Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Beginnings of a Plan...

I have a long post in my head about food and how I WANT to be eating. I am making so many changes in my/our life to overall be healthier and treat our bodies better - from toothpaste to shampoo to detergent, from vitamins and supplements... You get the picture. Where I am failing miserably is probably the most important part - my diet! But it's very hard and overwhelming to try and make a complete 180, so I've decided to take some baby steps, and I want to blog about it, so I'll be accountable! 

My long-term goal (and eventually I want to write my post to explain WHY I want to do all this) is to be eating very little processed food, having fast food and Starbucks be a RARE treat, eating all non-GMO foods (as best I can), eating as much organic as possible and lots more fruits and veggies than I currently eat.

So...for the rest of June, I have the following goals:

1. No fast food for the rest of the month...okay maybe one time. {grin} Make smart choices when eating out.
2. No more than 2 chai lattes/week.
3. Cook dinner 2 times/week every week. {So pathetic that this is a goal.}
4. Eat 2 fruits and 1 vegetable every day. {Going to grow from here! And again...pathetic.}


Dee Stephens said...

You go girl! I'm on a clean eating/weight loss kick myself!

Laynah said...

No! Not pathetic! It sounds like I eat as healthy as you/cook as often as you and I haven't even made clear goals like this yet! So you're a step above me. Matthew and I are obsessssed with fast food, its the worst habit ever.

Also, yes. I am totally married to Matthew Crawley. I kind of get a kick of out it even though I don't watch the show haha.

Melissa said...

Roasted veggies at so much easier to eat. They taste better.

Jenna said...

i love this, except for the starbucks part... come on, you can still have that.. :)