Thursday, October 19, 2017

Day in the Life: October 16, 2017

I picked this day because it's mine and Brent's anniversary, and even though we didn't have plans, I still thought this would be a fun day to look back on. I was supposed to see Kristen {my BFF} since it's also her birthday, but Beau {her daughter} was sick, so we had to postpone, boo.

************Monday, October 16, 2017************

Brent is 37
Allena is 37
Trent is 8
Drew is 4.5
Paige is 9 months {for 5 more days}

6:35 AM - Alarm goes off. Snooze 1 time.

6:45 AM - Grab glasses and check email. I'm off today, so I need to set my out of office notice on my laptop. Go into the bathroom, plug in straightener and do all the bathroom things.

6:55 AM - Remember Paige's milk is still in the freezer {I meant to take it out last night}, so go in the kitchen and get it out to defrost and pack up the kids' lunches. Drew wakes up and comes into the kitchen. I pick her up and we snuggle for a minute in our bed. Get her squirty fruits, and we talk about what she's going to wear today.

7:00 AM - Brent leaves. Happy anniversary honey!

He looks thrilled to be married to me, huh?

7:05 AM - Hear Trent in his room, so go tell him good morning and lay out some clothes for him. We are out of turkey burgers {his breakfast every day}, so he wants chicken nuggets for breakfast.

7:15 AM - Go get Paige up. We nurse for about 10 minutes, and then she's ready to go exploring!

7:30 AM - Take Trent his chicken nuggets. He's dressed! Yay! Help Drew finish picking out her clothes and help her get dressed, hair brushed, teeth brushed. Change Paige's diaper and get her dressed.

7:40 AM - Get myself dressed. Load the car. Take the trash can to the curb.

7:50 AM - Start to get frantic as I have been tracking the time all morning. Start to get louder in my 'Get in the car. Turn off lights. Hurry, hurry!' messaging. Get Paige loaded with a bribe of apple slices. Trent climbs in, help Drew get buckled.

7:53 AM - We're off!!!

7:55 AM - Tell me something good! Our favorite radio segment is on. My goal every day is to leave before this starts because Trent loves it, and I love listening to positive stories with him before school.

8:10 AM - Arrive at school. 

Park by Paige's classroom, and get everybody out of the car. Trent runs off to his building, but Drew likes me to walk her up the sidewalk. Then I head back to P's building.

Their school is seriously the cutest.

8:17 AM - Get into Paige's class. Fill out her morning sheet and chat with her teachers for a few minutes. She starts to cry when I leave - this is new for her and has happened the last few drop-offs. So sad.

And so are the classrooms, just too cute!

8:20 AM - Wait in the office to meet a new parent volunteer for the library, Bolivar. When he arrives, we walk down to the library, and I show him how everything works. I'm the volunteer coordinator for our little library which is run by parent volunteers. Just as I am done showing him how to use the system and how the books are organized the first 2 kids come in - Ava and Trent!! Help them find some new books - Trent is totally wild but totally adorable. Didn't take any pictures because I figured the other parent would think I was a total weirdo.

9:00 AM - Leave school.

9:20 AM - Starbucks! Since I couldn't meet Kristen today, I decided to treat myself anyway, ha. Why can't I lose my pregnancy weight??

I love memes.

9:30 AM - Drive by the in-laws' house. The cabinets are sitting in the garage ready to be installed!!!

9:40 AM - Get home. Check email and start making a bunch of calls. We're thinking about switching our insurance, and I want to make sure all our current doctors take the new insurance.

10:15 AM - Susie, one of our neighbors and good friends, texts to see if I am up for a walk today. I am! We both have a few things to do so agree to meet up soon.

10:45 AM - Ready for walking!

11:00 AM - Meet Susie and Grant. We walk and yak a ton. 

Hey double chin and gorgeous pimples!

12:00 PM - Susie drives me home to get my wallet so we can get smoothies. Brent is home filling up his water bottles.

12:10 PM - Arrive at Juiceland. 

Susie and I are both very indecisive, so we are a bad combination when it comes to ordering drinks, ha. When we drive home, we drive past another business to look at the rocking chairs they have - I want rocking chairs on our front porch but can't find what I want.

12:45 PM - Get home. Check email and eat lunch/drink my smoothie. I also planned to do some cleaning today {as part of my October goals!}, so I vacuum our room, the living room, and the playroom. I scrubbed toilets yesterday, so the only thing I haven't done for my goal is mop the kitchen.

1:30 PM - Pumping time! For some reason, I struggle today with getting 1 side to let down, so I spend almost 45 minutes pumping, so annoying. Check Instagram and read my book, Wool.

2:15 - Do a little more cleaning - load the dishwasher and wipe down the kitchen counters. My friend, Allison {my forever movie date}, calls about my Uncle David's passing, and we chat for a bit while I keep cleaning. 

2:45 PM - Get changed from my walk and get ready to head back up to school. Turn on the Bobby Bones Show podcast.

2:50 PM - Leave for school.

3:10 PM - Arrive at school. 

Get the big kids first and then head into Paige's class together. Trent and Drew LOVE going into her classroom in the afternoons - they both want to hold her, and Drew loves playing with the other babies.

3:25 PM - We load up. Trent wanted to go to the library but then decided to be a rude butthead, so I cancel that expedition.

3:45 PM - Arrive home. 

Trent wants to read and the girls are playing in the kitchen/playroom. 

I tell Trent and Drew I want them to pick up their rooms today so I can vacuum, and I remind Trent he has speech therapy today. He usually freaks out, but he handles the news well.

3:50 PM - I finish picking up Paige's room and vacuum it.

4:20 PM - Ms. Terri arrives for speech! Can I just say how much I LOVE home health? It is so nice to not have to load all 3 kids up for another afternoon activity.

4:30 PM - Paige eats a snack in her high chair, and I pack lunches for tomorrow. 

Drew plays in the living room - collecting knick-knacks in a laundry basket and putting stuffed animals all over the house. I love to watch her play.

5:10 PM - Ms. Terri leaves, and we go outside to enjoy this amazing early fall weather! Trent gets in trouble {I already can't remember why specifically, but he is giving me such attitude I send him to his room until he gets it clean which he says will be never}.

6:00 PM - Nana and Papa arrive with dinner! I ordered pictures from Shutterfly {a September goal} and lay them out for her to choose what she wants.

6:15 PM - We eat a delicious BBQ dinner.

6:45 PM - Give Paige a bath. She has food in her hair, and she's a disgusting mess. Ha.

7:00 PM - She gets a few more minutes with Nana to go on a walk with the big kids. I sit outside talking to Brent and Papa. Before they go on their walk, Trent and Paige do their bedtime dance. Swoon.

7:10 PM - Go inside to nurse Paige.

7:30 PM - Success! Paige has had about 5 rough nights in a row of going to bed {it took me an hour and a half Sunday night to get her down}, BUT she has slept through the night. Curious how tonight will go since she went down easy {spoiler alert: she doesn't stay down}.

Big kids take a shower, and I cut Trent's fingernails. How do boys get such disgusting fingernails?

7:55 PM - Drew wants Trent to read to her instead of me, so they choose a Captain Underpants book. Man, he might have been a giant butthead to me all day, but he's being the BEST big brother.

8:05 PM - Crap. Paige is screaming. I go in and nurse her a little more and have her asleep twice, but the minute I put her down, she pops up screaming.

8:20 PM - I leave with her screaming. Figure I'll give her 5-10 minutes to see if she'll settle down. Trent gets some squirty fruits and cheese as a snack - I swear he eats a typically light dinner, but at bedtime, he is starving! The kitchen is closed by this point, so this is when he gets yogurt, cheese, apples, or squirty fruits.

8:30 PM - Nope, Paige is still hysterical. Womp, womp. Head back into her room.

8:50 PM - I think I finally have her down. Check on T who is listening. Make sure he's brushed his teeth {yes} and flossed {no}. Check on D who is down for the count. 

9:00 PM - Take a shower. Talk to Brent for a few minutes about open enrollment at work.

9:10 PM - Get back on the computer - I'm helping my bestie, Kristen, with a database project for her company, so I try to do an hour a night. Brent bought ice cream and root beer, so I make a root beer float.

10:00 PM - Read and get ready for bed.

10:55 PM - Add a picture of Paige to my nightstand. All the googly heart eye emojis to have all my babies here!

11:00 PM - Good night!

Paige woke up at 1:00 AM, and it took me until 4:00 AM to get her down. TORTURE. Can't figure out what is going on with this girl. Womp, womp.

So that was our last day in the life of 2017! I have been doing this for 3 years solid, and it's a lot of work, but I really enjoy it. So here's to another great year of posts!


Anonymous said...

What a day! Their school is really cute & I love how Trent gets in the car ;) - AP

Kathryn Bagley said...

I knew P would be a year before I got to meet her :(

Jo said...

That school is super cute! And, now I'm craving a root beer float. :)

Risa Kerslake said...

Their school is so cute! And I just read Wool and loved it! They have two more books in the series about it, so those are next on my to do list. And that root beer float sounds delicious. I'm craving one now. ;)

Amber said...

Oh my gosh. I remember those days of the kids being up for HOURS at night! It really is torture! Hopefully you don't get too many nights like that. All three of your kiddos are super cute though!