Wednesday, September 18, 2013

{Real} Food

So I need to be honest here.  Back in June, I blogged about wanting to eat better. That lasted for all of a few days. Sigh. 

I'm so embarrassed and mad at myself. 

I consume information about our health. I am learning every day about natural ways to treat my kids' illnesses, I am no longer using shampoo, I make my own handsoap, use special detergents/cleaners {or make my own}...yet I eat terrible.

I believe that food is fuel for our body. I believe that food is medicine. If we are eating right, our bodies are strong. Right now, my body is sad. I am tired and lethargic. I use sugar, fat, and {somewhat} caffeine to keep me going. Bad food is my crutch. be fair to myself...I am going on 8+ months of not good sleep {or maybe just to give myself an excuse}. And sugar and crap food make me happy, ha. #sadbuttrue

I believe that processed food/sugar is so addictive, and I am an addict. I believe GMOs, preservatives, additives, etc. are poison and are making our country sick and fat. Yet I knowingly put them in my body everyday. It is a sickness.

Drew is eating 90% organic food. She is eating {so far} only fruits, vegetables, and eggs. {Except for that 1 Annie's bunny cracker she got off the floor.} Yet I eat candy, cookies, cake, soda, chais, crackers in front of her. What am I teaching her impressionable little mind? We are finally making progress with Trent's food battles, but it has been such a huge mountain to climb. {Yesterday I celebrated him eating 4 baby carrots.}

So...enough bashing of myself and onto my new plan. I am going to take the 100 Days of Real Food pledge by doing their mini-challenge which consists of 14 weeks of mini-pledges. I am going to blog each week what that week's pledge is and my plan. Then I will be accountable for my actions and tell y'all how I did. 

I think part of my problem is it seems so simple yet so overwhelming. I am so scatter-brained normally and 2-kids-husband-job-house-living is just kicking my butt right now. But I think with these mini-goals and some prep I can do it. 

So check back on Monday for my first mini-challenge. I promise I will be honest about how it goes - good, bad or ugly. {grin}

Anyone interested in trying it with me?

And because these guys are so much more fun than my mindless ramblings...


the blogivers said...

You go, girl! Keep us posted on how it goes :)

Dee Stephens said...

Geez Girl! How in the world do you eat candy and all of that and stay so thin!??
I actually eat pretty good my big downfall is booze :(
Good Luck!!

Anonymous said...

Count me in! What's the first challenge? We can do it together! -patty

Kelly said...

Eating real food is a challenge and it takes a lot of work. The key for us is planning. We have to plan or else it won't work. That and we simply don't buy it. I can't go crazy on a big of chips, soda, or cookies because it isn't in the house. I would literally have to get in my car and go to the store specifically to buy those items if I wanted to indulge a craving. It makes you stop and think versus just mindlessly going to the pantry to pull something out. Also I cook. Not every night but Keith and I bulk cook. Every Sunday he grills, and I cut up vegetables, wash fruits, make some easy salads, etc. That way we always have plenty of healthy food on hand that is convenient to eat.

I know I don't have kids (yet) but I truly believe that even after Trey is here I will be the same way. It is important to both of us. The biggest thing I have going for me is Keith. He is 100% in this with me. He was this way before we even started dating (I learned the idea of bulk cooking and bulk prep from him) so it is REALLY helpful when you have a partner who is willing to do half of it with you. You know? At some point it just becomes a lifestyle and we don't even think twice about it.