Monday, October 2, 2017

October 2017 Goals: Fall Bucket List

We've started my favorite time of the year {and Brent's least favorite, ha}. Lots of giddy, cheesiness happening in our house right now - I confessed to the kids that I was really close to putting Christmas carols on in the car. They are definitely my kids because Trent responded 'Yay!'. {grin} So let's talk about goals for the fall!

First, a recap of September goals:

1. Try 2 new recipes - I tried 2 new recipes, but neither were a success, boo. Back to the drawing board!
2. OTF! - The Orange Theory Fitness near me opened September 14, and I've gone 4 times, and it's so awesome. I have had the same instructor all 4 times, and he's great, and I love that I don't have to think - I just do what he says and get a great workout!
3. Clean kitchen island - I wanted to have it look good every day, and that didn't happen. BUT I did make a more conscious effort to clean it up on a regular basis. Clearing clutter and moderation in eating will be my lifelong battles, but I think as long as I keep at it, I'll keep improving!
4. Fruits and veggies - See #3, same answer. {grin}
5. Print pictures - Finished on October 1! And with a 40% off coupon!

1. Pumpkin Patch - We went a few times to a Pumpkin Patch near our old house {the picture above was when Patty and I took the big 3 kids - and had Drew and Mayer along in our bellies}, but it's too far away from the current house to convince Brent to go {remember he hates holidays!}. However, a local church has a more manageable one that I think I can convince Brent to go to.

2. Carve Pumpkins - I think Trent and Drew would really enjoy doing this together. Trent and I will have to get over being grossed out by the pumpkin seeds first though, ha!

3. Halloween Stroll - Around the square in our town, they do a Halloween Stroll. I found out about it last year the day after it happened, boo. This year I definitely want to hit it up. I think you can drink while strolling, so I should be able to get B on board!

4. Daily Outside Time - The high yesterday was 85 degrees. ALL THE PRAISE HANDS EMOJIS! While Brent played in a golf tournament, I walked down to the park with the kids and they played for about 30 minutes. And I was only a little bit sweaty! So while fall is making its way into Texas, I want to really get us outside every day and soak it up.

5. House Cleaning - We have a cleaning lady who comes every 4 weeks. I do a bare minimum of cleaning in the intervening weeks, which leaves the house pretty grimy by the time she comes back. My goal this month is to get the house a good scrub in the second week between her visits.

6. Kids' Vitamins - I have gotten really lazy about giving the kids their daily vitamins. I think the hard part is I have always passed them out in the morning, and there's just too much going on in the morning getting to school on time. I'm going to switch it to after school and get back to doing this every day.

Here's to a happy fall for everyone!


Kathryn Bagley said...

The Halloween stroll sounds fun :)

Emily said...

Brent hates holidays too?! He and Adam have that in common!

Karen Peterson said...

Haha! I need more daily outside time!

It sounds so silly, since I live where I live, but I actually get seasonal depression from not spending enough time outside in the winter. I'm in my office practically from sunrise to sunset.