Tuesday, January 12, 2021

10 on the 10th: Snow Day

IT SNOWED A LOT IN TEXAS ON SUNDAY!!!! So fun that Sunday was the 10th, it makes for the perfect post for my 10 on the 10th - 10 pictures of our snow day!

I really think this is probably the most it has ever snowed in our area in my lifetime. We had a big snow when I was 4 or 5, and this was probably pretty close. Definitely the most snow I remember.

It was coming down already when we woke up on Sunday but it took a long time for it to accumulate on the ground since the ground wasn't frozen. The kids got dressed as warmly as they could {being Texas babies with minimal 'winter' wear}. We also lost power for a few hours, so we had to make a backup plan for a place to sleep if it shouldn't come back on, but luckily it did!


So excited for snow!


Trent is trying to do a snow angel...didn't work so well, ha!


Our neighbors/friends came over to play too!


My attempt at snow gear {do you love my Doc Martens from 1997?}


Brent was the only one with actual appropriate clothing {from hunting}


Building a snow man - look at it coming down!


Our snowman!


A much needed movie break - watching Frozen {seemed appropriate ha}


I took this picture to show how deep the snow was!


I never thought we'd have enough snow to make snow ice cream but we did!
All the kids enjoyed it, and I tried it too. Tasted more like a snow cone to me, yum.
We also did a big hot chocolate bomb earlier in the day, so much fun {and sugar}!

The snow started melting Monday, but we were able to sled a little on a hill in the neighborhood, another great experience for us. So happy the kids got to have this day!


Natasha said...

It's crazy to me how much snow you guys got! That's a lot of snow! Sometime you'll have to come to Ontario (or Saskatchewan!!!) in February though :)

Kathryn Bagley said...

It came our way after hitting yall..it was so much fun!! I loved seeing everyone's snow pics :)

Emily said...

I am thoroughly shocked. You got more snow than we did in all of 2019. Also snow ice cream is revolting to me but that's because I grew up hearing DON'T EAT THE SNOW, THE DOG PEED IN IT!