Monday, October 30, 2017

Paige and Rhett's Baptism

Yesterday, we baptized Paige and Rhett! The more children Kristen and I have, the harder it is to coordinate anything, so I'm so happy we finally got this accomplished. {grin}

I knew I wanted to have Schuyler and Kristen be Paige's Godparents. They are also Trent's {his baptism is here} and Drew's {her baptism is here}, and she has always been more than a best friend to me - she's also helped me in my faith journey in countless ways - so it's a no brainer for us to choose them. [And to quote Drew's baptism post: I joked that they better not get sick of Gurley children because if there are more, they are stuck being Godparents again!' See? No brainer.]

What makes it super special is I'm Beau's Godmother {her baptism is here}, and this time they asked Brent and me to be Rhett's Godparents. Originally Kristen wanted Rhett to be baptized at their childhood parish in Pensacola {where Beau was baptized}, but it was way too hard to coordinate that, so I suggested the double baptism, and we both got INSANELY excited.

Terrible picture, but see my face? 
That's how my heart has felt ever since we came up with this idea.

Other fun facts about Paige's baptism: she is wearing the dress my mother-in-law, Janet, made for Drew's baptism, and Beau also wore the dress. I love traditions like this! I plan on saving it forever, and I hope I have granddaughters who will wear it someday! Also, Janet bought Paige the same bonnet she bought Drew - you untie the back of the bonnet and it becomes a handkerchief for her to carry down the aisle on her wedding day - I mean come on! - but Paige kept pulling it off her head the minute we got it on, so no pictures in the bonnet, ha.

So enough talking - let's see this ceremony!

Fr. Adrian was a little confused when he called us up to the front of the church because he was expecting 2 sets of parents and 2 sets of Godparents. We had to explain we were the parents AND Godparents, ha!

I don't think we have any great pictures of this, but Beau and Drew are wearing matching dresses. I sent Kristen a text of the dress I bought for Drew to wear, and she said Beau had it, so since they were baptized in the same dresses, it seemed perfect to have them wear matching dresses to their little siblings baptisms.

Playing with Rhett's feet is so fun!

You can see the matching dresses here a little bit.

All smiles!


Yay again!!!!!!!

Busy drawing

Trent was really proud to help out and light Paige's candle.

A blessing for the mothers

Presenting the babies! Another cheesy grin from me!

Afterwards, everyone came to our house and we had pizza and cake! 2 mamas with full-time jobs and 5 kids between us meant we wanted an easy celebration! I did bake and decorate the cake, but it was 100% store-bought ingredients and not my best decorating work. Drew helped me decide the design, and she put the sprinkles on - she's a great assistant!

It may not be the prettiest, but it sure means a lot!
Not the easiest to read, but it's the babies monograms with a heart in the middle.

Now we are 100% done baptizing Gurley babies. We'll see what those Williamsons end up doing... {grin}


Anonymous said...

Love this! So special that y'all got to do that together. - AP

Kathryn Bagley said...

I love the pics of P sucking her thumb! What a happy and blessed day :)