in the middle of the night, so I got to change her clothes and sheets at 4 AM hence sleeping in and running late.] 

I wondered if Brent would take the big kids to get cards...and I came home to cards taped to the garage door and laundry room door.

Feeling loved!

When I came inside, I was shocked at everything waiting for me!

Brent couldn't find a 3 candle - this cracked me up.

She still runs the show - watching Baby Signing Time

After I put Paige down for her nap, my friend/neighbor, Susie, and I went out to lunch and shopping on our town square. I found the cutest romper {my first!} at the boutique we went to {and they were having a 50% off sale!} that I bought to wear to dinner with Brent.

Wildflower mimosa - delicious!!

Indulging in decadence

See? Cute, right?

Post-nap snuggles

All dolled up and ready for dinner!

We ate at a restaurant on our town square called Gumbo's - it's seafood/creole which is so funny because I don't like seafood, but I love this almond-crusted chicken dish. When we got done it was early enough that we risked having to perform bedtime duties, so we went and had another drink.

Toasting to 38!

When we got home and relieved the babysitters {my parents}, I dined on a Reese's cup while rocking with Brent on our new porch rocking chairs and talking about our future - we talked about being grandparents rocking on that same porch someday. I like making plans with my sweetie.

Birthdays are funny for me - I enjoy celebrating and reminiscing but at the same time if I think about it too much I can have a slight panic attack worrying about who might not be here for the next birthday, so I try to only focus on the joy of the day and being thankful for how many birthdays I've had. Am I the only one who also feels a little melancholy?

Here's to a lot more birthdays!!!


Kathryn Bagley said...

I hate my birthday for different reasons :/ but your outfit was super cute and that's a good color on you!