Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The End of An Era

Sorry {but not really} for lots of pregnancy related posts this week, but can you blame me with how far along I am!?!? I've been thinking a lot about when and how Smoochie will make his or her debut {as I shared yesterday}, and while I'm so excited to meet the caboose to our family, I am a little bit sad as this will be our last baby and my last pregnancy. I am kind of a psycho when it comes to how much I love being pregnant and the whole labor & delivery process but also feel strongly that our family will now be complete. Unless God has another plan for our family, we will happily be a family of 5 forever!

I am going to miss feeling Smoochie from the inside and wondering what the heck is going on in there! It is so fun watching the action and know that my body grew this baby {which is a privilege I don't take for granted} and every roll and jab is my baby!

I am not going to miss sciatica {super fun on Sunday night having to make Brent get out of bed at 5AM to walk me to the bathroom because I couldn't put any pressure on my right leg}, insomnia, restless leg, constant pee breaks, swelling...ha!

I am going to miss this belly. Yes, it's big and my weight gain always causes me insecurity, but it is such an amazing miracle.

I can't wait to have some wine!

I am going to miss the conversations that start because of my belly {well, not the idiots who say stupid things}. It seems everyone loves a pregnant belly, and it's fun to talk to most people.

I am looking forward to being able to move comfortably - walk, get dressed, get up, etc. AND sleep anyway I want!!!

I am going to miss eating with abandon {oh wow - I wonder why I'm insecure about my weight gain, ha} - although this does continue with breastfeeding. {grin}

While I will definitely miss a lot of things about pregnancy, none of it is outweighed by the magic of meeting your baby, and for that, I CAN'T FREAKING WAIT!


Emily said...

Awwwwwww. The last baby! I'm so relieved this isn't my last baby. That last pregnancy will be bittersweet. Can't wait to meet baby #3- and see whether it's a boy or girl!

BG said...


Kathryn Bagley said...

sweet post!