Friday, October 28, 2016

Baby Smoochie - 34 Weeks

Marching right along in this pregnancy! Yesterday marked 34 weeks, and I had another great appointment with my OB group. Blood pressure was 100/62, no swelling, measuring 35 cm, all my tests were good! I met with Dr. Blake, and we talked about supplements, and she agreed I should start taking them as soon as I have the baby.

How far along: 34 weeks

Size of baby: 5 1/4 pounds, as long as 18 inches, a pineapple

Weight gain: 31 pounds

Gender: Nothing new to report here. I still think girl and am so excited for finding out if I'm right or wrong. I don't think I've mentioned we're having a birth photographer {Lindsey did our awesome family pictures last fall} which we've never done before, so I think it's really awesome that we'll capture that moment forever!

Maternity clothes: One of my besties, Kelly, had her baby girl 2 weeks ago {3 weeks early - ugh}, so I am going to go soon to meet baby Tanner and get her maternity clothes! I am outgrowing mine and getting bored with what does fit.

Movement: SO MUCH. I love it! There are moments where it really hurts or makes me almost wet myself, but I have no doubts day-to-day that Smoochie is doing just fine.

Sleep: Some nights I sleep like a dream. Others it takes me hours to fall asleep, I have restless leg, and get up multiple times to pee. Brent says I snore every night. I think I am a dream bed partner.

Symptoms: I think I actually feel a little better than I have in the last few weeks, thankfully. I would say I still have all the same symptoms, they just are a little less. Sciatica, restless leg, trouble breathing, snoring, hip pain when sleeping. The swelling has been pretty non-existent if I keep my feet up a lot during the day, very thankful for that!

Cravings: Fat. Sugar. Nothing new! Just running out of room and self-esteem. {grin}

What I miss: Not being hot all the time!

Best moment of the week: Definitely lots of good stuff since my last update. The appointment with Kelly Boyd, the progress on the nursery, and of course, the surprise ultrasound and getting to see that sweet little face!

Hello Smoochie!

Worst moment of the week: All I can think of is the craziness of my hormones.

Other random stuff: I need to get all my little to-do items knocked out. I got most of the stuff we're borrowing this week which was awesome {swing, rock 'n play, Bumbo}, but I need to do other stuff like ordering a new pump, finding screws for the crib, getting new sheets, ordering vitamins {grin} and decorations. Once I do that stuff I'll feel pretty ready!

Belly button watch: Going, going, gooooone!


Emily said...

You're ordering your pump on your insurance right? Should be free!

Kathryn Bagley said...

I'm so ready to know what you're having!