Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Drew's Baptism

Saturday, August 31, was a special day for our family. Drew was baptized! It wasn't intentional, but Trent and Drew ended up both being 8 months old when they were baptized. {Trent's baptism is here.} 

My mother-in-law made Drew's Baptismal gown {seriously, it is to die for} and also bought her bonnet. Y'all. The bonnet. You pull apart the strings on the back and it becomes a handkerchief for Drew to carry down the aisle when she gets married. Seriously. I want to die.

Both our children now also have the same Godparents, Schuyler and Kristen. Lots of pictures of them this week. {grin} It was important to me that the role of Godparents truly be people who will help our children grow in faith, and Kristen has done that so much for me that they were once again the obvious choice. I joked that they better not get sick of Gurley children because if there are more, they are stuck being Godparents again!

Picture overload, but I just can't help to share! Forgive my cheesy grin in most of the pictures too...I was seriously so happy.

Lots of good times with this group. And more to come!
{See what I mean about the dress and bonnet. I can't stop dying of the cuteness.}

Love my family so much.


Cutest niece ever.

She didn't make a peep when the water was poured on her. That girl has always loved water!

'Aunt Kristen, I'm getting a little bored here. Mind if I play with your bracelet?'

We had a hard time coordinating a date for Drew's baptism between showers for Kristen, MBA school for Schuyler, family vacations, etc. We had one date picked that we had to change at the last minute. Then Kristen started having early contractions a few weeks back, and I panicked a little and was like 'Y'all we have to get this done.' So we agreed on a date, and it happened to be the day of UT's first football game. #wifefail

Flirting with Fr. Jim

One loved little girl

Blessings for baby Beau

And of course it isn't a party without me baking a cake. {grin}

It truly was a very special day for our family. Technically for Drew, but she won't remember it, ha. If you made it to the end of this post, thanks for sticking it out!


the blogivers said...

Looks like it was a great day, and you look so pretty in all the pics!

Dee Stephens said...

What a special day and that cake??? OMG! To die for!

KristenW said...

Might be my FAVE post of all time, ha. So sweet and hilarious. What a special day. Thanks for giving us the honor!

Kelly said...

Love it! All the pictures are great and you are smiling so big in all of them!! Happy happy mama!

Anonymous said...

I love the pic that says B is irritated he's missing the UT game. HA! That Drew is a CUTIE! Tell your mama she also looks really pretty :) Cele

Karen M. Peterson said...

That dress and bonnet are just precious!